Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today at school I got something I thought I'd never see. First, these are rare in the special ed arena anyway, and two, because I'm new in the district. Thus, considered a first year teacher. But today, the special education coordinator and the principal decided I'd be the best fit for the intern from Southern Miss. That's right, I'm a cooperating teacher for an intern from Southern Miss. Don't I feel special?????

And for mom and dad, remember the question about the camera? This could be the answer!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Poor, Poor Boo! (And Sid Too!)

So Sunday I decided to make what we consider to be a staple at the Self Household-chicken casserole. But I discovered that I cannot make it like my mama does for two reasons. Number one being that Sid does not eat it, which leads to number two. That being that since he doesn’t eat it, I don’t have to make enough to feed a small army like my mama does and I’m not used to that so I overcooked it. Bailey, however, decided that it was the yummiest thing to ever touch her tongue. I was eating it for supper last night and was sharing just little bitty bites with her and then all of the sudden it was gone and I went to get her Yo-Baby Yogurt (which is her allll time fav, or was until last night.) And when she realized that she had a bite of yogurt in her mouth and NOT the yummy chicken casserole, she flipped out. I finally put her in her high chair thinking that she would realize it was time to eat HER supper, but nope, she was having no part of it. When I tell you she was mad, I mean I saw the next twenty plus year flash before my eyes of what I will have to deal with when she is upset. She arched that back and threw that head back and got so very mad that she got red blotches on her face. She was THAT mad. So I got her out and rocked her and she feel fast asleep. She was THAT mad. After her little after-the-fit-nap, she went out to swing a little and then got a bath. She is loving her baths these days too since she has quite a plethora of bath tub toys, the newest being those spongy letters and numbers that stick to the side of the tub. She thinks those are grand. Anyway, when I got her dressed, I went and put her in our bed, in the middle of our king sized bed and told Sid I was going to wash bottles. He was looking for some nausea medicine because he thinks he has the swine flu, but that’s a different story. So anyway, I get to the kitchen, turn on the water, and hear BAM! and then WAAAAHHHHHH! coming from the bedroom. Yep, you guessed it, Bailey had taken a head dive off the bed onto the floor and I’m thinking she whacked her head on something on the way down because she kept rubbing. So that just topped off her already bad night and I felt so bad and so sorry for her. She saw it as an opportunity to suck down five ounces of warm milk and be off to bed early. She was just pitiful, but she woke up this morning ready to go and cutting up and smiling like crazy.

So, after I got her in the bed, Sid decides once again that he might have the Swine Flu and goes to lay down with her. Now, I really didn’t think he had the swine flu for two reasons, one he was just outside an hour before doing some weed eating. If I had swine flu, or even thought I did, you can bet I wouldn’t be outside weed eating. And two, he kept saying his head was hurting and when he gets a migraine it’s all over for him. I thought I had bad migraines till I met this boy. Anyway, about 8:30, just when I was ready for bed myself, in my pj’s, contacts out, he decides he needs some Sprite and is just going to absolutely die without it. After he told me that he’d just die since I didn’t want to go get him some, I did go. Apparently Sprite is the cure for Swine Flu because he, too, was up and ready to go this morning right on time. I swear those two are the best things that ever happened to me and this morning when he so graciously got me breakfast and took my car to get it cleaned up I was feeling pretty darn lousy for giving him such a hard time over Sprite!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

8 Months Old

That's right folks! My Bailey Girl turned 8 months old yesterday. I should have thought about that earlier and I'd say we met family from Alabama to celebrate for dinner. But I didn't. So I can't claim that. But we did indeed meet family from Alabama for dinner yesterday, too! Mom, Dad, Maggie, Bo, Chris, Erin and Andrew met me Sid, and Bailey in Tuscaloosa yesterday afternoon for supper at Lone Star. The food was really good and I think by the looks of the pictures of the table that Erin snapped, we all enjoyed ourselves. I got tickled at the pictures when I loaded them on the computer to look at them. Seems Erin had a little photo shoot with herself at some point. There's like ten pictures of herself that she took making different faces. I don't think Blogger lets you upload more than a few pictures at a time, so we'll see how many show up here and I may have to do another post to finish up the pictures.

But at 8 months old, this is what Bailey is doing: Just yesterday she was laying on her back propped on her poppy pillow drinking some juice and watching TV when she rolled over and then then sat up all by herself. I couldn't believe it. She can pivot around and her bottom and stomach and move all the over the place and is getting up on her feet and hands and rocking, but no crawling yet. She still just has the two teeth. Sleeping hasn't changed much either, still in the bed with us and still having to at least be a patted a few times each night. She will walk if you hold her hands and actually acts like she knows where she is going. She can scoot all the over the place in the walker. She is FINALLY holding her own bottle but usually only does it if she is in a reclining position. She loves juice and her favorite snack has become Yo-Baby Yogurt. (If anyone can find the Yo-Baby 3-in-1 meal thins with the fruit and veggie mixed in, please let me know where. We've looked at our Wal-Mart and local grocery store, in Oneonta at their Wal-Mart, and looked for it at Wal-Mart in Tuscaloosa last night.) Bailey is wearing all different sizes still, some things she can wear 9 months in, some things she can still wear her 6 months in, just depends on what it is. She LOVES LOVES LOVES her daycare. I'm sure she wonders why I kept her held-up at home all summer when she could have been going there everyday! I have had to watch her with the vanilla waffers because she is now trying to put the whole thing in her mouth. Ooopps!! She loves books and will now play with things more than always just trying to put them in her mouth. She loves to go, anywhere, it doesn't matter, and loves to ride in her stroller. This morning going out the door to church she has the biggest smile on her face because we were just going. haha! Speaking of church, she'll have to go to the nursery next Sunday because Sid had to take her out today. It was the first time, but she just tries to talk to the preacher when he's praying. Her reflux is 100% better, not totally gone, but is sooooooooo much better. She will now take about 6 ounces of milk at a time if she is hungry. She is still as high maintenance as ever and we love her so very much.

Here's the past 8 months and, goodness gracious, it's about time to start planning that big 1st birthday party!! Any good ideas? Enjoy the pictures!




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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Germs Are Back

My immune system took a major hit this week. Over this past weekend I woke up one morning with a stiff, stuffy head and couldn't breathe. Instead of getting better with some TLC and rest, it just got worse and by Monday after school I was at the doctor getting some good ole shots. I did start to feel better the next day, but the snot was just so thick and not drying up at all. The doctor had said she wanted me to take Allegra D and I told her I thought I had some at home, but it was not Allegra D. So I called her back to get a script of it and then my checkbook took a major hit when I went to get it filled. For some crazy reason, that medicine was over $70!!! I about fell out in the floor. It has helped but the sad thing is it makes me soooo very sleepy and dries up everything, including my eyes and contacts, and not just my nose. I heard today that there are confirmed cases of the Swine Flu at the county schools here and in neighboring counties. Gosh I hope we do not have to deal with that mess.

It's raining and storming over here on this great Friday night. Sid's gone to pick up Mexican for supper, because he's good like that. And Bailey's been fussy since we got home from daycare. We are going to bed EARLY tonight, because that's how we roll!!!!

Have a great weekend, ya'll!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We're Not In Kansas Anymore, Toto!

That's what I felt like on Friday when I told my 6th period class to put their books up and line up at the door before the bell rang. One of my not so small 10th graders said "miss, that's what elementary kids do, we're high schoolers." (They don't call you Mrs. Whitehead or Mr. Jones, they call you Miss or Coach and the only thing I can figure out is it's cultural-they are all African American 'street' kids.) I guess we are lucky to be called something nice. Anyway, high schoolers they are indeed and I'm loving every minute of it. For the first time in two years, I'm actually motivated to get up and get to work becuase I can see my good deeds working on a minute by minute basis. Anything you do for them, other than telling them to line up, is appreciated it seems. It's nice to be somewhere where what you are actually doing is needed and appreciated. Not like some of those high and mighty claim to be Methodists around these parts. Ok, Ok I shouldn't have said that and obviously I'm still really struggling with that. I need to pray more about it I guess. God has been so good to us and I need to just be thankful instead of holding grudges. But their actions still amaze me when I think about it. Ok, Ok, I'm really done with that now, that wasn't even on my mind when I started typing. The devil just sneaks right on in doesn't he.

Well, Miss Erin started 5 year olk kindergarten last Thursday and I was so sad about it, but she seems to be doing fine. Chris said she went right in, put her backpack up, sat down, and told Chris and Leslie to be on their way, she was fine! Ha! I'm sure it helps that Leslie is there and her teacher is someone she has known her whole life, and her best friend Brady is in the class with her. She informed me this morning that her and Brady killed a turtle with a metal bat but next time Brady asks for the bat she isn't going to give it to him. My 5 year old girl killed a turtle with a bat...seriously!! What in the world???? And what in the world do we have to look forward to????

Bailey spent the night with NeNe and Jerry Friday night and Sid and I went to the Philly Jamboree because I had to sell tickets. It was a nice change of pace for us and we slept in yesterday morning, so we were draggy all day long. I guess from too much sleep but Sid went on to the races last night and Bay and I got some much need "girl" time. Well, really she was out by 7 but it was still nice. We have bee heaterns this morning and skipped out on church, even though I was supposed to start back singing in the choir. I have a head full of yucky snot and Sid didn't get in til way way late.

And in other Bailey news, she finally got that second bottom tooth to pop through sometime last week. She was really restles and didn't want to eat for about 2 days but now she seems to be doing better. I swear by those teething tablets. They do just as good to me as loading her up on tylenol when she has some teething pain. If you haven't tried them with your wee one yet, you should!

I hope everyone has a great one in the week that lies ahead. I'll try to post of pictures of my Bailey Boo soon!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In The Last Post

I said I was interested to see what Week 2 at work would bring. This is really short, but week 2 has lead to the discovery of two students who are dads and one student who is pregnant with a baby due in December. Please Please Please keep me in your prayers. These kids have to graduate becasue they already have to provide for a family. They have got to have some sort of "function in society" skill. I'm ready, willing, and avaliable to give that to them, but they have to be ready, willing, and avaliable to want it. That's the part that needs prayers, ya'll!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday In Alabama

Bailey and and I got up and drove to Oneonta to Mom and Dad's this morning. She did really good on the way over and slept about 2/3 of the way. She tried to fuss and we stopped once but not for long. So I was a happy Mama this morning. Cousin Andrew came to play for a bit and they ate some lunch together. They were too sweet. I ended up falling asleep and taking a much needed nap and Bailey swang and swam on the deck with Mom. Dad cooked out burgers and hotdogs and Maggie, Bo, and Pap-paw came to eat. Bailey has had such a great, fun day. She is already asleep in bed. Well, it is almost 9:00 so it's time, but you know.....

I had an excellent week. I mean, way better than I ever thought it would be. I can't put much on here in the way of students just because of privacy issues. But let me just say that this is much, much different because it's high schoolers. I love them, maybe just as much as my elementary babies, but they are very different. They want the door closed at all times so no one walks by and sees them in the special ed room. They don't want any of their text books or supplies marked with sped on them. I asked them to write down three things they wanted to learn this year and I realized my job when one wrote they wanted to learn to take care of their baby's. I later learned "baby's" meant only one baby. It's going to be a great year and I super excited to see what next week will bring.

And the post about the first week of school would not be complete without bragging on Sid. He gets the daddy of the week award. He gets Bay up and dresses her and feeds her and takes her on to daycare so that all I have to do is get myself up and get me ready and out the door and to work by 7:20. So far, so good. But I couldn't do it without him. Of course I've also noticed that Bailey has become more of a daddy's girl this week, so we'll have to see about that!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Can I Just Say

That God is really really good to me. I tend to do everything the hard way, as all of you who know me well and love me lots already know. But today, as teachers went back to school, I finally felt that I had come full circle. Bailey is happy at daycare and so that's one less worry on my mind these days. She is just such a healthy happy baby now and Sid and I could not be more blessed each and every day to be her Mom and Dad. And for me, it finally feels like I might be at home after two years of being here and searching for my place. I really really enjoyed the day and learned alot and feel that I am in a school now that cares about their teachers as well as their studetns. Sort of like that family as SES, but it's a high school. And I'm crazy in-love with this opportunity. For those people that made my life a living hell at other places, all I can say is what goes around comes around. I am for sure in a better place with all that went on and I have been given the opportunity to show this town that I am a damn good teacher and on top of that, a pretty damn good person. Believe you me, I intend to take this opportunity by the horns and win this race like I've never wanted anything more in my life. There are alot of people out there probably waiting to watch me fall flat on my face. Well, I can tell you one thing for sure, I've got a God on my side and people at home who love me so much. And with that, you can take a seat and watch the show, because this ole gal is staying in the fight........well, in the fight, but under the radar!!! Mom, that was for you!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Giveaway @ Jenna's Journey

Over at Jenna's Journy Blog. Visit her blog here: to enter to win some great stuff from Yo-Baby Yogurt. I've been wanting to try this with Bailey but haven't yet. I actually didn't realize they offered all that Jenna say's they do on her blog so now I'm really wanting to get some for Bailey Boo! Anyway, go check it out!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday

To me, Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to Barbie, Happy Birthday to me!!

Yes, that's right. It's my birthday. We've haven't done much today, except church and eat Mexican (since it was my b'day and all)! Sid has done tons of laundry, cause he's sweet like that. Me and Bailey took a good ole Sunday/Birthday nap.

Yesterday, we went shopping in Jackson. They have the best Belk's I've ever been to. It was tax free day and they were having a great sale. The best sale I've ever seen. If you used your Belk's card, you got another 20% off so NeNe offered to let me use her's and just give her cash for it. I got 9 articles of clothing and paid $157. The receipt said I saved $257. Then I got another pair of pants and a pair of shoes for $40. So all in all, I got 10 pieces of clothing and a pair of shoes for $200. That's pretty awesome in my book!!! And Sid's too!!!

The fair is over and I have some more pictures to share. But for now I'll just share a story. I got a new job last week, and it was one of those God things. I got a call from the sped coordinator in the Philadelphia City School System. She told me that she had gotten my name and number from someone and they were interested in talking to me about a job that had come open. I went to talk to them, all the while thinking there was no way I wasn't keeping the job I got offered on the reservation back in April. But once I talked to them, there was just no way that I couldn't take it. The job itself is going to be so good, almost as good as the one I left in Alabama, just without all the special people that came along with that job, and this is the school Bailey will go to when she gets 5. It's high school and the kids go to regular ed and come to my room as they are scheduled for help with their regular work. I'm pumped and we start Tuesday. I'm so excited and was almost giddy as I went to work in my room Wednesday. The school was closed Thursday and Friday for the fair. Tomorrow morning we'll hit the ground running!!

I'll leave you all with a fav pic of mine!!