Wednesday, July 27, 2011

32 Weeks - How Much Longer Will We Keep???

It doesn't feel like that much longer if you ask my "get up and go" or my "breathing".  I said during the entire pregnancy with Bailey that I felt disabled because of all the problems.  Thank goodness I haven't had to say that this time, but my body has really gone through some changes in the past week and I've had to break down and say it.  I said it to the nurse this morning and her reply?  "You know you're not going to make it much longer."  I feel like I won't, but the good news is, everything is just perfect right now. 

I had our routine ultrasounds first, just like always.  Here's the stats:
Baby A:  weighs 4 pounds and her heart rate was 151.  She is measuring at 31 weeks 2 days.
Baby B:  weighs (are you ready for this???) 4 lbs 6 ounces and her heart rate was 147.  She is measuring right at 32 weeks. 
(Something makes me want to think I have these weights and measurements mixed up b/c Baby A has always been the bigger baby.  But  I asked the tech twice and this is what she told me twice.  Still, even if they are reversed, there is still 8 POUNDS 6 OUNCES OF BABY IN MY BELLY AT 32 WEEKS!!!!  I don't know why this is so much for me to take in, but I had to hold it together until I got to the car.  Something about knowing they were 4 pounds each, and according to my research assistants Kylie and Amy, multiple babies are consider "full term weight" at 4 pounds, meaning that if they were born and everything else like breathing and lungs was ok, their weight wouldn't hold them back.  Plus, Bailey only weighed 6 pounds so it's just amazing to me that I've surpassed what I was carrying with her, even though that is a combined weight of 2 babies. 

We also did a biophysical profile, which checked their breathing and movement.  The tech said she wished that all the twins she saw acted like mine.  They were, and always are, very active, which means they either have plenty of room or are making room to move about as they see fit.  Their fluid looked good and breathing pattern was good, too!  That means they aren't in any kind of distress.  I may be in distress, but sweet Elissa and Ellie are not!!

The tech checked my cervix and she said it was still good and long.  I assume that means it is staying put where it should be.  The doctor did not check me.

Next up on the agenda, weight!!!  I only gained 1 pound ya'll.  I do not know how this was so, but I had to ask twice about that, too.  They brings my total weight up to about 20 pounds I think.  I'd have to go back and look.  But Dr. North even bragged on that a bit.  I treated myself when I was done. 


I've always wanted to go to one of those yogurt places where you fix your own.  I had peanut butter, chocolate, and cheesecake yogurt with a few dabs of this and that for toppings. I opted to have this for lunch instead of Chick Fil A.  I couldn't eat it all and now that I'm home, I'm craving Chick Fil A.  ha!! This was one of those places that weighs what you have fixed and charges you accordingly.  I probably could have eaten CFA for cheaper, and I'll have to say that the butter finger ice cream that was made at the fair cabin last night was WAY better than this. 

Ok, back to the doctor.  He and I usually don't have that much to talk about since I have the ultrasounds first and she tells me alot.  But he went over the ultrasounds with me, oh! and my blood pressure continues to be very good.  Basically, he said his original goal for me was 32 weeks and now that we have made it, he'd like to see 36-37 weeks.  In the next breath, he says, "I don't think you'll make it."  So that made me need to bring up work.  I am supposed to start on Wednesday and have meetings Wed, Thurs, and Fri.  He says he thinks this will be fine.  He even said that going for a little bit to work was ok after that.  But he doesn't think I'll be doing myself any favors by trying to have full days, which would consist of me getting up at 5:30, being at work by 7:20, working all day, and not getting home until around 4.  He says he's afraid I'd do more damage than good.  Based on my energy level, I'd say I have to agree.  I plan to put a call into work later and discuss the best plan of action later today or in the morning. 

I go back next Tuesday, which happens to be my 34th birthday, and the day before school starts, at 33 weeks.  We'll see what goes from there!!! 

In other news, Bailey Whitehead has sooooo enjoyed herself  with what she calls "at the fair grounds".  I don't think she knows it's only called the fair.  Her mammaw has been spending the night here at the house with her and between her and Sid, Bailey hasn't missed a beat.  I'm sooo thankful.  Tomorrow is Philadelphia day and Sid said he's going to take her out there early.  Friday will end the fair and Bailey will be so sad.  Unfortunately, I've not been out there but about 3 nights and only a few hours each night I don't have any good pictures to share so far. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fair and Big Sister Shirt

Well, it's now day #4 of the Neshoba County Fair. I can honestly say that I'm torn between wanting to be out there and be at home because that's where I feel the best.  We went Friday night and Saturday night for a little bit.  Sid had to work the weekend, which I dreaded because I just can't breathe and I can't hardly get around and I didn't know how I was going to handle Bailey all weekend alone.  But, Nene stepped in, and she got Bailey on Saturday and Sunday afternoon to let her get some fair time in before Sid got off work.  Neither Sid nor I went on Sunday.  Sid came home from work with a major migraine and I feel like he was probably on the verge of overdose when he finally won the battle and threw up.  The last thing he wanted me to bring him, I told him was it, after that he was going to the ER.  Thankfully he fell asleep.  Not sure what caused it other than it was just a hectic work weekend for him in the heat.  It has rained so much the past 4 days, too, so the ground at the fair grounds has just been nasty.  But between Sid and Nene, Bailey has been able to see a little of the rodeo, ride a few rides, and watch some horse races.  She loves it out there.  When we round the corner and she sees all the campers and cars, she squeals like we've enter the gates of Disney World.  I don't get it.  But I'm defiantly seeing the difference between being "raised" at the fair and being "thrown" into the fair.  I guess she loves it enough for both of us right now. 

Every day, there is a newspaper that comes out called "The Fair Times" and it just includes the happenings around the fair that day or the previous day.  Last year, the day before the fair started, me, Mom, Sid and Bailey got our picture made and there was a big write up about Mom being a visitor and her thoughts about it.  This year, a picture was taken of some the kids playing and it was in the paper yesterday.

Not the best picture because I took a picture of the picture with my phone.  But that's Mason on the left, then Bailey in the middle and Levi on the right.  Levi is a 2nd cousin.   They had been playing the mud, but oh! so happy!!!

I got a prize in the mail today.  I have been looking basically since I found out I was pregnant with twins for a big sister shirt for Bailey.  But I wanted something special that was not just a generic one that she could actually wear to the hospital.  I talked to a few people that could do things like this, but finally decided on something and here's the finished product.

In case you can't see it too well in the picture, there are 3 little girls and each have their names on them.  Bailey is in the middle and Ellie on the left, Elissa on the right.  I LOVE it!!!!  Bailey already has a big sister shirt that she has been wearing for months now that Amy got her, and she loves to wear that one.  But we will save this one for the big day, whenever that might be!!!!

In case you want to check her out, I got this made by a lady who is the mother in law of a guy I graduated high school with in Alabama.  He and his wife have 2 boys and adopted a baby girl a little over a year ago.  The guy's wife's mother started doing stuff for their little girl and it just grew from there.  She also made Bailey's guitar shirt and shorts outfit.  They call her Gram so her shop is called "Look What Gram Made".  I could get her to make just about one of everything she shows, she comes up with some great ideas.  Here's her facebook page.  And she also has a blog, but I'm not really sure what she has on there.  I've not looked at it too much. But you can see that blog here.  She ships if you see something you like!

In baby news, there isn't much to tell since we went to the doctor last week.  My hip and pelvic bones are really really sore. I  feel like I've been a car accident and I need to work the soreness out.  haha!  The biggest thing on my mind right now is starting back work in about a week and a half.  I really don't know how that's going to work.  But I have two doctor's appointments between now and then and if continues to say go for it, I'm going.  We'll see what happens after that.  I have had some bad heartburn the past few days, which still isn't really anything to complain about, but I've also been a little nauseated.  I've read that sometimes that can happen in the 3rd trimester.  I hope that's not what it is, but it sure has felt like it the past few days. 

Other than that, it's been quite around this household and I like it that way. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Emergency Doctor's Visit

This was the first unplanned doctor's visit (other than the time I threw up blood way earlier in the pregnancy) and I hope it is the last before it's d-day. 

Without getting too graphic here on the world wide web, I will just say that I had stabbing like pains in a place that shouldn't have been hurting.  The only way I know  to explain it would be to say it felt like something, maybe a baby, was trying to to crawl it's way out of my belly.  But it wasn't my belly that was hurting.  See, that's enough info isn't it???

It started yesterday about 3 and happened two or three times before I feel asleep.  No sign of my water breaking, no bleeding, no cramping or otherwise contraction like feelings.  But about 4 this morning, I woke up throwing up.  That scared me. 

After Sid and Bailey left this morning, I went back to sleep sitting in the rocking chair and slept until it was 8:30, when the doctor's office opened.  I didn't feel those "pains" anymore, but I was sort of achy/sore from waist down into my legs.  I came and stretched out across the bed, and just kept thinking, what to do, what to do?  Eventually, I got up enough nerve to call the nurse.

She freaked me out.  Saying what I was feeling was not normal, I shouldn't wait to call when I feel like that, especially with how far away I am, and just come in.  I called Sid and we had to arrange what we would do with Bailey.  That upset me even further because I kept thinking, what if this is it?  She's getting left behind.  Just a heap of hormonal mess. 

But soon we were on our way to Jackson.  I know this is going to sound so weird but I was sort of glad we had to make the trip because it's been a while since Sid and I have had some alone time and  I really really just enjoyed having some decent conversation with my husband.  I couldn't even tell you what we talked about now, but it was uninterrupted adult conversation and I enjoyed the ride. 

We say the doctor and he couldn't tell that there had been any more dilation.  He said I had a +1 Keytone in my urine, so drink more fluid, but not really sure that that means. And basically he just felt like a baby or two might have moved into such a position that I was sensitive to the movement vs. the body parts it was moving against.  We went on a for an ultrasound, and she checked my cervix with the sono thingy.  My cervix looks good and the babies had good heart beats, were breathing on their own, and moving.  Soooo, we just walked away with the knowledge of we are no where near going into labor physically wise.  The babies are good and my body is good.  Just alot going on there, and so pain or no pain, vomit or no vomit, it's normal!!!

I'm really glad to have gone and gotten that over with.  I've heard/read that the pain could be an irritable uterus/uterine spasms, but no mention of my uterus was made today.  Now, all of this being said, something could still happen to cause the babies to arrive earlier than need be.  One could go into distress, but there has been no indication that that will happen, or my blood pressure could sky rocket.  I don't see that happening, it was 110/74 today.  PERFECT!!!!!  But as far as my body getting ready to give up some babies, we aren't there yet!!!!!

It's really way too early for these babies to come, so I am sooo thankful.  I hope that we have 42 days or more left to go.  But we'll see.  We just need Elissa and Ellie to be able to breathe as well as they can on their own before they grace us with their presence. 

Thanks, Sid, for just stopping what you were doing and getting me to Jackson.  And thank you Pappaw Jerry for taking care of our sweet Bailey.  Hopefully the next time we go unexpectedly, it will be a while down the road and we'll have 2 new sweet girls to show for it. 

On a different note, I got confirmation today that Bailey's "big sister" shirt was ready and being shipped. I can't wait to see it and share it with ya'll.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snuggle With the Belly

I don't do belly shots when I'm pregnant.  I don't happen to find myself at picture perfect best.  But the past couple of nights, Bailey has snuggled herself into some positions that I couldn't help but snap a picture of. 

She wants to lay in my lap and play with her ipod touch, which she did even before the belly was a pregnant belly.  But it's gotten very hard lately to not only find room, but find comfortable room for her to lay with/sit with me.  So, the past few nights, I've put a pillow down beside on of my legs, she lays her head on it, with her head up against my belly, and the rest of her body draped over my other leg. 

Sort looked like she could be smothered by the belly, but I assure you, the way the babies are laying, the belly is much bigger at the top than it is at the bottom. 

See, I took a side view so you could see exactly what the set up was like.  I guess this is the best we can do for now. 

This has nothing to do with the belly, but we usually don't wear alot of green tractor stuff around here.  We are all about some orange stuff though.  Not really even sure why this was in the closet, other than the fact my sweet husband has a hat from every moment of his life for the past 35 years, but Bailey found it today and wanted to wear it. 

We had already had a bath and in our "buddy shirt" which she calls her Toy Story tshirts she sleeps in.  But I just wanted to mention that Bailey got her first real haircut today.  I have trimmed it a few times, but I've never taken her into the salon and paid money for her hair to be trimmed. I can tell it was cut, but Sid can't.  I told him maybe if his wallet was lucky, she would always want to go 2+ years every time between hair cuts. 

I had to go get my driver's licence renewed today and didn't have the right papers since this would be the one renewing after Sid and I got married.  Had to round up Sid, he had to round up our marriage license, we went back to the place to get it done, then picked up Bailey, had lunch, and took Bay to get her hair trimmed. I was gone from the house maybe 2 hours and when I got back home, I was so hot, and felt like I was going to throw up.  I just don't know how much more I can do, other than just sit here where it's cool and I can spread my body out.  Didn't help matters much that I was told today my belly was lop-sided. I know it is, I can feel it, I can see it.  Just didn't expect some random person to tell me that!! haha!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The View From the iPhone

I was in the market for a new phone lately and all I knew was that I wanted a smart phone but did not want an iphone.  I went with the HTC Inspire and I must say I really really loved the phone.  It has a big screen on it, I had downloaded a book and was reading it straight from my phone (I worried that the screen would be too small, but it was perfect), I could access the Internet just as fast, if not faster, than I could on my laptop, plus it had a 9 mp camera with a flash.  The phone packages that we had before I got a smart phone did not include the data package needed to run a smart phone, so we knew we would have to add one.  Knowing that I was spending plenty of time at home and that the phone had the capability of running off of our wi-fi, I went with the smallest data package.  MISTAKE!!!! Not three weeks into have the phone, I got a text message that indicated I had used up all my allotted data for the month.  I about threw up!!! Seriously.  If there is one thing I learned from previous phone mistakes, it's not to pay the phone company for my stupidity.  I immediately called ATT and they allowed me to go up the next package with incurring the data over charges. 

While I had them on the phone, I explained to them that I did not understand how I already gone over the usage, as a whole week of the 3 weeks I knew I was at home and never left.  I had the guy check a time period and although it wasn't alot, sure enough, my smart phone was out-smarting me. At night, when I didn't use it for several hours, it took itself off our wi-fi and put itself on the ATT network, using data that I had to pay for.  But what was it looking for? Turns out my smart phone was just too smart and was automatically checking things like email even though I was asleep and could have cared less if someone emailed me.  I mean, I'm not the president of the US, and I don't have business partners that need me all the time.  I could see where some people would  need what this phone would do, but I didn't.  The ATT guy put me in touch with HTC and I thought we had the phone set up to do nothing but make and receive calls and text messages, unless I told it to do something else. I didn't need it using it's own smartness and running up a big bill.

At the same time, I knew I hadn't had the phone 30 days and was still well within my time to return the Inspire.  I went the next day to the ATT store and asked a couple of questions.  Come to find out, I had one of the smartest smart phones on the market and even though I thought I had it turned off to do everything, the guy at the store showed me what all was still running.  I was shocked to find out that You Tube was constantly updated itself at my expense.  Who needs You Tube to update every 2 seconds. The guy also informed me that the Inspire was such a smart phone and just did so much that it was going to take more than the smallest data package to run it each month. 

I knew right then and there I had to part with my beloved phone.  And since I was told that all android phones pretty much are just that smart, I decided to go ahead and get the iphone.  We have an ipod touch that we all three use, so that's why I was trying to go with something different.  I will have to say that I do not like the iphone as much as I did the phone that was run by android.  But, I know what the phone is doing.  It does not outsmart me.  Kylie, on the other hand, had the same phone and she could not wait to go back to the iphone.  By the way, I haven't paid to say any of this.  This is just my honest reflection on a phone situation.

My iphone, which is the 3Gs, does have an ok camera to snap random pictures with, but it doesn't have a flash and it doesn't seem that the pictures change to my computer/blog at a very high quality.  Never the less, I'm still always on a the look out for a good picture. 

So, what's the view been looking like lately???

Mammie, Sid's grandmother, Nene's mother, has a bucket of beads and every single great grand child that I have ever seen enter the doors to her house have enjoyed these beads just like this.  Bailey insists on putting them on each and every time she is there.  Mammie just recently had to move to an assisted living and the day she moved, she reminded everyone she needed to take her bucket of beads for all her great grands!!

This is how we eat our cheese.  I'm not sure where or how she got this from, but she's always put her piece of cheese on her arm and torn off little bites at a time to eat.

Bailey was laying in the bed with me earlier and wanted her doll up close to her head.  She informed me that "my doll comfortable."  I was glad!!

This picture is out of order, but this is Mammie with Bailey and the beads.

Yesterday, Sid took Bailey to the fair grounds sometime around nap time and dropped her off at her his other grandmother's camper, thinking she would nap while he went to the cabin to work for a little bit.  Well, needless to say, she didn't nap, and I didn't figure she would.  So after playing all day long, we ate a bite of supper and Bailey got rinsed off before we headed home.  As you can see, it was not even completely dark yet.  She has gotten to where she doesn't really fall asleep in the car anymore because she doesn't get a paci in the car anymore.  But last night, before we could make it home, she was out.  I watched her fall asleep, too, and she fought it hard.  This was about 7:30.

This was a few weeks ago, and I don't even know where we were going.  But Bailey has been carrying that book around because it has an alligator in it and she is obsessed with alligators, thanks to Swamp People.  But I thought the sun shades were an added rock star touch!

And I hate it this picture is so small. I will have to go back and re-load it a different size like I did the others, but this is how we do bath time when mama is 7 1/2 months pregnant with twins.  We just get it down any way we can.  Even if it includes sun glasses and our sonic drink!!! haha!!! 

We have enjoyed our lazy Sunday at home.  It's been quite some time since Sid has had some time to just rest and he has taken full advantage of the day.  Next weekend is the open weekend of the fair and his weekend to work.  The the next weekend is closing weekend of the fair and they will have to close down the fair cabin.  Plus it's the weekend before I hopefully go back to work AND will be in about week 34.  EEEKKK!!! We probably should have used today to get some baby equipment from the attic and cleaned it up.  Oh well!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here We Go!!!

No, no no no!!! I'm not in labor.  It's way too soon for that ya'll.

But it is time for something just as exciting to the native residents of Neshoba County, Mississippi. 

Next Friday starts the 8 day long event of The Neshoba County Fair, aka Mississippi's Giant House Party.  If you know me at all, you know I'm not the biggest fair fan, but I have learned to adapt what it is into something I can enjoy.  This is the time during the summer that most Neshoba Countians take their vacation, pack their clothes up, pack the car up, and drive about 8 miles out of town to the fair grounds where they will spend the next 8 days at a cabin or camper, sitting around, eating, talking, playing, watching other people, listening to music, going to the pageant, going to the arts and craft show, watching the horse races, riding the carnival rides, listening to the political talks, etc. all in the 110 degree heat.  I did not grow up with such a thing and it is quite an odd thing to me.  I personally do not enjoy being away from home for 8 days, away from my bed and my shower, and anyone who knows me well knows that I don't enjoy doing anything with rivers of sweat dripping down head and body.  That being said, I do see if you grew up with such a thing and it was in your blood to enjoy the week, how you could/would/do look forward to such a week. 

My first year here, in 2007, I called Mom and Dad and told them they had to get over here and see this. It is unlike anything I could every explain.  They came and they saw, and they do enjoy.  But they are like me, sort of unreal to think that all those people take all that time to literally shut one home down and open up another for the week for a "fair".  In 2007, I spent every night out at the fair cabin, but was still working on my master's so would come into town early in the mornings and go back to Sid's mom house (where we were still living at the time, before we were married) to get some work done and even had class in Birmingham 2 of the nights during the fair.  But I made it that year.

In 2008, I was pregnant with Bailey and sick as a freaking dog. I could not take the heat and I certainly was not going to be away from own bed when I was so sick and had those bad bad restless legs and couldn't sleep anyway.  I guess I forgot to mention that most fair cabins don't have bedrooms.  They are literally like a cabin that you would see at camp, with one huge room upstairs that holds about 20 beds.  So, there was just no way I was going to spend the night away from home where I'd be disturbing the entire extended family at the fair cabin.  I went back to July, 2007 on the blog and there was not much mention of the fair that year, or pictures either.  I was just that sick. Plus, I was also working a job at that time that required me to work during the day, so basically the only time I had to spend out there was early afternoon/night anyway.  I will have to say, since it appears that I am taking a trip down memory lane, this was a hard fair week for me and Sid because he felt torn about going to the fair and leaving me at home, although I would offer for him to go on without me.  And other's in the family had to get their remarks in, too, about me not being there and doing what Sid wanted to do.  I have harbored ill feelings about the fair specifically because of that from that point on.  I was not faking sick nor faking being pregnant and it just was what it was.  There was no need for anyone to make it worse than it had to be.  Ok, we've moved on, moving on!!!

In 2009, my sweet Bailey Ellen was 7 months old and she was also 2 months post-airway surgery.  We pretty much still had her under lock and key germ wise because of her vulnerable airway.  It had been such a traumatic 7 months for us that we just decided it was best not to keep Bailey out for 7 nights and to keep her on somewhat of a routine, but I will say she enjoyed every minute that we did spend out there.  Bailey still wasn't sleeping through the night at this time either and once again, I just couldn't see it being fair to the other 30 family members who would be sleeping in the same room to subject them to that.   We have tons of sweet pictures from those days but read here to see what I put on the blog about it.  If I remember correctly, Bailey's bedtime was still pretty early by fair time standards and I guess that's another reason we chose not to "move" to the fair cabin. 

And that fair sort of just set the precedence for how we would do the fair.  Sid has to work most days and so we've it's just sort of turned into this:  Bailey and I hang out at home during the morning time and Sid goes to work.  Bailey is able to get her nap at home and when Sid is home from work and ready to go, we load up and go out there for some festivities and to eat supper and participate in some of the night life.  On the days of the horse races, if Sid is able to go, he likes to go and take Bailey with him.   But for the most part, we spend the night at home and that has been our compromise thus far.  I enjoy being out there for several hours each day and visiting with family and friends, but I do not enjoy being away from home for 8 straight days when my shower and pillow or only a few miles away. 

In 2010, that's pretty much how we did it.  Bailey was much older and could get into much more.  The pictures trip down memory lane from last year shows that Mom, Dad, Maggie and Bo were in town for some of the fair, too.  It's amazing to see the difference in Bailey from year to year.  One year she was swinging on the porch in her baby swing and the next she was toddling around getting into everything.

So, now it's 2011, and look where we are.  First of all, we all know I"m on restricted bed rest.  I will be 32 weeks the week of the fair this year, but it has already kicked off.  We spent a few hours at Sid's grandmother's camper last night and enjoyed that time.  Sid and Bailey are already back out there today and I will join them later for some supper.  This is known as the Saturday before the fair, and some will stay the night at the cabin and Nene will cook.  I don't know how much I'll be able to do this year, but I've already told Sid for him and Bailey to do what they want to do and don't worry about me.  If I need to stay here, I will.  If I feel like going, I will.  Even if i do go, I can't get out and enjoy much.  So we'll just see.  I also don't need to be out in the heat.  But in preparation for the 2011 Neshoba County Fair, since it's rained all week and there is water all around the cabin, Bailey got new rain boots.

She looks so tired because she was up early and it was nap time when I took this, but her cowboy hat had just fallen off so that's why she has this expression on her face.

Her daddy talked her into wearing her Kabota girl hat instead of her cowboy hat, but she was ready to go and instead of take a picture.  She is getting soooo big!!!

I was trying to sneak a picture of her getting ready to go potty, but she turned around and caught me!!!  Sneaky little face!!!! I know she is mine, but she just amazes me everyday at how smart and beautiful she is.

Back to the fair, let's think for a moment about the 2012 fair.  CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE???? I cannot!!!  But I can tell you that life as we know will be a totally different life this time next year.  Sid and I will have a 3 1/2 year old and TWO 11 month olds.  Shew!!! Makes me tired just thinking about it.  I cannot imagine what it is going to look like keeping up with three babies, but we'll do it!!!  I'm sure our plans to just stay at home won't change much, but the love of the fair will grow times 2 next year. 

For this year, we'll just sit back and enjoy Bailey and her sassy self with those cute rain boots she picked out!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Growing Baby Girls-30 Week Appointment

So, today I ventured to the doctor for our 30 week appointment.  Let me tell you, I was AMAZED at how much can change in 2 weeks time inside a body with two growing babies.  Growing babies, all of them, but especially multiples is truly an act of God and not something man can do alone. 

What did we learn today??

 First of all, it's hot!! And it's a long way from here to the doctor.  And that long drive plus this heat makes my legs, ankles, and feet HUGE.  So big, they hurt to bend them.  But, there is good news in that.  My blood pressure continues to look great and so the doctor said that although the swelling is uncomfortable, there's not much to do about it and it's not a worry since it's not indicative of high blood pressure/toxemia.  That is awesome news.  He said to stay out of the heat, keep my feet up, and drink plenty of water because it doesn't need to get worse and lead toxemia, but otherwise, it's fine for now. 

I asked about the cramping feeling I have been having the doctor explained braxton hicks vs. real contractions to me and as of right now, I'm pretty confident that I haven't had real contractions.  He said to lay on my left side, be still and drink plenty of water when the cramping happens.  He checked me today and no change since the last check which was a month ago, so we are still sitting at 1 cm.  Great news there!!!  I will be checked each and every time I go now.

The sonograms are not lasting too long as they know what they are looking for and pretty much have their baseline for which to measure against and they just do what they need to do and we are on our way.  Don't worry, they still schedule two ultrasounds and charge us for two, but the length of them isn't too long these days.  Baby A, Elissa, is weighing in at 3 lbs 10 ozs, and a heartbeat of 131.  That's a 14-15 oz. gain in 2 weeks for Baby A.  Baby B, Ellie, is weighing in at 3 lbs 6 ozs, and a heart beat of 155.  That's a 10 oz gain for Miss Ellie.  AND, that brings us to a total baby weight gain of 24 ounces, or 1 lb 8 ounces.  (that's if I've done my math right and we all know I might have gotten some of that wrong.)   Both babies are measuring right at 30 weeks, which is right on track.  All major organs that they look at each time or still there and still working properly, including their girly parts.  My babies havent' turned into boys. haha!

What about my weight gain?  I gain 3 pounds in two weeks.  The doctor didn't even mention weight gain, I had to ask.  Obviously, when I gain almost 2 pounds of baby, it stands to reason, there will be come weight gain on my end, too!  That puts my total weight gain at 19 pounds for 30 weeks.  I think that's awesome but I can see my eating habits go down hill by the day.  Good thing is, I get plenty of water. 

I asked the doctor if he would make me carry 12 pounds of baby and he said if he had to, he would!!!  I was only half kidding, but I did want to know some type of range we were looking for here.  He basically said that usually with twins, there is usually some growth restriction at some point.  My babies apparently do not feel restricted and feel just fine to grow, grow, grow!  He is very pleased with what he called their growth pattern.  Of course, this is a given, but he did say that once they got to be about 5 pounds each, I was going to struggle for the ability to get around, which is right around the corner.  He said as long as the babies are growing and do not appear to be in distress, we'd just keep going.  I reminded him I had to start back work in 2 weeks, and his told me that I'd done so good that he didn't see a reason to tell me that I couldn't at least try it.  It's a given, though, that I can't walk around or stand for more than those few hours a day, but he said as long I felt good in 2 weeks, to go for it!!! 

When I go back, in two weeks, we will do a thing called a biophysical profile, where they will check to make sure the babies aren't under any stress and check the length of my cervix.  In two weeks, he may have something else to say about going back to work. 

All in all, it was a great appointment and I felt encouraged that we were going to make it just that much longer.  I do have a baby sitting in an odd place, or maybe even a nerve, and it feels like I'm trying to walk on a broken left leg the first few steps I take.  Once I get myself up and get myself moving around, it usually eases up to be at least bearable.  I hope that doesn't get any worse. 

In other baby news, I got a few things from craiglist from a sweet girl I got to know a little bit over email the past few days. You never know what you are going to get when you blindly buy from people on the Internet, but I was very pleased with the few things she had to get rid of.  She even took the time to wash some of the covers.  I was excited to get that stuff checked off my list.  Thanks Kim, it was good to meet you and that sweet girl of yours is too sweet.  I think she needs a sibling!!! haha!!!

It's a been a bit of ups and down around here lately.  Sid's grandmother, Nene's mother, went to live at an assisted living here in town this week.  Thoughts for their family would be great, as it was a difficult decision to have to make, but one that I think everyone will benefit from.  On the up side, Sid's other grandmother, Jerry's mother, has been in town since Sunday and she spent the night with us and kept Bailey all day long today.  I feel like she probably sacked out by now after dealing with this wild child all day long. haha!  But Bailey could not have enjoyed herself more!!!!  We are gearing up for the fair.  Well, most of the Whitehead family is gearing up for the fair.  I'm just here for the duration. 

OH!! I don't have any video from this weeks appointment, but like I said, it didn't last long and other than Baby B having the hiccups, there wasn't much to see new or different this time anyway!  I don't have many pictures of anything new, but I did see something very funny today.  As I was sitting the parking lot of a major furniture store this afternoon waiting to meet the lady to get the baby stuff, a young preppy couple came out with a fancy stroller and the lady promptly took the baby carrier and put it into the SUV.  The hubs was smoothly trying to get the fancy stroller folded down and in the back of the SUV.  I am not kidding you, 10 minutes later, both lady and man were battling with this stroller, at one point having it laid upside down, trying to fold it down and get it put into the car.  I did take a pic from where I was sitting when the man finally got down on the ground up under the stroller while the wife tried to a find a way on top, but I don't know if it's legal to post something like that, so I'll refrain, but it was very funny.  I started to roll down my window and asked what kind it was so I'd make sure and stay away from that brand.  Then I started to roll down the window and remind them their baby was in the hot car.  But, alas, 10 minutes later, it miraculously folded up and, they threw it in the back of their jeep, and they took off.  Can you imagine the language that was shared over that stroller.  I'll probably be cursed for laughing at that, but oh well!!

Ya'll stay cool!!! Much love! Barbie

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Wanna Be A Rockstar Baby!

I've never uploaded video like this so I hope it works.  The actually video I took on my iphone was like 3 mins but it wouldn't email me that long of a video so I had to cut it down.  If this works,  I may cut and post a few more clips.  I laughed so hard at one point, the whole camera was shaking and please excuse my loudness which was apparently right up in the microphone.  And a disclaimer:  she does know the words to songs, but she cleary chooses to write and sing her own music at this time!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Girlie Stuff - Like Pink, Princess, & Clothes

Some of these pictures were taken with my iphone and they don't send to the blog very well.  I may have to find an app to help with that.  So I posted last week about Bailey's  new room and I must say she loves it.  She loves it so much, it makes me feel bad that she didn't already have her own room.  I mean, she had a room, but not one she slept in, so unless we were getting clothes or getting toys, we never just hung out in there.  The other night after Sid got home, he and I were just sitting around talking about finally I noticed that Bailey had been gone for about a 15 minutes.  We snuck in her room, and this is what we saw:

She was just up in  her bed, watching a movie on her ipod.  Just hanging out, having some "me" time.  And we love that!  So far, since Sunday night, Sid has slept every night in that room.  Bailey has slept 2 nights with him.  And she and I have taken a nap in there every day.  With a little bit of luck, she'll learn to sleep in there alone.

Now, before we move on to the next pictures, you  must be reminded that I never thought I'd have all these babies.  And since I'm growing 2 at one time right now, I have a lot of time on my hands.  I follow a store on facebook that is located in South Carolina, but she has the best prices on smocked and boutique brands that I can find. She beats a local store we have here, which usually has pretty good prices, and she even beats used on ebay many times.  Lately, she has been posting the clearance stuff from summer and I have taken advantage.  I got all of what you see below for $163, including shipping, and there are 10 outfits.  So, what did I get???

I had originally ordered pink smocked bubbles with the intentions of them being a "come home" outfit, but they were huge despite the fact that they were newborn size.  I was afraid that they would be too big, and the warm weather would be gone before Elissa and Ellie grew into them.  So, when these sweet day gowns were posted for $14 bucks each, I could not pass them up.  I believe these will be the "come home" outfits if I can just find some booties or socks.

Here's a close up of the design!.  Too sweet!

And again, these little dresses that they can wear if we make it to church while the weather is still warm, or if not, just to look cute in.  For $14 dollars each, I couldn't pass them up and figure they will resale nicely. 

Now, before I show the rest of the stuff, I just want to say that I do not intend to dress Elissa and Ellie, or Bailey for that matter, alike 100% of the time.  But these outfits were too cute and at too good of a price to not just get them.  These little outfits are so cute!  They tie at the top and the smocking is a palm tree laundry line with bathing suits.  I got them in sizes for next summer.  Bailey's a dress and E and E's are long bubbles.  Too cute!!!  I can just see them wearing these at the beach/fair next summer.
 Here's a close up of the bubble.  I had never seen a long-all type bubble.  These were different and I think that's why I like them so much.

And finally, for now, the last 3 outfits I bought with the intentions that they will be next year's Easter outfits.  I was pretty proud of myself that the total for all 3 outfits was $64, shipping including.  I couldn't buy one of these outfits that at a boutique for regular prices.  Elissa and Ellie's are bubbles, with blue, pink and pearl smocking.
Bailey's out fit is a bishop top with capri pants, but has the same design.

I have a few more outfits coming, one of which is a sister set.  And I think that will pretty much do it.  The sister set that is coming is one that can be monogrammed.  If you don't already follow sweetbabytutu on facebook, do so. I follow several facebook "auction" type stores that sell smock/boutique brands and hands-down, Allison at sweet baby tutu has the best prices.  She is pretty awesome at with customer service, too!!

Finally, we have a small iphone picture again.  But I have to say that right now, we love all things boy.  I mean, Bailey likes to play with her babies, but she is all about horses, cows, bulls, Swamp People, 4-wheelers, tractors, Cars, Toy Story, etc.  Right now, I can get away with all that stuff by letting her sleep in shirts with all that on it.  I hope that I never have to give in and let her dress that way for public.  Her pappaw does get her some girly tractor shirts from time to time,and I can do those.  I know I've posted before about her love of music/the guitar.  So I was sorely disappointed when I saw a small toy pink guitar at a re-sale shop but wasn't quick enough to purchase it.  Sid and I stopped by Toy-R-Us last week when we went to the doctor. I was thinking I could find a new one for around $20.  The used one was $9.  But, no such luck.  $40 or better for a new one. So we've all had our eyes peeled for a pink guitar since then.  And a lady Nene works with found this one at a yard sale for no less than $3.  Can you believe that?  Sid brought it home yesterday and she has thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th

Well, despite the fireworks going off outside the house somewhere, we have had a very low key July 4th.  I didn't have a good night last night and was up and down most of the night.  Mom and Dad were here bright and early but didn't stay long because even though we rested today, they had a full day ahead of them.

Mom and Dad drove back to Oneonta, stopped at 3 different places to unload the furniture they took from the house (it was going different places) and then had to drive back to Birmingham to drop the van off and, once again back to Oneonta.  I feel so bad that they didn't get to rest today like we did. 

I will have to say their work has more then paid off.  Bailey took a nap in her big girl bed again today.  And a few minutes ago, she was tucked in nice and tight ready for bed.

Doesn't she look like she was ready to sac out for the night???? Well, as we currently speak, she is in the bed with me, but her daddy is in her bed, where I slept last night.  We both agreed we like her room and bed much better than our own right now.  haha!!

It started raining here during nap time, so when we woke up, we decided to go see Cars 2.  For some reason, Bailey has become obsessed with what she calls the race cars and watches them on her ipod.  Here she is on the way to the movie. She was so excited, she didn't understand why we had to stop and eat first.

Here she is at the movie ready for it to start.  It was sort of long for her and the "race" which is the part she likes, was sort of brutal, which I thought was above her head.  The entire story line was above her head.  But enjoyed the outing and she was excited.  Of course, we cheated and brought in our own candy and drink.  Who wants to pay $5 for a box of sweet tarts, when you can buy the same "movie" candy at Wal Greens for $1.30.

Happy 4th of July everybody!!

Much love, Barbie

Sunday, July 3, 2011

More on the Bedrooms-Babies

Mom and Dad showed back up for round 2 bright and early again this morning.  After a good breakfast that Sid made for us, we got right back to work. Mom had some finishing touches to do to Bailey's room.  I forgot to take pictures a minute ago, so I'll do that later.  But she quickly moved on to the nursery.  The majority of the work was getting the extra bedroom taken down and moved out, and Bailey's things moved from then nursery to her new room, with her new things furniture.  So today's work revolved around Mom, Dad, and Sid (and sometimes me) cleaning out unwanted/needed items from the nursery, getting it cleaned up, rearragned, and the second bed brought in. 

We are using Mom's baby bed that she bought when Erin was born and then Andrew used it at Chris's house when he needed one.  The beds don't match, but that's ok.  They both turn into toddler beds and they are two different babies so it wasn't important to me that their cribs match.  We are using the same changing table that we used for Bailey.  The story behind that is Sid and I found a piece of furniture in October 2007 at an antique shop that we paid $30 for it.  It stayed in Chris's basement for about the next year and finally when we got pregnant with Bailey, we decided to bring it home and re-do and use it as the changing table. It was perfect then and will continue to be perfect through 2 more babies.  Sid actually did all the work to it before Bailey was born.  There is a post somewhere around the blog of before and after on it. 

The only other thing that is in the nursery at this point is a bookshelf that was in there that we used with Bailey.  It was emptied out when we moved Bailey and so it basically just has infant toys on it that we did not want to switch to Bailey's new room and I'm sure we'll add to it as time goes on.

The closet - OH. MY. WORD!! The closet in the nursery was a huge source of stress for me. Piled high of stuff that was good, but needed a home and some stuff that could do.  You know, I've learned though this that with the first baby, you think you need EVERYTHING you see.  But after getting her through her infant stages, I know better of what is needed and not needed and some stuff we are just better of without having it piled up around here.  I bet you anything Sid, Dad, and Bailey (she has continued to make every step they have made) took at least 4 of what I call body bag garbage bags to the dumpster.  I know that Mom and Dad took 3 huge boxes of clothes, shoes and toys that we will need in about a year home with them to their storage.  So, even though this picture doesn't look like much, I will tell you that a before picture would have shown a trail to the closet for Bailey's pull ups and clothes and other than that, you could not even walk in the room.

Mom is doing the bedding and curtains and they are not done yet.  However, one of these baby beds is ready for babies should we need it before we come. 

Sid cooked us a steak for supper and Nene and Jerry came by to eat.  It's not 7:30, Mom and Dad are back at the hotel, we are all three bathed an in the bed with the lights out, watching TV, playing games on the phone and ipod (and blogging), ready for some sleep.  It has been a long hard 2 days, but we now can all 5 fit in this house. 

I still cannot find the words two write on this blog about how appreciative I am of Mom and Dad renting a van, packing up what we needed from there, coming her and spending their 4th weekend cleaning up my house and helping Sid do manual labor that had to be done, loading up what we didn't need from this house, and hauling it back to their storage, and then returning the rented van.  And I'm soooo thankful for Sid.  He defiantly has his priorities straight.  This is just a time in our lives when we needed to focus on us and this house while we had someone offering to do help him, and although he could have been a million other places this weekend, he never stopped doing what was asked of him or needed of him. I don't think I heard him complain one time this entire weekend.  I am SOOOO thankful for him and his desire to be the best dad and husband he knows how to be. 

All that being said, here is how we left the nursery for now, until Mom comes back in about 3 weeks with the bedding for it.  Hold on Elissa and Ellie.  Not much longer!!!

That's a picture from the doorway.  The closet is on the wall to the right and then you can see the edge of the bookshelf that backs up to the closet.  The bed on the right was Bailey's and the white bed was the one mom and Dad brought.  Ya'll just can't imagine what this looked like 48 hours ago.  I know I for one will rest much easier from here on out knowing we have all this this far!

Much love, Barbie

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Bedroom Fit For a Queen

Who wants to be the princess when you could be the #1 queen bee?  None one does!  And my Bailey is no different.  Bless her heart, she's never really had a room of her own before because she didn't have a fighting chance be my daughter and all, of going to her own bed to sleep.  So for 2 years, we have been piling stuff, stuff, and more stuff in her nursery.  2 years of clothes, toys, books, stuffed animals, baby dolls, ride on toys, her kitchen.  And for the past 4 months or so, we've been piling up the new babies' things on top of Bailey's.  Sooooo, the nursery was a mess.  We decided to make Bailey a "big girl room" in the other bedroom and leave the nursery the nursery for the twins. 

I started looking at fabrics and bedding for all 3 girls right after we found out they were girls.  I asked Mom's opinion on some things and that turned into her wanting to just do it.  Do it all.  If you know my mom well at all, you know that she is one crafty lady and can come up with just about anything totally off the top of her head.  She's been on a few trips since she offered up her help on the rooms/bedding stuff, but on Friday afternoon, she and dad rolled up in the driveway with a rented metro van full of stuff.  And boy did she have some plans for us!!

I so wish I had taken a before picture, but Dad and Sid got right to work taking things out and bringing things in, that I really didn't realize how fast they were moving.  You'll just have to take my words for it, but in the bedroom that was to become Bailey's bedroom, we had a bedroom suit that was dark, antique wood that belonged to my Mom's family.  We also had, in that room, piles and piles of mine and Sid's stuff from the past 2 years since we were busy piling kid stuff in Bailey's room.  The closet was filled to the brim of Sid's hunting stuff and his gun safe and old clothes of ours.  Sid had already worked on getting all of that stuffed moved out and put into it's new home.  So, as Dad and Sid took the bedroom suit out and secured it in the van, I got busy cleaning out some old papers and books, and Mom got busy organizing all the stuff she brought to put together a room fit for a queen.

I laid down sometime around 2, because you know, I have a good excuse to do so.  I thought Bailey was going to come nap with me, but I fell asleep waiting on her and by the time I woke up, it was a whole new world in that room.

If you saw this room before, you will not believe your eyes. I know I cry over everything lately, but I couldn't control the emotions when I woke up from my nap and saw this. Sid and I got several of these pieces at second hand shop, Sid found the toy storage bins at Dirt Cheap last week (SCORE), and this bed...oh this bed!  I slept in this bed when I was a young girl and loved it then, but I especially love it now.  This bed belongs to my mom's grandmother or great grandmother, not really sure, and they had it re-painted by one of Dad's clients so it was professionally done.  When Mom told me we could use this bed, I knew we were in for a treat!!!

So, without further ado, here's Bailey's new room!

This is the view coming in from the door.  Those aren't the permanent curtains.  Mom is still doing some sewing on them but they are going to be sooo cute!

This is looking from the opposite corner of the room, and you can see her toys from this angle. I was so proud to finally have her toys out of a laundry basket and her books put where she could get to them easily.

More of a close up of the toy area, where she now has room to spread out and play.  I loved the wall decal. The little table beside her bed was one of her second hand finds and was a spotted ugly green color.  Sid repainted it white and Mom is going to do some more work to it painting/design wise.

This piece of furniture was our other second hand find.  I saw it out one day at the store we bought it from and thought it was a little pricey, but now that it's in place, I couldn't be more happier with it.  It's an wardrobe and has the doors on the hinges that fold all the way back. It's cut out inside for a TV, but bought it with the intentions of either adding more shelves or adding rods and using it for either clothes or toys.  Mom still has some painting to do to this, too. 

And here's an inside view.  I'm sure that those large toys won't always stay in there.  She needs some more shelves, but for now, it's just perfect.
  Close up of her bedding with little princess fairies on it and the bed skirt.  Is that bed skirt not just darling.  It's a tutu bed skirt from pottery barn kids.  Who knew they made such???

 While I was taking pictures, Bailey had to get in on the action.  She already had her night shirt on because she had just had a big spit up episode.  She saw her toy computer and said, "Oh, I need to look at something on my computer."  And went to town with it!! Perfection!!!

Can you see those puppy dog eyes?  She made every move her daddy, Mimi, and Poppy T made today.  And before the day was over, we had more visitors, Aunt Maggie and Uncle Bo surprised us.  Plus she had no nap!  So she's had a full day!

 Here she is playing from the other side of the room.

And the weary warriors!! Sid and Dad.  They did everything Mom told them to do today and did it just right!!  Sid and I could not have gotten done what Sid, Dad and Mom got done today.

Maggie and Bailey.

Mom and Dad!!!  Mom worked her tail off from about 9 this morning until Dad finally had to make her stop about 7:30 tonight.  They are staying at a hotel because they knew this room would be all out of sorts.  I don't think they thought we'd get this far today.  But I can tell you again, Sid and I are just as pleased and happy as can be.  It feels good to know that we are halfway to having this house ready for our two new additions.  This has really taken a load off of my mind and Sid's, I know.

One last final look until the curtains get done.  That painting on the far corner was actually painted by a local artist and we plan to have Elissa and Ellie one done, too.  It has Bailey's name on it and was painted to match her crib bedding.  It matched it perfectly, but now matches her new big girl room stuff, too!  We all had name pictures growing up so for some reason it's important to me for mine to have one, too.  As a matter of fact, I still have mine here at the house and Mom tried to hang it up again today. 

After Mom and Dad left to go back to the hotel, the rest of us loaded up in the sister ride for ice cream and a ride around the fair grounds.  By the time we got back, Bailey was asleep and wanted in her new bed.  Aunt Maggie offered to lay down and read to her, so when I started this post, I was hopeful she might actually sleep in there tonight.  At the close of this post, she is not!! She is on her pillow, right between her Daddy and me, but that's ok.  She has her own room now and she's proud of it.  When these babies get here, she has a place that is all her own and with her own stuff in.  We are hopeful that as time goes on, she will start to sleep in her own bed.  This is a grainy iphone pic of her and Maggie reading books.  Like I said, it didn't last.

Tomorrow brings another big day.  We have lots of stuff that we cleaned out from that room still piled in the den and kitchen. so that has to be cleared. Plus, we have the nursery now to really focus on.  Bailey's baby bed stayed in that room, but Mom and Dad also brought the baby bed from Chris's house that was Andrew's.  We don't have quit as much work to do in that room as we did in Bailey's, but still work just the same. I am hopeful that when Mom and Dad leave Monday morning that we will have both rooms completed, other than Mom didn't bring the baby bedding this trip.  But that's ok.  We have plenty of things we can do on our own to finish getting the nursery ready before Mom comes back with the bedding.

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for what you have done to help us prepare this house for Elissa and Ellie to live here.  There is no way Sid and I, or Sid I guess, could have gotten this done without your help.  And Mom, the bedding, the decor, it's perfect and Bailey will enjoy it and be proud of it for years to come, I'm sure. I"m sure proud of it and now, instead of dreading the arrival of two more living human beings that will need to live at this house, I can sort of breathe.  When we get Elissa and Ellie's room, I will be able to totally breath.  But we love ya'll and a thank you and you are worthy of so much more than a thank you on this blog.

Sid, thank you so much for being the Daddy that you are to these girls and for taking the time needed to get the job done. I know there were other things going on today that could have taken up your time and attention and but you chose to spend it on your girls.  We love you for that.

I found a few treasures as I was cleaning out some stuff today and it, of course, brought me to tears, to look back on the time that Sid and I met and when we dated and then got married.  How far we've come from those late night phone conversations.  It's over-whelming for me to think that we are about to be Mom and Dad to three little girls.  But that's another story for another day.  I was just humbled today as I was softly reminded of how much I am loved and cared for, and my whole family is loved and cared for. 

If you don't this little girl we already have doesn't have some people in her life that love her, well then you and I aren't looking at the same room fit for a Queen!!!!

Oh and PS:  Me, Dad and Mom have been hooked on the Casey Anthony trial.  Court will be on first thing as it's closing arguments day. I'm excited to have mom and dad here to watch that with instead of talking with them on the phone about it!  Have ya'll been watching that??

Much Love, Barbie