Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures As Promised

Shew! I need a new computer. The one we use at home is the one my dad got me when I first started on my master's degree. And boy was it put to good use those 2+ years. It has had a new hard drive in it's lifetime too and it's just getting so slow it's hard to do anything on it. Maybe that's what I should ask for for my birthday which, just so happens to be in, oh, say, 5 days!!

Anyway, I don't think these pictures really need any words to go with them. They are all from the fair over the weekend.

Yes, that's a bow in her hair, and yes, it looked really cute! Too bad that was the only day I could get one to stay in.

On the sleeping in my own big-girl bed (crib) front, Bailey has pretty much done a horrible job since the fair started. We thought by her staying up later she would crash at night when we got home, but for some reason this has made her more restless than ever. Last night she ended up in the bed with us and slept so bad that when she finally did go to sleep she slept til 8 this morning. But the problem is, she can't keep doing that because starting on Monday, we have to be gone from the house by 7:00 a.m. I don't know what we are going to do.

And in other news, who watched The Bachlorette Final last night? I did and I was so board and emotinall drained by the time it was over, I was pissed for thinking that I just haaddd to watch it. I mean, first there's poor Kipton who poured his undying love out to J, while national TV looked on. She shot him down and sent him on his way with his beautiful diamond. Then poor Reid shows back up, claiming to have had to pull a million strings, and I guess in the process of pulling all those strings he forgot to take his tennis shoes, white ones none the less, off and put on dress shoes AND tuck his shirt in. Again, J sent him packing with his pretty nice diamond and then enters Ed. Shew! I was like, come on already. And the end to a season long worth of TV shows just sort of ended. I'm anxious to see what happens tonight on the "After The Rose Ceremony" episode. And when it goes off, I'm swearing off that show forever and ever amen! Maybe....

We'll we're off to the fair in a little bit, after Bailey wakes up from her nap. I'll be sure and post more pictures of my little Boo just as soon as I can!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sorry No Pictures

But there will be soon! I do have some quick updates though. As you all know the Neshoba County Fair kicked off Friday. We had big big plans to let Bailey get some sort of "nap" with her night time bottle and then let her wake up to participate in some of the evening festivities and leave around 9:00 or so and head home to put her in the bed. This is Sid's weekend to work and as luck would have it, people seem to be dying in by the numbers because he has been busier this weekend than I can remember him being in a long long time.

So Friday night our little plan to let Bailey get a nap worked, to some degree. She did get a little nap with her bottle and woke up just in time to go to the mid-way and ride the carosal with her Daddy and cousins Mason, Calisa, and Colin. As you can imagine she so enjoyed herself and I do have pictures for later. (We have a new gadget for downloading pictures and I don't feel like fooling with it right now.) We ended up leaving around 9:30 and she fell asleep before we even got off the fair road. I put her in her bed when we got home and sat down to unwind myself. Not thirty minutes later she was fussing. This was odd to me seeing as how it was way past her bedtime and she should have been extra sleepy from all the activity. This went on for some time and finally at about midnight I just got her up and gave her a bottle and then finally she did sleep for a few hours. But sometime during the night she ended up in the bed with me and Sid. The only thing I could figure out was that maybe it was too much excitement and she just couldn't rest. But then I went to check that mouth out that she is constantly chewing something in, and low and behold, Bailey's got tooth coming in. I'm sure this is what contributed to the restlessness Friday night. At least I hope so.

Saturday, Sid had to work, of course, so Bailey and I made it out to the cabin about 2:00 I think. It was extra hot yesterday but we went on to the flea market when we got there. Even though I had come upon some extra money for the flea market I didn't really see anything that sparked that extra desire to get it and so instead of just spending money because I could decided to hold onto that extra money until such said items do come along! We had a great time on Saturday but Bailey just sort of napped on and off. We went to the rodeo and finally about 9:00 we headed back to the house. Sid and I were both so tired from the night before and being out in the heat all afternoon (Sid from working) that we were ready for some good sleep. Bailey slept really well for the 5th night in her bed.

But bless her heart I guess we are wearing her out. She slept til 5:30 this morning, got up, took a bottle, went back to sleep and slept til about 8:00. Got up, ate some fruit, played for a bit, and was back asleep at 9:15. She fell asleep in my arms and I just let her sleep, not thinking she would sleep long. I ended up falling asleep and we slept til 11:00. She got up and ate lunch and took a bath. By 1:00 she was back out and is now napping in her bed while we wait on Sid to get home from work so we can go back to the fair.

Shew!! Did you get all that???? It has been a great weekend. And the pictures of her swinging and riding in the wagon with Mason are too cute. I'll post them tomorrow.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Round One, Night Three

My baby girl went to bed last night about 7:30 and slept til 5:30, in her own bed, again. I got her when she cried, rocked her, and she went back to sleep so I laid her with us because I knew she'd be right back up. But she didn't get right back up. Sid finally woke her up about 6:40 so she could get her bottle and get dressed for daycare. I'm going to pick her up early today because she's been there all week and I miss the little booger. But after she cried for an hour on Tuesday, I figured we should at least go through the motions of getting dropped off.

The Neshoba County Fair starts today. Stayed tuned to updates about that, I'm sure it'll be interesting to say the least. Tonight on the menu is sandwhiches, any and every kind of sandwhich you can think of.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Round One, Night Two

Bailey had another great night. She went to bed around 8:45 and didn't cry to get up or anything, just stayed asleep. She cried out at about 12:30, which is normal, and so I jumped up and ran in there, only to find that she was just rooting around for her paci. But I couldn't find the paci in her bed so I had to come back in the den and turn a light on to find one in there. By the time I got back to her room, she had stopped crying. When I went to put the new found paci next to her, I noticed she had found the other paci, had it in her mouth, and was already back on her way to sleep. Cute little stinker. She cried out again about 5:30 and I got her up and rocked her because she was awake. She went back to sleep and I laid her in our bed because it was almost time to get up anyway. So, she is doing so good and the good thing is I don't even miss her night. I know that sounds bad, but at first I enjoyed her laying so close to me and snuggling, but it just got to be so rough you know! She was getting so restless, up and down, rooting around. So it is much better. Mom's right, I'm sure she is sleeping better!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There Once Was A Tunnel

There once was this tunnel and it took 7 whole months to get to the end of it. During those 7 months, there were countless nights of every 3 hour feedings, there were countless restless nights, countless times a paci was shoved into a rooting mouth in hopes that eyes wouldn't pop open, countless nights sitting up in bed rocking a baby with my eyes closed and half asleep, countless nights of sleeping in the bed with a baby on my chest, countless nights of rocking in the chair all night long with a half asleep baby, countless mornings of waking up with my right eye swollen and glued shut where it had stayed in the same place on my pillow all night long as I slept holding a baby under the crook of my arm, there was, in fact, one night of sleep where none of this happened and a few nigths of sleep where the baby stayed at the grandmother's house for some much needed sleep on the mom's part. But there suddenly appeared this light that sort of made the mom think she was getting to the end of this no sleep tunnel. Oh, the light would come and go. She'd be reaching out for the light, thinking she almost had it, and then BAM! the light would shut off and she thought surely she was doomed to a lifetime of no more good sleep. Ahh, but after 7 loooonnngg months, she has FINALLY reached the end of the tunnel and the light feels just wonderful. She now thinks that sleep may be in her future, but she's probably just jinxed the whole thing by blogging about it. Today, the baby is 7 months old, and guess who slept all the way through the night and did not wake up one time?????? Miss Bailey Boo did and what a proud Mama I am!

That's right folks, she did it! I did it! Sid did it! We had been putting her in her bed to start on for several nights and last Friday night she did just great. But then on Saturday night she let us know real quick that she was on to us and everytime we tried to lay her down she pop those eyes open and scream. I tried on Satruday night to let her cry it out but her Daddy didn't like that to much and I was tired so I gave in. And on Sunday night I didn't even try. Then Monday night she was so restless and I barely slept and I knew I must get the job done. So on Tuesday night I put her in the bed and she woke up and I let her cry on and off for about 20 minutes and then got her and rocked her back to sleep. Sid had the bright idea of putting his pillow in the bed with her and when I laid her back down it worked like a charm. At 5:30 this morning when I woke up and realized I hadn't been up I thought surely she was up under the pillow not breathing so I punched Sid and asked him to go check. He jumpped and returned to report that she was indeed breathing and still asleep. At 7:00 I finally got up to feed her, she was awake just still in the bed, and I needed to get ready for the day. When I went in to get her I realized why she wasn't crying yet. Bailey has thing for tags, tags on anything, it doesn't matter where or how big or small the toy or item, she just loves those white tags that stick out and she loves to chew on them. Well, she found a stuffed animal in her crib with her this morning that still had the store tag on it and it she had half eaten by the time I went in to get her. IT was quite funny!

But I'm just so proud of my Bailey Boo and I hope hope hope she continues it, but if not, at least we have reached the light and surely the exit from the tunnel is not too far!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've Never Been Both

I've never been a Mom and a School Teacher. But tomorrow all that changes. Yes, that's right, tomorrow, after a year long hiatus, I'll be stepping in to the domain that will be known as my classroom for the next year, and hopefully years to come. Usually by now, in starting a new classroom I'd have already been there several days trying to get things together and get up to speed on the paperwork and learning the ropes. But with a new little one at home! School doesn't start for me until Aug. 3 and kids don't come til Aug. 6 so I'm still earlier enough to get things done. Just not so early that I dwell on things to come!

Speaking of being a mom and going back to work, Bailey hasn't been to daycare since last Tuesday because she has still had a that little hint of maybe a stomach virus. But Sunday and yesterday we seemed to be on the downhill back to normal in that area and so I sent her back this morning. Sid took her at 7:00 and I didn't call until 11:00 to check on her. The last few times I had called she was doing fine and I didn't want to bother anyone so I just told myself she was fine and carried on. I did text Sid to make sure she was ok when he left her and he said "yeah" back to me in a text. So, when I called the director answered the phone and said she almost had to call me. She said Bailey screamed and was mad for the first hour right after Sid left her and she had to take her outside to get her to even stop. So when Sid came home for lunch I told him about it and he said well she did sort of have a look on her face and maybe some tears in her eyes. I mean she wasn't crying, he said, she just wasn't smiling like she usually was! Geesh!!!! Now you tell me!!!! So she'll be going a few times between now and Aug 3rd for sure!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bailey's First Time at the Fair

Of course I didn't take a camera because I'm such a great mother I'm always too busy making everything else is just so perfect for our outings with Bailey that I so forget the unimportant things like the camera. Not really. In truth, I did want to take it and in typical Barbie fashion just forgot it, but I'm also having unresolved battery issues with the camera right now. Ne ne did get pictures so maybe she'll share. But Bailey really enjoyed herself. She loves Mason and was just beside herself to lay on a pallet of the front porch of the fair cabin and watch him zoom around with his toy jeep and dump trucks and such. After we ate, Ben took us riding in his new jeep. Well, it's not new but it's new to them and I love it. Bailey really enjoyed being in the open air riding around the fair grounds just watching all the people. She was alot of fun and on the way home I commented to Sid that she didn't cry or fuss one time the whole time we were there. She usually never does get fussy when we are out like that, but you just never know and it always makes the experience much more better when you aren't dealing with a fussy baby. She also started staying up a bit later over the weekend in hopes that she would sleep a little later than, oh say, 4:30 in the morning. It has worked to some degree, but not having to worry about getting her in the bed so early was just as equally as nice. Hopefully the weather will be just as nice and cool with little hummidity as it as over this past weekend as fair week gets kicked off this upcoming Friday. I only have one problem with the fair right now and that's that the final episode of the Bachelor will be on the Monday night of the fair. That is the only show I have watched all summer and I'm sorry to say something has to be missed out on that night. So Sid has been advised that he is more welcome to take Bailey out there if he wants to, but I'll be sitting in my chair anxiously awaiting Jillian's decesion that night. Maybe we can compromise and go out there but be home by 7:00. We'll see. Goggle the Neshoba County Fair and read about it if you have a little time. There are pictures on the blog from last summer but it really is an experience even if the whole concept is just a little strange to me. It's very cultural and I have decided you have to have grown up as a Neshoba County Fair goer to truely appreicate it's beauty. This will be my third year to try! I just can't understand why these people don't realize the places and condos they could have that beach for their fair cabin they use once a year. But again, I grew up going to the beach and not the fair cabin. Anyway, I'm digressing....

One of the neat things about the fair is always a little something like this....I walked inside to do something and Mamie was holding Bailey on the front porch. When I walked back out there was some man with a big fancy smancy camera taking pictures of Bay and her Turkey stained bib. He finally told us that he wasn't anyone important, but just visiting and taking pics along the way. Where was he visiting from? Why, none other than Birmingham, Alabama and when told that I was from Oneonta he proceded to ake me if I knew people, which of course I did. I just always think that's a neat thing about the fair. There's always someone there you know!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Bailey Update

Bailey's peditrician kept wanting us to go to a gi specialist to see about Bailey's reflux. And so when I finally got them to make an appointment I promise you it got 99% better. So on the day of, I called and got them to change it to a later date so we could make a better decesion if we thought she really needed to go. Well, of course the next available appt was sometime in August but I went ahead and put it off. And then the next day, wouldn't you know it, it got 100% worse again the very next day. Fastforwarded to the day I took her in the get her 6 month shots. Yeah, she covered her doctor in nice yucky spit up. And of course this prompted her to ask me about the gi appt....the one we didn't go to....the next day she had her nurse call me with a new SOONER appt with the gi doc with instructions to please go. So go we did on Thursday. And to be honest, once they called and told me we had a new appt, it did go ahead and get 99% better again. And I tried to talk Sid out of going again and but he nicely informed she was going. Period. End of discussion. This doctor really didn't shed any new light on our situation. Just that Bailey was one of those babies that caused at least a load a day of dirty, smelly burp clothes and the need for new furniture and carpet in the whole house once she turns 12 months. (Not really because we have leather!) But that she'd grow out of it by 12 months, when most babies did by 6 months. He did say we could get off of the hypo-allergenic formula because "what good was it doing?" Basically there is no point in that type of formula when she doesn't have an allergy so we are weening her from that back to just regular formula and low and behold...she's still 99% better and LOVING regular formula instead this nasty junk she has been on. I guess that's why I was having to force her to take a bottle, she didn't like the taste of that stuff. So I'm glad to know I don't have to fight with her to take the formula anymore. And she is doing better now with the reflux than she even was two-three weeks ago. We'll take her back in 6 weeks just so they can collect another co-pay, I mean just so they can check up on her.

On another Bailey update, she apparently still has a touch of the virus. I'll just leave it at that!!! Because I'm nice like that!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Maybe It Wasn't The Formula And Baby Food

Although we won't be trying the formula again and the baby food has long since been poured down the drain, we've spent almost 2 days being sick as dogs at the Whitehead household. Thankfully, Bailey and I didn't seem to have it as bad as Sid did. Bless his heart, I didn't know a human being could throw up so many times in a 24 hour time period and live to tell about it. He came home Monday after lunch a sick, sick puppy. Good thing Bailey was feeling much better and she was already at daycare. Of course in true man fashion, he chose to ride the storm out at home even though I begged him to please let me take him to the doc for a shot. Oh no, he didn't want to go, but he kept saying, "Call the doctor, call the doctor." I kept asking him what he wanted me to tell the doctor because he was already taking phenergran that we had at home. But he insisted by saying, "if you wanted something from the doctor you'd call in a heart beat." Well, I'll have to give him 2 points because this is true. But my point was they were probably only going to tell him to come get a shot. But I followed directions and called and this is what I said, "Um, yes this is Barbie W. I'm calling for my husband Sid. He seems to have a virus and is throwing up lots and has a fever. He is taking phenergran but he can't keep it down. He wanted to know if there is anything else he could do or take." She asked for my number and a pharmacy number. Um, yeah, you want to know what she told me when she called back? NOTHING!! That's because she didn't call back because I'm sure they were thinking the same thing, silly man get up here and get a shot. But I'm happy to report he is much better. He ate a Sonic hamburger last night and seems to just be doing great.

Me, on the other hand, I was able to hold out until Tuesday morning. I got up feeling just a tad sick. And since Sid was still sick I called to see if Bailey could go on to daycare so she wouldn't be here in the house with him. Thankfully, she could and I called Sid's mom to see if she could come by and get her and take her on her way to work. It's a good thing I called because before she got here to get her, I was sick.

Thankfully, I haven't had it as bad as Sid did either. But I've spent the last 24+ hours either throwing up or being knocked out from the phenergran. NeNe picked Bay up from daycare and took her home with her. It's 2:48 in the morning and I got up to go the bathroom and get a drink and couldn't go back to sleep. But I haven't seen my Bailey Boo since about 7:30 yesterday morning and I'm sitting her missing her so so bad. She'll go to daycare in the morning and if I'm in the clear, as I seem to be, I'll go ahead and go get her and bring her home and love all over her. Poor little thing. I felt so bad last night I couldn't even call to check on her. Wonder what she's thinking. She hasn't seen her daddy since Monday morning when he dropped her off at daycare. I bet she wonders where the heck we are but we are oh so thankful for the help NeNe has given us during this illness. One more crisis diverted for the home team!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

What A Weekend

This was quite possibly the longest week end I have had in a long, long time. Friday night Sid and I took Bailey and went to eat Mexican. Well, I ate Mexican. Sid had a hamburger and fries. Bailey enjoyed her time in her the big girl high chair looking around and talking and she is just the kind of baby that draws people in. Almost all of the workers came over and talked to her and she just loved that. We then went to Peeples and spent some time looking around as NeNe had informed us they were having a great sale. And they were! By this time it was 7, which is Bailey's bedtime. But we decided we'd just let her sleep in the car seat and we rode out to the fair ground. Ahhh, the Neshoba Count Fair...it's almost that time again...but that's a whole different story. Anyway, she did sleep so when we got home she was up and off schedule. She didn't want to go back to sleep and so we were sort of up and down all night. It is just the weirdest thing with her because her eyes aren't open but she is talking to us and moving around like she's awake. So anyway, Sid finally got up with her early Saturday morning (Thank Goodness!!) and I got a little sleep. I guess she was really tired by nap time because she took an awesome nap in her bed Saturday afternoon and then we went swimming at Kylie's mom's house with all them and Mason. She LOVED this!!! We were able to stay for about 3 hours and it was so nice. I wish I had taken my camera because I got the cutest picture of her on my phone in her swim suit, hat, sunglasses, and paci in her mouth. I laugh every time I look at it.

Ok, now let me back up to Friday while Bailey was at daycare. First of all, I called to check on her and she was doing really good. Then, when I got there to pick her up about 2:30, she was just playing and having a good time and seemed to have cared less that I was there. So anyway, I went to Wal-Mart to get baby food and they had nothing. My mom always says that the Wal-Mart in Oneonta is the worst ever, but I can assure her she should have only the Wal-Mart in Philly to rely on and she'd understand this. But I digress....I decided, on a whim, to get veggies from the freezer section that are packaged in microwavable steam bags to make some baby food for Miss Bailey. And it would have been fine if I had stopped there, but I didn't. I thought, well, if I'm making homemade veggie stuff, why not do fruits too. So I gathered up some fruits such as strawberries, bananas, apples, pears, blueberries, etc and made up some her favorites such as pear blueberry oat and apples with blueberries. But here seems to be the difference. The commercial baby food version is smooth and creamy and the Barbie version was pulpy even though I pureed and pureed. But I just figured that was an obvious difference in commercial and homemade and proceeded to pack it all away in the fridge and freezer. She ate some Friday night and some Saturday afternoon and night. (I have since learned I should have mixed in some plain yogurt to make it more creamy and not so lumpy.)

Now, fast forward back to Saturday night after swimming. Bailey was worn out. And she was so ready for bed about 6:30 or so. But soon after we laid down, she started throwing up like she had done earlier in the week. Mostly, it seemed to just be the pulp from the blueberries like she wasn't able to digest it or something. But this lastest all night long and finally about 3:00 I just got up with her to rock because she was so restless laying down. And she continued on until Sunday morning like this. Sid finally got up around 7 and I passed her off and got a little sleep. But she continued to be sick when Sid had her Sunday morning too. We didn't give her the reflux med or formula. Instead I fixed her some pedilyte with a little juice because she hates the flavor of pedilyte we happen to have left over from the hospital. She didn't eat much yesterday. But we have decided to do away with the homemade fruits and Sid went to Wal-Mart yesterday to buy the commercial version so we could go ahead and do away with what we think the problem was.

I stayed at home all day long with her yesterday and Sid went on to his Mom's to eat lunch. NeNe came and kept her last night while we went to church. We had planned earlier in the week to do our baptism last night at church so we had to go ahead and get that done. I am officially Baptist now. I'm excited about this church and the opportunities that we have in store for us as a part of this church family. But I can't help but think of this as one more major life change for me since moving to Mississippi. I wonder just how many things are really a part of who I am that I'll have to change to feel at home here. But again, I digress....

So Bailey Boo is at daycare this morning as she has not thrown up or tried to throw up since yesterday morning. She took a good bottle this morning and seemed to be happy. She hasn't run any fever at all. The only other thing we could think it was is that she loves to drink the pool water and she could have either digested a bug or just too much pool water and it made her feel yucky. But I just don't know.

Not much time left before I go back to work and I'm ready to get back at it. I plan to spend this week getting things in order that need to be gotten in order and things done that I've put off all summer long. But most of all I plan to love on and just spend as much time as possible with my Bailey Girl.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The New Formula!

Yeah, I don't recommend it so much! In fact I don't recommend it at all. Why, OH WHY, did I stop pumping and let my milk dry up. This was never a problem when she was getting that liquid gold. I guess 6+ months down the road it's a little late for that. Really, my sister in law, Leslie, told me that the hardest part of a new baby was figuring out the formula/feeding thing and she has never been right about anything more in her life.

So we started this new formula at lunch yesterday and Bailey seemed to have not minded the change. She gulped it down and was quite ready for her nap...until...she started wiggling around and wanted to sit up and was fussing. And just when I thought she was only tired, it happened, throw up...all in my face, her face, my clothes, her clothes. I got us both cleaned up and her to finally take a nap and called the pedi office. They recommended I try it one more time and she what gives. Well, I'll tell you what gives. At 11:00 last night when we were all snug in our beds, with visions of Friday dancing in our heads, it happened again. She started fussing and wiggling and I sat her up and BAM!!! All over both of us again, the bed, the floor. So Sid got up and turned on the light, got Bailey so I could clean myself up and brought her into the den. And then it happened again, all over the floor and her even more. Well Sid decides to run across the den to the kitchen to get something to wipe the floor up with as I politely suggested he just stay still till I could get her. I mean, it's much easier to clean up throw up in one spot as opposed to the whole darn house. So I got her and cleaned her up and changed her clothes and the mama in me thought, well, now she'll need a little juice or something so her stomach won't be empty. WRONG MOVE!!! After Sid was snuggled back in his bed and Bailey and I were about to rock back to sleep, it happened again. But this time only on me and the floor so it was easier to get cleaned up. Which is a good thing because Sid decided to sit that round out. WHEW!!! Yeah, I don't recommend that formula!

Bailey got up at 5 this morning hungry and I fixed her a regular formula bottle. Much to my delight, she drank it and went right on back to sleep and slept til about 7:45 this morning. Sid came and got her and took her to daycare a little after 8. (How good is he??) I called to check on her about an hour ago and she is doing fine. That's a better report than I got Wednesday when I called and she was fussing. She was also fussing when I got there to pick her up. She was extra clingy yesterday, which makes a mama proud, but at the same time just a little weary.

Anywhoo, the sheets are in the washer getting a good hard wash and hopefully we are over that mess. I'll be calling the pedi office to let them know shortly.

OH and P.S.-We've given up the Dr. Brown bottles for the 5 oz. Medela breast milk bottles, with a disposable bottle nipple. We have quite a supply of the nipples from all the hospital stays, but really, why my daughter? She is soooo freakin high maintenance. It has to look odd that I sent breast milk bottles full of formula to daycare today, with disposable nipples mind you. Maybe Bailey thinks it's liquid gold in the Medela bottles. Since I was scolded at the pedi office Monday for not forcing her to take more formula, I'm glad she is drinking it at all. But again, who would have thought???

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sid and His Mini-Me!

Sid took Bailey swimming just a few minutes ago and I stayed behind to finish up laundry. But as you can see, I just couldn't wait to get these pictures up. So here they are! She is just the cutest thing and so much fun these days.



She got her first ice pop this past Sunday when we got home from Mom and Dad's house. She really enjoyed it at first but then she either got a brain freeze or got frustrated because she couldn't hold it herself. So we haven't tried it since.


And in going through pictures that haven't been put on the computer yet we ran across this one the other day and we were shocked to see how Bailey looked after her surgery and being sedated for almost a week. She does not even look like my child. Well she never looks like my child but she almost doesn't even look like her daddy's child here either. I hope we NEVER EVER NEVER have to go through that again. Sid got the records from Children's for insurance purposes and I sat down and read all the reports yesterday. It was noted in the last one on the day of her emergency surgery when they removed that tissue that was stuck in her airway that the actual surgery to her airway was presenting itself just as they wanted and healing nicely. That made me feel good to know that Dr. Carron actually put his eyes on the end result and was happy with what he saw. Sometimes now I catch myself checking to see if she is breathing because she breathes so quiet now. It is just amazing. We are so thankful to have that battle behind us.

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I Guess I Need to Update

Since, YOU, my friends, are asking for it. Yes, I did leave the First Methodist daycare. Long story and not too much of it do I wish to share here on "National TV". But I will say this, God works and He intercedes for us when we don't have the strength to do so. While I was out on maternity leave, there was a special education job on the reservation posted. I went and got an application and filled it out and left it sitting on my dining room table for weeks. And I went back to work at the daycare. The day before job posting was to close I decided to give it one last look over and turn it in. So that was done. I had a few friends who knew the principal over this job and they so graciously put in a good word for me. One of them was even on the daycare board at the Methodist Church. She works on the reservation and was actually the one who talked me into going through with putting in the application. I guess I will be in debt to her for some time to come. So anyway, I finally got a call to interview. Let me stop here and say that at this point, the ONLY reason I was even thinking about a different job was for insurance/benefit purposes. I was not really seriously looking at this point. So I went to the interview and felt pretty good about it. Oh, and I should also point out that the application cleary stated someting to the effect that Choctow Inidians who apply for the said job would be given first priority. So I was thinking surely a Choctaw would apply and that would boot me out of the running. But there was no way for me to know this. Anyway, I'm getting lengthy. I never heard anything from the principal but I did hear from my friend who knew her and worked out there that I was being recommended for the job. Finally I did eventually hear from the principal and she did tell me she had recommended me but they usually like to keep it private until it was voted on and signed off on because the other people out that interviewed would then recieve a letter telling them they didn't get the job. I set out try to figure out what I could work out at the daycare as far as insurance. Bailey and I are on my Cobra for the school year before last and it is up in January 2010. Just didn't want you to think we were without insurance through all this.

And...then...Bailey got sick. Really sick. And I pretty much missed work at the daycare from April 23rd until after her second surgery in Jackson at the end of May. And when I went back, things just weren't as I had left them. And so I decided that in the end, going back into education with the job I secured not knowing I would REALLY need it was the thing for me and my family. The best part of the not so good situation was that I was able to firmly decide that going back into education was the right choice and it gave me the summer off with Bailey to let her chill and heal.

So, the question about where to send her to daycare presented itself. It's not that I don't trust the daycare at First Methodist. I mean, those employees were my employees after all and I trust each and every one of them with my baby and your's. But Sid and I decided to visit First Baptist again and decided it was the place where we needed to raise Bailey and where we felt most at home to worship. And it just so happened that they had a spot open for a church memeber's child in Bailey's age group. So we decided it would be best for her to go there since that's the church she would grow up in.

And the effects of it being just me and Bailey all summer long are rearing it's ugly head. She is screaming at me so I must go but I'll add more later!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Day of Daycare

Bailey started daycare today just to start getting back in the swing of things before we have to get back to the real world. It's going to be hard enough for me to get back to the real world, much less her. So Sid took her this morning and I will forever be thankful that he did so that I didn't have to. I called to check on her about 9:30 and Jennifer, the director, said she had been fussy but was getting better. I don't know if I've told this or not, but Bailey will be at First Baptist daycare and I really like them and the director so I feel good about it. I don't think that it's the kind of set up where she will just cry and not be tended to, but still, daycare is hard. Bailey loves loves loves people, other kids, being talked to, playing, so this is going to be so good for her to get back at it. I sure have missed her, but I don't think my bathrooms have been this clean since before she was born. It's nap time right now and I plan to pick her up as she wakes from nap. Hopefully she'll be just as happy to see me as I will be to see her. And maybe she'll start sleeping better since she won't be sitting at home all day, getting bored.

P.S.- She will only be going to daycare one to two times a week for the next three weeks. then she'll be going full time!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We Were Late

Getting Bailey's 6 month check-up because I forgot about the appointment that was scheduled right at 6 months and of course it took a week or so for the doctor's office to get us in. So we went yesterday. I cannot believe how big my Bailey Girl is getting. She weighed, with nothing but a dry diaper on, 16 pounds, 6 ounces, and was 25.5 inches long. Her weight is finally at the 50th percentile. She weighs 10 pounds, 6 ounces more now than she did at birth and has grown 5 inches since birth.

Everything went well, except this darn reflux. I didn't take her to the appointment with the GI specialist because I really thought the problem was getting better. But then it didn't. Note to self, just GO to the doctor's appointment when you schedule them. It's much easier. Anyway, the doctor has changed her formula to some special stuff that can only be ordered from the pharmacy. Surely, surely...this will work! They are also going to try to get us back in to see the GI doc ASAP!

Bailey got 3 shots, one vaccination by mouth, and her finger pricked. She was mad as all get out when we left the doctor's office. She came home, ate an early supper and crashed out at 6 p.m. She only woke up once last night to eat which was fine with me since she didn't take her bedtime bottle. And fine by me since the Bachlorette was on, too!

We went yesterday and met the daycare ladies. Bailey will be going tomorrow so think about us extra hard!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Well, It's July!

We are at Mom and Dad's for the 4th! Mom has Sid in H-E-A-V-E-N! He'll be an artiist this weekend-his medium will be several peices of raw cut meat. Baby Back Ribs, regular ribs, and meat tenderloin (my personal fav) to create his materpieces with. Well, that is, until Mom called for a little competion. They are splitting the baby back's and each cook their own and we'll have a Rib-off as mom termed it. I don't suppose I'll be participating since I don't care for ribs. But I do care for that yum yum yummy loin!!!

Well I just wanted to report that Miss Bailey is walking-yes you heard my correctly-walking. Sid put her in the floor the other day and was just going to see what she'd do-she took off!! With him holding her hands of course. We laughed so hard we scared her. And it wasn't just a one time fluke. We are here at Mom's where she has a walker and she has taken off in that thing. Brought tears to my eyes actually.

Last night we went out to eat and she sat in the resturant high-chiar. We couldn't believe that either and I don't really know why because she sits up at home with no help. But I guess I just wasn't expecting it.

I hope everyone has a great 4th with lots of family and lots of good eats. I'm sure we'll have some good ice-cream to boot!!!

Bailey starts daycare on Monday to get back in to the swing of things. Maybe I'll be able to blog more-but we'll see!!!