Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back To The Land Of The Living

We are finally, knock on wood, done with the stomach bug.

We did have to miss the planned trip home to Alabama for Andrew's first birthday party.  I was just so afraid of passing it on to someone else or getting there and this thing rearing it's ugly head again.  I sure didn't want to wear Bailey down.  So we stayed at home, but sure missed being there.

Yesterday, we got out of the house, together for once, and went to Meridian shopping.  We at a late lunch at O'Charley's and then went to the mall.  Bailey got a few new Spring/Summer things and then we went to the AT&T store, The Spotted Pony, Books A Million, Ross's and Sam's.  I think I have finally figured out what new cell phone I am going to get and I finished spending my BAM gift card for Nene and Jerry.  I bought three new books and cannot wait to start them.  We picked up a few things at Sam's and fed Bailey a little supper and then headed home. 

We finally were able to go to chruch this morning.  It feels like we haven't been there in forever, due to being out of town, Sid working and sickness.  Today was the last Sunday we will attempt to take Bailey in big chruch for awhile.  Next Sunday, we plan to put her in the nursery.  I hope I follow through, I just love haivng with me, but today she was a ill and fought Sid so he had to take her out and we ended up leaving early.  So the best thing is the nursery, it's just so hard.  We had Subway for lunch and she is napping as I type.

After nap, we plan to go the park.  It's sunny and so pretty here.  Sid is off work and everybody feels good.  So we want to get out and spend some time together.  I plan to snap some good pictures while we are out.

One of Bailey's new things is reading her Old McDonald Had a Farm book that Santa brought her and singing.  She tries to sing it but says "i ii ii ii" to the somewhat tune of "E I E I O".  So today she wore her eieio dress to church and it was so cute, after I dressed her, she got down and found her book and got up in Sid's lap to read it.  We tried to snap some pictures of her outside, but we were in a hurry and the sun was shining way too bright in the usual spot and then when I finally started snapping I realized it was only half shining and so the lighting is off.  Oh well, the subjust is still our pretty girl and still as cute as ever!

And to end on the note of the stomach bug, Sid's grandmother brought us a chicken pie last week when Bailey was so sick.  She ended up getting sick Friday night and went into the hospital with this nasty thing and is still there.  Ya'll stay well!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

1 for 6

That's the score with the war agaisnt the stomach bug! 

He's winning!

Bailey got to go to daycare one time this week.

Sid got to go to work 2 1/2 days this week.

Me?  I got to go all week long because, well, I just got to!

I'm thankful for Sid's work that he can take off like he can and especially thankful for Nene's work that she can take off as much as she can when it's not really her responsiblity to do so.  We really appreciate it!

Kylie says the stomach bug lasts between 7-10 days and we believe her.  This morning, Sid thought he needed to just take her on to the doctor.  He was worried about her dehydrating.  But after she got up this morning and was able to drinka and eat and keep it all down and in, he decided against it.  It's just going to have to run it's course.

In the meantime, we now have a comforter that has to be dry-cleaned and a house that smells like the cleaning isle at Dollar General.  Which means major headaches for us Whitehead's because we don't tolerate smells well at all.  But then again, we don't tolerate the stomach bug well either. 

So yeah, the stomach bug is winning.  And worst of all, my newphew's 1 year old b'day party is Saturday in Alabama.  As of right now we are still up in the air about going, but probably won't because no parent wants this crappy bug in their house, I can assure you of that.

One positive of the week - Remember my one unspoken prayer request earlier in the week.  Well, God so faithfully answers us in the way we wanted to be answered, and we are very very thankful.  You know who you are and we love you so much and never wish for you to experience that anxiety again! 

Please keep Sid's grandfather and especially his grandmother in your prayers.  Things are just not going well.  Home Health has started coming and so far it's been more of a problem than a help.  But this will work itself out. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The War is On

I'm usually not the "warring" kind.  Ok, ok... so those of you that know me well may disagree.  But sometimes things come along that I just feel like I have to stand up and take a fight on.  Yeah, yeah, I 've slowed down with that in the past few months.  I've come to the conclusion that if people can live with themselves without my vast array of knowledge, well, by golly, then so can so I. 

No, seriously!  I'm just kidding.  But really, if you know me well, you know that I do stand up for what I believe in and let's just say that sometimes I have a hard time of seeing the other side's point of view.  Once my mind is made up and set on something or an idea, that's just it, there is no changing for me.  No backing up.

But tonight I'm wagging war!


I thought I told that creepy thing to get lost.  OH, not only did he not listen, he has now taken out my better half.

Poor Sid is just sick as a dog.  I don't know if things like this affect adults worse than children, but he is way worse than Bailey ever thought about being.  He texted me this morning while I was off-campus at a special ed meeting and told me he was sick.  And usually if he's sick, it's bad!

The meeting lasted all day and so when I was coming home I just stopped off at Nene's and picked Bailey up.  She spent the night with them last night and stayed there today and will go back to daycare tomorrow.  Thankfully, she seems to be kicking along at about 95%.  On the way home from picking her up, Sid called and said he needed to go to the urgent care clinic that stays open later in the day.  So I called Nene and she drove to our house and settled back in with Bay while we went.

Now, I don't mean to poke fun of poor Sid and hopefully I'll redeem myself in a minute.  But they tested him for the flu and everytime the doctor would ask him something, he'd just look at him like he couldn't speak and the doctor would look at me me like "well" and I'd have to answer.  So he wasn't earning points for himself.  The nurse swabbed his nose for the flu and you would have thought they were taking of biopsy of his brain matter by the way he jerked around and fussed.  Doesn't he know this just makes them poke around longer and further and harder just for kicks? 

Anyway, he nicely asked for a Sprite on ice and I politey went right up the road to Bumper's and got him one.  Which was a the biggest mistake of the day because five mintues later he was needed the trash can.  Now, I can handle alot of stuff, but puke from a grown man is not my strength, so I excused myself to hallway to let him have some privacy. 

Second biggest mistake of the day.  While I was standing out there I heard him yell, "HELP ME."  And so did everyone else.  Yeah, that almost earned us a trip to the ER for some observation time.  Thankfully, we ended up with two huge shots of Zofran (miracle drug) and Torodol.  And on the way home he was a new man, asking for some fresh ice and Sprite in his cup.  It has now been almost 2 hours and that Sprite has stayed down so I hope we have avoided the ER this go around.

But I just realized that this stinking stomach bug will cause me to be a single parent in the morning.  When I say it has taken out my better half I truely mean that.  Sid gets up first in the morning time and gets ready and gets Bay up and gets her dresseed and feeds her breakfast and gives her morning meds and takes her to daycare.  What do I do?  Oh, the usual.  Drag myself out of bed, becuase let's face it, I'm alot of things but a morning person I am not!  Get ready and get myself to work. 

Yep, that's right folks.  That's all I have to do in the mornings is get me ready and to work.  My wondeful husband does the rest.  I don't have to worry about a thing.  Now, I do have to get her bag ready at night so all he does is get her cup out of the fridge and go with it.  Her morning bottle is made so all he has to do is warm it.  Her clothes are laid out so all he has to do is put them on.  But let's face it, he does way more than most men ever thought about doing and for that I am so grateful. 

And for that I am one mad mama at this stomach bug.  I hope Sid feels better soon, like in the moring soon, because I really don't know how I'll get up and get us both ready and her to daycare and me to work all alone.  It's impossible to get a shower with her up and awake and as soon as she feels someone else stirring in the morning time she is up too.  She is so her daddy's child liking the morning like that.  But we'll see how it goes because we really don't have a choice, thanks to the crappy stomach bug!

I'm trying to stay awake to see the 10 o'clock news.  Nene said the high school was on there tonight.  I text my friend to see if she saw it and she did and just called to give me the scoop. Two students, girls none the less, were fighting in a knock down drag out.  Another student filmed it on her cell phone.  And the film showed the teacher standing in the corner doing nothing.  The parent of the girl that took the beating was upset because the teacher did nothing but the high school principal was interviewed and said the teacher followed protocol and guidelines and did nothing wrong.  We've heard it rumored this principal was moved to central office becuase of problems but she was on the news tonight still as the principal of the high school.  See how rumors go?  That's why you should always do your best to not get involved in them.  I may have more than reader faithful reader (hey pappaw) and so I'd like to take the time to encourage all of you (because I know my pappaw doesn't get in the gossip mill - he's way better than that!) to turn your ear and thoughts on rumors and stay out of it.  Do not stir the pot.  Rumors do all kinds of bad things to innocent people and sometimes the things that are said and spread follow these people.  Unless you know soemthing to be a fact, becuase you've seen it with your own eyes or heard with your own hears or smelled it with your own nose, don't get involved.  Rumors hurt innocent people.  Ok, that was not supposed to turn into a preaching, it was to say the high school made the news.

My war on the stomach bug is not a rumor!  It's the God's honest gospel and I can promise you that!

I'd like to also say please keep Sid's grandfather, grandmother, and father in your prayers.  His grandfather is suffering from late stages of alzheimer's and his grandmother has reached the point where she can no longer safely care for him.  They thought last week they had found somewhere to put him that all parties approved of, but found out today that he was denied.  Home health will be coming twice a day, but that's still not enough help for his grandmother.  It's just a very sad situation.  They had to call 911 the other night after he got choked.  It's just not good and the family has already entered into a state of mourning.  It's sad for me, and I didn't know him before the alzheimer's, I can only imagine how it is for his loved one's that knew him in his right mind.  Juts pray for the situation and I also have one unspoken request if you'll just remember that one as well!

Good night peeps!

Edited to say: You can go here to see the video of the fight and read about it.  I did stay up to see it and I just want to say that I would not have gotten involved either.  That one girl was giving the other a total beat down and I would not even know how to begin to get involved with something like that going on.  However, I was surprised to see that the teacher was a male. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear Mr. Stomach Bug

Dear Mr. Stomach Bug,

I would kindly appreciate it if you would pack your bags and leave my house. You came to visit us over a week ago, causing problems with more than one family member. I can put up with you causing me to feel sick for three days in a row and having a knife-piercing headache. And I can put up with you causing other adult family members to feel the same way, maybe even a little worse. But you have messed with my baby, and for that, I am mad. Don’t you have better things to do, better people to visit? Didn’t your mama ever tell you not to over stay your welcome? Well in case she didn’t, let me be the first to tell you, you have over stayed your welcome in this house!

You see, Mr. Stomach Bug, you have caused my husband and I to enter a phase of parenthood we really had no intentions of entering. You caused even the clearest of liquids to continuously come up, hour after hour after hour. You caused us to have to walk around our own house basically unclothed because we decided that was easier than changing them every ten minutes. You caused this mama to have to give medications in a way that no mama should ever have to give them – putting them in places where medications really don’t belong. And even after this, you continued to cause my sweet girl to dry heave and feel like she was choking. It is not appreciated, Mr. Stomach Bug, not at all.

I don’t really know how you lay your head down and sleep at night. Oh! Wait! That’s right! You don’t lay down and sleep. You continue to cause sweet babies to be sick well into the night time hours and after we thought maybe we had turned the corner. But not with the dry heaving and such. Oh no, Mr. Stomach Bug, you caused smells in our house last night that had us looking for something dead. That’s just wrong. Just plain out wrong! And you should be ashamed of yourself.

Your visit caused my sweet Bailey, who usually plays and talks and sings all day long, to lay around and feel rotten for almost 24 hours. I hope as I am writing this, you are packing your things and moving on. And take your other family members who might be hiding out with you, too! Because when I get home today, Mr. Stomach Bug, I intend to spray all kinds of things that I hope cause you to die a painful and slow death. You have what’s coming to you after hanging around our house for over a week and causing what you caused yesterday and last night. You should be scared, Mr. Stomach Bug, very scared! Because I am done playing.

You might want to pass this word on to your cousins, you know, the one’s who like to hang out and cause ear infections, and runny noses, and temperatures, and coughs, and breathing problems. We are done playing around with you all. And we are moving on. We have Spring Break coming up and we intend to enjoy ourselves. Not run from doctor to doctor to doctor and be sick. Do you understand this? Because if not, I’m sure I can find another way to say it. When I get home this afternoon, I expect you to be gone and there be not a trace of you left anywhere. For whatever of you that is left will be done away with!

You disgust us, Mr. Stomach Bug, and we hope you never knock on our door again!


Bailey's Mama

Saturday, February 20, 2010

So What? I Know It's Been Over A Week!

Yeah, I know it's been over a week since I last posted. 

Work is kicking my tail. I had morning duty last week, so I had to be there extra early and stand out in the 20 degree morning temps to herd students in the right direction once they eat breakfast.  It's not a hard job, herding kids, that is.  But it was difficult for me to stand out in such bitter coldness to so.  Never fear, the big Carhart with Windham Tractor logos all over it kept me mighty warm.

 At least twice last week I went to bed with Bailey when she fell asleep, which is at around 7 p.m.  I even missed the Bachelor Monday night and haven't even had time to google it to see what the heck happened.  I think I'm bored with the Bachelor anyway.  I haven't had time to read all my favorite blogs.  I haven't had time to do anything, actually!  Well, I did finish a book last night that I started reading about a month ago! Does that count?

I knew, though, when I took this job that I'd have to cut out things like TV and computer, or cut down at least, in order to be a good mother and wife.  So that's what I've done.  And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Sid has had to work all day today, so Bailey and I are hanging out at home.  I thought I'd take her to the park sometime today since it's so pretty and nice out.  But she has decided against a nap today and I'm scared of a melt down.  So we haven't ventured out.

Here's a recap of what the past week has been like.  Thursday, a week ago, Bay's daycare director text me to say that Bay had been fussy, was running a 99.9 temp and had several episodes of spitting up throughout the day.  Not throw up, just a lot of what she was calling spit up.  That night, I stayed in Meridian to get my hair done so sid had her and he felt like she was fine.  So we didn't give it much thought.  The next morning, Friday, it snowed and we all stayed at home.  Bailey took a long morning nap and when she woke up she threw up all over me, her and the bed.  And we discovered she was running a 103 temp.  The snow was coming down pretty hard, but I called Urgent Care to see if they were by chance open, which they were, but were closing as we spoke because of the weather.  We gave her some Motrin and went on about our day.  She never threw up anymore that day, but her temp would spike back up when the Motrin would wear off.  Saturday morning, she woke up about 5:30 with a pretty high temp, but after some Motrin, fell back asleep and never ran a temp again.  However, that afternoon, she threw up again, so I decided to take her on in to the Urgent Care.  The doctor determined it was just a bad cold, the drainage making her stomach sour, and we decided to treat with some Children's Dimetapp.  Sunday, she was ok, but still not eating, and still coughing and having alot of green drainage.  Monday, Nene kept her at home and she started to eat a little bit more.  No more temp, no more throw up.  OH, by the way, the last time she threw up was in the car, all over her car seat, on the way home from the doctor.  GROSS!!!  Tuesday, Sid took her to Jackson for the follow up with Dr. Carron on her tubes.  Dr. Carron discovered that she had a blot clot in one of ears.  This made me freak a little bit when he called to tell me, but from the sound of things, it wasn't as bad as it first appeared.  Bascially she has a place in one tube where some blood did not drain out.  We've been flusing it at night with a water/peroxide mixture.  She literally screams when we do it to that one ear.  But we still haven't seen any drainage.  I hope it's dissolving, but I guess we won't know unless she has to go to the doctor for any reason because Dr. Carron doesn't want to see her back for three months.  I've come to the conclusion, at age 14 months, that Bailey will not do anything normal, she will probably always be the exception to all the rules, and we might as well go ahead and claim it!  She went back to daycare on Wednesday and they have started letting her go up to the next class to play some during the day.  I think those children are closer to the age of 2 than 1, so it will be great for her, we think.  She still eats and sleeps in the baby room, but she is just growing up so fast.  So, to say it's been a week, a tiring week, is an understatement, as you can tell.

Kylie picked her up from daycare yesterday when she picked up Mason to let them play for a few hours.  I picked her up from Kylie about 5 and me, Sid and her went to eat Mexican.  By the time we got home, she and I were both ready for bed! 

Now we are boycotting the nap!

Before we went to eat Mexican, I took her outside and had a little photo shoot.  Sid had to go to the funeral home for visitation of a family friend.  So while we were waiting on him, this is what we did.

And while playing around with my camera this morning before uploaded this to the computer, I figured out it would do this:

Obviously those are the same picture.  I guess the one that I changed didn't save in it's original form.  But I thought that was pretty cool!

I hope that this upcoming week isn't as hectic as last week was for us!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

Especially frightful for Mississippi!!!!

When I went to bed last night about 10:30, nothing was happening and school (for me anyway) was still on.  I woke up about 3 a.m. and couldn't stop thinking about what may be outside, so I got up and looked out the window.  The ground was solid white, you could still see some grass sticking up, but it was white and still coming down.  I drifted in and out of sleep the rest of the night, thinking about if school would be on or now.  I woke up about 5:00 a.m. and looked at my phone to see if anyone from school had texted me, but instead I had a text from Jennifer, the daycare director, saying no daycare today.  That was HUGE!  I figured it that were so then we sure not going to school either.  It has to be dire circumstances for Jennifer to call off daycare.  So anyway, when the alarm went off at 6: 00 a.m. and Bailey was still curled up snoozing, I didn't move, but Sid got up and came in the den and checked online.  I felt him come back to bed a few minutes later and that was my sign - NO SCHOOL, NO WORK, NO DAYCARE!!!!

I finally rolled out of bed about 7:30 a.m. and this is what I saw:

As you can see, the one on the right shows that there was still some grass showing, but it was coming down hard!

About 11:00 a.m., we had this:

The snow flakes were huge!  And it just kept on coming down.  Finally, about 1:00, it stopped snowing and then the sun started peeking through.  We went out to Ben and Kylie's and rode in the jeep through the pasture.  No pictures of that though, I was holding on to Bailey for dear life.  I didn't know we were going out for a literal "spin".  I thought we were going out for some sight seeing.  Oh no, not with Uncle Ben driving.  On the way, we saw lots and lots and lots of snowmen.  On the way home, we drove all over town.  It was pretty aparent that the entire town spent time outside today in the snow doing something - mostly building their snowmen!  Nene even emailed me a picture of the snowmen that the men at the electric company built this morning.  It was cute, it had one of those orange cones on it for it's hat!  Cute!

We did not get out and build a snowman.  Bailey apparently had a rough time at daycare yesterday and was running a little temp, but seemed ok last night.  We didn't think much of it, just figured it was teeth.  Well, this morning she woke up coughing, which can usually go downhill fast for us.  But I gave her both breathing treatments, one in which we usually on do as needed and she hasn't had in awhile, and she went back to sleep.  I laid down with her, thinking she wouldn't sleep too long, and she ended up sleeping almost 2 hours.  But when she woke up, she threw up all over me and the bed and was running a 103 temp.  But she was acting perfectly fine.  All this happened before we went to Ben and Kylie's and she was perfectly fine there, too.  She continues to have a temp when the motrin wears off, but she hasn't thrown up anymore.  She isn't interested in eating much, but is drinking like normal, if not more.  So that's good!  I guess we'll see how tonight goes and how she is in the morning and I may carry her to Urgent Care just to be on the safe side. 

But anyway, we did let her get a good look at it when we got home because it will most likely be gone soon once morning rolls around again.  There are warning that tonight and in the morning the roads will be bad because all that slush is expected to freeze.  Here are some pictures from our little snow photo shoot.  Only thing is, you wouldn't really know we got any snow by looking at most of these!

They both look so very deep in thought.  OH and notice Sid's new Northface jacket he has on.  That was his Valentine Day present from me and Bay!  He got it early just because it was cold and snowy!

And last, but not least, here are a few of the yard and house.  I couldn't get the whole house in the frame because I had the big lense on.  But you get the picture!!

I'll be ready to get up in the morning and see what kind of condition we have after a good night's cold sets in with all this wet stuff! 

Did you get any snow?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

He Da.

Can you translate?

He da!

That's a sentence.

You can't?

It says "hey daddy!"

That's Bailey's new sentence.  The first one she has ever spoken.  The closest to real words we have.

He da!

And even though it's da, it makes this mama's heart proud.

It's really cute because she will see him, say "he da" and wave to him, like I'm saying hey to you in a million different ways so speak, would ya?

We are making progress in our talking!

Now if we could just start back sleeping through the night.

But guess what?

It's da's night to get up!!!!

That makes this mama's heart happy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Kicks.....And Other Random Things

I thought I had blogged about these

new shoes when we got them.  Well, Mom got them, but I went back and tried to find the post to see exactly when it was and couldn't find it so I guess I didn't blog about them.  But I remember thinking I couldn't believe my sweet baby had feet big enough and was old enough to have a real pair of tennis shoes.  It had to be summer time though when you look at the fact that she had shorts on which means she was probably about 6 months old.  Those Nike's are a size 3 wide and since that time we've had several different pairs of shoes, those plus her first pair of Ked's and a few pairs of more dressy shoes to wear with her dresses and dressy outfits.  Two pairs we bought as late as December.  At 13 and half months, Bailey has grown out of every pair of shoes she has ever owned.

Today we got these:

And I could not believe it.  They are a size 5 1/2 WIDE.  I was stunned.  The lady said that all babies have wide feet and they slim up after they have been walking for awhile.  Well, Bailey has been walking for almost two months and can practially run these days. Sid and I both have exceptionally short, exceptionally wide feet.  I remember Maggie laughing at Bay's feet when we got her home from the hospital because they were so long, much longer than we would have imagined considering mine and Sid's feet.  Maggie said they were probably as long as they would ever be at birth, her feet were that long.  I was stunned.  I couldn't believe it.  I went to get a new pair of Ked's but she needed at least a 5 in them and they were out of that size.  So we got those for now and will get a pair of Ked's when the new sizes come in.  But they had all of their new summer sandles in and stocked up for the warmer weather.  I can't wait to buy her some of those but passed on them today since she will obviously need a larger size in a few months. 

It was so funny when I put those on for her to try walking in.  When she wore her Nike's she wasn't walking yet and has basically just had sock feet the past three weeks because she didn't have any shoes that fit.  Which was fine, she always basically just had sock feet or bare feet since that's what helps babies to learn to walk, but it was just time to get a pair of shoes of some sort and I couldn't believe how big of a shoe we had to get. Have I said that yet???   Anyway, she picked her whole leg up one at a time to take the first few steps like I had just strapped a ball and chain to her feet.  It was funny!

Next on the agenda will probably be getting a hair cut!

I'm not ready for it yet but it's getting so long.  You really can't tell it in this picture because it is the wrong side of her head and she has a bow in.  But she doesn't leave the bow in very long and the front is starting to hang in her eyes and the back is starting to look like a mullet.  haha!  She was feasting on a pig-in-the-blanket at her Mammaw's during the Super Bowl in that picture!

Next random topic...daycare!

I don't ever have to drop Bay at off at daycare.  Sid has always done it for me so I didn't have to say bye to her.  He always tells me how happy she is when they get there and she starts waving bye to him before they get in the door.  Well, today they had a huge funeral and he needed to get going earlier than 7, so I took her.  And sure enough, while I was getting her out of the car, she started waving bye to me.  Don't get me wrong, it's a great thing that she loves being there and she was so excited to see her friends after being gone for the weekend.  It was really too funny. 

This afternoon when I picked her up, she had this in her cubby:

I got tickled at the note because she does put everything like this in her mouth but I was excited to get her first piece of art.  Ms. Marsha said Bailey did not like it when she had the marker on her hands and wanted it OFF immediatly.  That was funny to hear too!  My brother got her some tub pens for her birthday and for the longest time she would just sit in the tub and take the lid off and put it back on, over and over again while I bathed her.  I would show her how to write with them while I was writing her name or something and we would do hand over hand but she never could get the result of the mark.  Well, about two weeks ago she finally made marks on her own and she has been writing up a storm in the bathtub ever since.

You can see where I wrote her name in orange, but the blue dots are totally her's.  Of course I was proud of her color choices of orange and blue myself!!!  I hesitate to get her some crayons because I know she is just going to try to eat the end of them, but I think I might try them out soon!  She is learning the cause and effect thing and it's so exciting to watch. 

And lastly, I have to talk about The Bachelor.  I was blogging while trying to watch it just now and it's finally over.  That was really two hours of pain tonight trying to get through it, but I wanted to see the hometown visits.  I am really about over the drama.  Jake is not my fav and it's so hard to watch him.  I see now why the rumor is he ends up with blondie.  But if I had to hear Alley cry one more second and wipe snot off of her face one more time I was going to scream.  And, sure enough, in true Bachelor form, she calls Jake next week.  Please!!!!!  Bachelor needs to get some new drama lines.  The going and coming is getting old!!!  I reallly will be glad when this season is OVER!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A. Brick. Wall

That's what I feel like I've hit this weekend.  I had such huge plans of getting this house cleaned up but I have done nothing but sleep all weekend and feel like I could sleep some more.  I guess maybe it's because the transition not only back to work, but work that keeps me moving, literally, all day long, and work with a drive has me a little out of sorts.  The morning drive is good and gives me time to get my thoughts together and give myself a pep talk.  The drive home is not so great.  I just wish at 4:00 I could click my heels and be home. 

Sid, on the other hand, has stepped up to the plate and done a fablous job of getting things done.  But then again, doesn't he always? 

We are going to Nene and Jerry's in a little bit for some super bowl eatings after Sid gets home from work and Bailey wakes up from her nap.  She did not sleep at all last night.  In fact, she was running a bit of a temp and has had some pretty yucky diapers this weekend so I'm almost certain it's teeth.  But she also has a runny nose and a runny eye.  But no cough or wheezing thank the good Lord. 

I know I haven't put up any new pictures lately but I plan to take the camera tonight and maybe snap a few of Mason and Bailey. 

And here's a funny story to tied you over.  Friday I was late leaving work because I had some paperwork to prepare for a meeting I'll be in all day tomorrow so Sid went ahead and fed Bailey something at home.  But when I got home we all went to the Mexcian place here in town.  We didn't order Bay anything since she had technically already eaten and I said I wasn't going to ever give her a chip again after the last time we ate Mexican.  But she has way more teeth now so I went ahead and dipped her about half a chip in the cheese sauce.  She promptly licked it off and yelled out, 'UUUUMMMMM"!  It was so sweet and cute.  She loved it and we didn't have to worry about the chip part because she was too busy licking the dip off!  Next time I'll take the camera.  haha!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Long Cell Phone

Bailey always plays with our cell phones.  In fact, she loves them, loves to say "hey" and loves to act like she is talking on them.  Loves for you to act like you are talking on it to/with her.  Loves to make it light up.  Loves to hear it ring while she is holding it. 

She also has developed a habit of going into the bathrooms and lifting the lids on the toilets, which drives me INSANE because that's just....well....nasty to play at the toilet.  I've thought a time or two that she had deposited her paci's in there, oh but no!  She would never put HER stuff in there. 

But she sure didn't mind watching MY cell phone sink to the bottom last night.  I tried with all my might to bring it back to life, to no avail.   So I've resorted to using a cell phone that we can't even give away.  The time isn't right on it and it's sooooo hard to send text messages.  But the good news is at least I do have one to use while on the road if needed.

If you call me and you don't get you know why!!!!

The little stinker!!!  She went to sleep last night at 6:15 and we had to wake her up at 6:30 this morning.  Daycare is in for a treat today!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

Could have been just a little better!  It cost us (Me, Sid, Maggie and Bo) about $120 for four tickets to get into this show and let's just say we could have spent that money on many many other things that probably would have brought us the same amount, if not even more, amounts of happiness.  Bailey did enjoy the parts with the animals.  But one can only watch the flying trapeze artists and the trampoline acrobats for so many minutes before you are just bored out of your mind.  From the comments of those around us and the many Facebook comments I read after the fact the feeling was mutal among most all that went.  Nevertheless, it was Bailey's first trip and she was a bit amazed at first and good as gold for a 13 month old at such an event.  So, without further ado, here is our time at the circus in pictures.

It was freezing cold and misting so we had to wrap her up good, including the ears, and this she was not happy about.  But the walk from the truck in the parking garage, which cost us $8, to the door is a bit of a trek, so she had to just deal!

But once inside, she was captivated by these people and the opening parade:

And these great big animals:

But I was captivated by her:

And just for fun:

We really did have a great time watching her but her favortie thing was the elephants and they only took the stage for about ten mintues aside from the preshow and the opening and closing parade.  We got to talking after it was all over and decided that the animal rights activists must have kept the circus from bringing out too many animals.  Other than the elephants, we only saw some tigers which of course were in their cage so I don't even think she noticed them and then a few donkeys and such as that.  It was almost as if they were trying to recreate an old timey circus and most of the acts were "sideshows" of one kind or another.  Like I said, only so much of that one can watch.  Three hours is a little much! I'm sure we will go again next year though if it works out that we can.  Bailey just loves lights and music and crowds and she really does pay attention to things. 

In fact, here are some pictures of Sunday.  Where she was paying attention and behaving in church!!!!

Lord help me, she melts my heart!!!

Do you think it's time to start weening from the paci?  Poppy T acted a little amazed when he learned she still had it.  I just can't bear to take it away right now though because it was the first thing they gave her in the NICU that brought her comfort when we couldn't touch her.  I'm sure her and the big green paci have quite the bond and I don't want to break that bond yet.  Plus I'm really not ready to lose any sleep over the situation.  We had to cancel her first dentist appointment due to the tubes and I'm sure when go over Spring Break I'll be instructed to severe ties.  But until then she and the paci have no plans to part!!!