Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Wasteful Weekend?

I THINK NOT!! So, Sid had to work allll day long on Saturday and me and Miss Bailey just stayed at home and loved on each other all day. It was wonderful. We have not been home and rested on a Saturday in I don't know when. Sid and I talked about going to Jackson today to see his grandparents, but ended up not going. Don't really know why, we just didn't I don't guess. I thought seriously about taking Bay to a walk-in clinic today in Meridian but decided not to do that, too. She is just still so congested in her chest. I loathe going to the doctor and not getting anything out of it, which is what has happened the past few times I've taken her. They tell me she is too small to give her anything for it. So what happens when it turns into broncitis or worse yet, pnumonia (I'm quite sure neither of those are spelled right)? So I opted to just keep her at home and love on her again all day today.

This week, we are gearing up for a trip to the beach with Mom and Maggie. The rest of the family will get to go when we have to come home. But I'm excited to see Bailey in the water. And I'm even more super excited about her way cheap bathing suits I got off of ebay. I could not find a swim suit in her size anywhere except Gymboree. And it was going to cost over $20 bucks for that one. I just couldn't bring myself to pay that for a suit she would only be able to wear on this one trip. If we go again this summer, she'll for sure be grown out of whatever she is able to wear now. So I was proud of myself for the ebay finds. Let's just hope they come in before we leave on Saturday morning.

I've got a busy week ahead of me, so I doubt there will be much time for blogging. Tomorrow, at 2:00 p.m. I have something going on that I sure could use some prayers for. I don't want to discuss it here, but I am just at a place where I once again find myself at a crossroads. I know what I want and what I wish would happen, but I also know I'm not the one in control of situations like this and in the end, it'll work out according to His will and what He ultimatly has in store for my future. Now that I have Bailey to think about, decesions just take on a whole new meaning. I don't just make them for myself anymore, but for her best interest, too. It is just my prayer that I find peace and understanding and His will in all that happens.

Hope your weekend was a aweseom as our's was and your upcoming week is full of life and fun!!

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