Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank The Good Lord

That September is about to roll to a close. We have not, and I repeat, HAVE NOT, had a good week. Like I said earlier Bay was diagnosed with RSV Monday. Sid took her back to the doctor Tuesday morning for an assessment to see if the hospital was in our future. Somehow, I've been told that somehow was my begging and pleading, because after all, our sweet little girl has spent her fair share of days in one hospital or another, but anyway, somehow, we escaped the hospital on Tuesday. Mom arrived Tuesday afternoon to find that she was NOT happy with the way Bailey looked or sounded and was going to see to it that whatever the doctor wanted to do with her Wednesday was going to be done, despite my begging. Meanwhile, I keep saying my throat is hurting really bad, and being the Barbie that I am, I get mom and Sid to look in my throat, blah blah blah. Life goes on!

And let me back up to say that on Monday at the doctor's office, they did an X-ray and said it looked a little messy but didn't see any pneumonia. And what I call the doctor is not really the doctor. Bailey sees a pediatric nurse practitioner where our sister-in-law works and we adore them. They have been so good to me as a first time Mom and to Bailey and although she isn't technically a doctor, I trust her. Her name is Katie.

Ok, so Mom took Bailey back to Katie's on Wednesday morning, and it was reported that her chest was so tight she was moving no air and she was sating at 89% and the radiology report had come back that her X-ray on Monday did show pneumonia. Meanwhile, I'm at the doctor having a streap and flu test run because that sore throat turned into a 103 temp overnight. Could it get any worse?

Well, here's the deal, apparently a nurse practitioner can't write orders to admit to the hospital, so she calls Children's in Jackson and alerts them that Bailey is on her way and packages up all the info they will need from what has happened Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for the ER doctor at Children's to review and do his own assessment on her. Mom and Sid, with the help of Ne Ne, because by this point, I've been treated for the flu and streap throat and am laid back up in bed, pack up for a week's stay at the hospital and off they go. Well, once they get to Children's a new RSV test is done and a new X-ray is done. It is determined that she does not have RSV anymore, that is on the mends. And they pneumonia that was seen in her Monday's Xray is no where to be found. So, they send them back home on their merry way, saying since she hasn't had fever since Monday, she's safe to go back to daycare. Can you imagine my horror?

Mom took her back to the doctor here this morning and she was sating at 97% oxygen and her white count had come down even more to like 14. She's still wheezing and has that nasty cough but Katie was happy with how she looked and sounded today so she didn't have to refer us to a different hospital for hospital type treatments. She is looking and feeling much better. Mom has some good eats on the stove. I went to work til about 1:00 and had made it as long as I could but am on the mends as well.

Shew! It has been a heck of one!! But I think, I just think, that we just might, might, might, be getting better. Thank goodness for a Mimi and a Mam-maw when you need one. Oh, and a Sid who stands in for both of us when I'm laid up sick as heck too!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yucky Yuck Yuck YUCK

Bailey was disagnosed with RSV on Monday. I'm so upset but so far we've been able to aviod the hospital. I kept her at home yesterday and Sid stayed with her today. Mom got into town a little after lunch. Hopefully we'll be able to continue to avoid the hospital but tomorrow morning will be the telling tell. Mom's here and Bailey is all snuggled up with her sleeping so let's hope she stays that way. Through it all, she continues to grow and has started waving bye-bye and saying ma-ma!!! Sweet girl!

In better news, HAPPY 9 MONTHS B'DAY TO OUR GIRL!!! I'll do a detailed post about what she's up to later. In the meantime, just say a prayer for our darling!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bailey Says......






I just couldn't resit. If I had my rathers she'd be in an Auburn cheer leader outfit. But this was so adorable and I figured her Pap-paw and Poppy T would so appreicate it. So we threw in the tiger in for good measure. Too bad I didn't think about this before last weekend. Oh well! I can't remember everything now can I?

And would you ever guess our little cheer leader is sick? Sid had to pick her up from daycare today and take her to the doctor. She's had a cough for about a week but no fever and of course acts just fine. But in the past 48 hours it got worse and last night I noticed wheezing but I still didn't think much of it because I was just sort of glad it wasn't swine flu. But then her daycare director texted me and said she was worried about the way that she sounded. So Sid to the rescue. Thankfully he was able to go get her and take her to the doctor. He got there at about 1:00 with her and I got off at 3:20 and was able to go be with them at the doctor and it was almost 5:15 before we left there. It took for freakin Her regular ped couldn't see us today, which is another story that I'm sure I'll tell about later, but anyway we loved the doctor she saw and he said she sounded worse than she looked, that it was a touch of bronchitis with maybe some asthma like symptoms. We are treating her with an antibiotic and some breathing treatments. NeNe is coming to keep her tomorrow just so she can stay at home and rest. We are thankful for that. And hopefully she'll be all better after a long weekend.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Much Is Going On

I know it's been almost a whole week since my last post, and although we've been super busy, not much is really going on. Let's see....Mom was here and stayed until Thursday morning. She and Boo stayed at home and hung out Wednesday and if the truth be told, she should have never left when she did. For when she arrived at home, she passed a kidney stone. "A WHAT?" you say. Yes, she packed up and drove the 3+ hours home, all the while knowing something wasn't quite right. And before it was all over, she passed a kidney stone. We are so glad she came and so so sad to see her go, but we're still mad about that packing up and driving home when she knew she shouldn't have thing. So we won't discuss it further.

Sid was off this past weekend so he did what most guys that are human and warm blooded and breathing do, and that is go work on his hunting spots. Or whatever they call it. He left out really early Saturday morning took Bailey with him. He dropped Bay off at his mom's house and she hung out there and played for the better part of the morning. I got in some much needed sleep, maybe a little too much because by the time they got home I just didn't feel like doing we didn't. Sunday morning we went to his grandmother's church with the rest of the family for their Homecoming and then had lunch there. It was so good. And I think Mammie enjoyed having us all there. When we got home, I just wanted to stay stretched out on the couch. It was raining and dreary. But our laptop, that has served its people well during its lifetime, is on its last foot of its last leg. It wouldn't take too terribly much and the thing would just shut off, never to be revived again. Soooooo we decided to go to Meridian to Best Buy and get a new one. Yep, I'm typing on it now. We went with another Dell and I think we're gonna like it just fine. We went to the mall and then to Babies R Us to look at some big girl car seats. And of course today was Monday, back to work.

I have had some pain in my right side and back and just sort of all over in that area. I went to the doctor today after school and of course have a UTI and the doc says a kidney stone. But I've seen Sid with his kidney stone and I can assure you that I am not in any way near the shape he was in with his, so I'm doubtful. We'll see. I hope I don't eat those words.

We finally got all the clothes in that I ordered on my maniac ebay shopping spree for Bailey. The smocked dresses are just too much. She wore the orange one with the green tractor yesterday to church. I can't wait for her to wear them all. Oh, and mom got her her very first ever first pair of tennis shoes. White and pink nike's. Too cute. I'll have to take a pic of those and post them so I can always remember them. She wore them on our shopping trip yesterday and they make her look like such a big girl. Sid can't wait to do his yard decorations for Fall and then we are going to get some professional pictures of Bay done. Speaking of big girl, NeNe wanted to get her some clothes yesterday and JC Penny's carries a big selection of Carter's. They have some cute girlie outfits that are romper like out for Fall and on sale for $8.99. They just look so big but they'll fit her and in a way it just makes me sad that sweet little 6 pounder is getting to be such a big, sweet girl. She is now crawling full-force, and going after everything she shouldn't have. Last night she played with the computer box for like an hour. To heck with that pile of toys sitting right next to her. And tonight, she stood up on the bathtub and proceeded to throw her cup full o water out of the bathtub. Silly girl!! Big girl!!

I hope everyone has a great week, even though Monday has come and gone!!! I have lots of pics I want to share, so hopefully I can get them loaded and posted.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goodbye~~~So Long!

Sid and Mom took Bailey to her doctor's appointments today. She went to the GI doc, Dr. Parker, first and he said goodbye, so long, don't you come back ya' hear?? Actually, I don't know what he really said because I had to work and didn't (or couldn't) take off. So that's why Mom so graciously came to MS to go with Sid. Not that Sid needs help, but you know how it is. Anyway, Dr. Parker told them that her muscle is getting stronger because she is not refluxing as bad but that teething does make the reflux worse. What doesn't make reflux worse?

After they left the GI doc, they went see my most favorite doctor of all time, Dr. Carron, the ENT who did Bay's surgery. And he, too, said goodbye~~so long!! He told them that we didn't have to bring her back unless there was a problem. Sometimes when Bailey is tired and relaxed she will rattle a little, but Dr. Carron said as long as there was no strider we shouldn't worry. So we won't!

Bailey weighed 18.5 pounds and was 27 inches long. WOW! Such a big girl. She is just the sweetest thing ever.

Mom brought her a really sweet, neat, cool surprise that we will cherish forever and will certainly be an heirloom. But it's a surprise and will have to wait to a later date to be revealed.

All the clothes I bought from Ebay last week came today. I'm sure the postman wanted to know what kind of activity I was engaged in to have people from all over the US sending me package sized envelopes. If he only knew it was just some sweet smocked dresses and such. One thing I got her was a Mis-Tee-V-Us Halloween outfit with a cat on it. Bailey just talked and laughed at that cat when I was showing it to her. Such a sweetie!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

For Aunt Maggie

Like I said yesterday, I got in trouble for not blogging last week so I'm trying to make up for it. I played around with some editing in Picasa so some of these may look way off. That's because I'm no pro...but I wish I was. Of course, it's hard to make a picture of a baby this sweet and beautiful look bad. Check out those teeth on the bottom. Also, in one of the ones where she is looking up, if you look closely you can see her scar. We had just gotten home from church and she slept just about the entire we were there so she's as sweet at sugar in these pics. Here you go Aunt Mags!!! We love you!!!




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Saturday, September 5, 2009

You Win Some, You Lose Some

It appears that the natives get restless when I don't blog, Aunt Maggie, so while it's pouring outside and some drab movie is on LifeTime and Bailey's snug in her bed for a nap, I decided to update. Oh and Sid's at work, and it's Saturday. Ya'll need to know anything else?? Just kidding!!

So, work has been great. Things are still going great with the intern. She's pretty good and even other teachers have commented on how "natural" she seems to be. The kids are trying her and it's hard for me to step back and let her handle it like I'm supposed to be doing it, but I am and she is holding her own.

Yesterday, three of the four sped teachers and my intern went to the casino for a symposium on fetal alcohol syndrome. The lady who spoke was from Washington State and from what she said and the organization in MS that put the synposium on, it sounds like MS leads the way in dealing with this issue. It's not something I've thought about often I don't guess because most of the kids I've had like this are effected by drugs, or so I think. But anyway, it was stated that FAS is one the ONLY preventable birth defect. So I sat the whole time mad at these mothers who have to detox before birth and then have babies who are born disable for life because of something the mother chose to do of her own free will and all I wanted to know was what happened to these mothers who do this to their kids. The mother speaking had like 3 kids of her own and then like 10 adopted children. Of those 13 kids like 7 or so of them had FAS. One would think these would have been the adopted kids and through the whole speech she kept referring to her adopted kids. But at the end of the speech, she told her background and was/is an alcoholic and it turns out her oldest child was diagnosed with FAS at the age of twenty something after this lady learned of FAS. I just don't know how I feel about this. On one hand I feel that if a child or adult is diagnosed with FAS at any age, the mother should be charged with child abuse or neglect. But on the other hand, I just don't know enough about to make an educated say in what should happen to these mothers. However, these children are hurt for life. So....who can go the casino without slipping a few bucks in the ole slot machine. Certainly not me and I walked away $150 richer than I was before I went in. Yay for me.

And that's a good thing because I've been on a "Bay needs all things smocked" this past week. I got her a few dresses from Ebay and I can't wait for them to come in. One is for Easter, one is for Fall, and the other is for her Pap-Paw with tractors smocked on it. Too sweet!!! But, when it comes to Ebay you do win some and then you lose some. I bid on a one year bday smocked dress last night that was new and was only $17. This morning I woke up to find that I was outbid and lost the dress to some chum who got it by a mere .50 cents. 17.50 and I could have a brand new smocked dress for her bday too.

Speaking of Ebay, I ran accross this website It's really neat but you have to have a referral number to sign up. If you wanted to sing up this is how it'd work. I'd give you my referral number and then you'd go to the website and join, it's free. Once you are logged in, you can shop from thousand's of retailers, ebay being one of them. So, let's say you wanted to buy something from ebay. You'd log into bigcrumbs and then go the Ebay icon and click on it. This takes you directly to Ebay and you sign in there like you always do. You look for what you want and bid on it. If you place the winning bid on your item by signing into bigcrumbs first, then you are awarded a portion of the seller's fee. Don't ask me how or why, but it does work, because I've make $4.73 this week by doing this. Remember that I said you had to have a referral number in order to join. So I got my referral number from some lady's blog that I was on. And therefore, she has also been awarded a portion of the seller's fees from my purchases. And it's not just Ebay, like I said you can shop from just about any online retailer you can think of, but you have to go through the bigcrumbs website to get to your destination in oder for this to work. I'll find my referral number and you can join for free and when you shop through it, we both get money. Confused??? Yeah, I was too at first, but it's nt that hard to figure out once you get on the website.

I took some cute pictures of Bay in the bathtub last night and I'll post them in the next post. Mom's coming Monday sometime because Bailey goes back to Children's for a follow up with her ENT and GI doc Tuesday. Sid is taking off work to take her and Mom is going with him. We are excited she's coming and can't wait!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Maybe if some of you readers would leave comments I'd know have readers and would update more often. Hint! Hint!