Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Much Better Report Today

I went back to the doctor today for a follow up from last week's drama. The doctor stated that I looked much, much better. Much calmer. I am 29 weeks and measuring 30.5 weeks. My blood pressure was normal and my heart rate was only 109, which is way way down. I only had one time over the weekend it felt like it was racing my blood pressure dropped. The doctor had given my something to help me sleep at my visit 3 weeks ago and I stopped taking it last week since it was the only thing "different" that I could figure out might be making me feel that way. I am not sleeping but we decided today I'd just have to not sleep. He doesn't want me on it if that could be the problem. He made this comment which pretty much sums it all up for me: "With you, kid, it's either hit or miss. If we miss it, it effects you totally different than it does most other women." I told him my mom and dad would agree because it's been this way my whole life. haha!

So I go back in two weeks and I can work if I feel like. I have felt like working so he said just to try about 5 hours at a time and I can increase it if I feel like it. I think I feel much better if I do work.

I have state health meetings Thursday and Friday so I will not be at the center for Halloween. This made me sad since I'd love to see all my babies dressed up. Oh well, maybe I'll get to sneak in and get a peek.

Oh and one other thing. This past weekend we went to this place here called Lovern's Arena. It's a resturant with a bull riding arena. The two are seperated by a big wall of glass and if you so choose, you can watch the bull riding while you eat. We got there early enough to eat and then go to the other side and sit. Our nephew, Mason, who is 3 1/2 is so into bull riding and all that fun stuff so Ne Ne, Kylie, Mason and Mamie came to watch the bull riding. But anyway, before we left to go, I was getting dressed and wanted to wear my boots. Needless to say my feet are so swollen that my boots would not go on so I ended up wearing Sid's. They were comfortable and looked ok. But I got a little upset because I had no shoes at all to wear in such cool weather. So what does my wonderful husband do? He bought me a new pair of shoes Sunday and they are PERFECT. He pikced them out all by himself and I love them and they are cute and they wear good. I'll have to post a picture. But he's too good to me!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

More Notes From The Belly

Well I went back to the doc yesterday and everything looked good, so the doctor thinks the day of rest helped with everything. He put me on something for the heart palpatations and told me to stay at home. As I type this, I'm at work. I just can't sit at home. So I figured I'd come and do what I could do and when or if I felt my heart racing or blood pressure dropping I could go home and relax. I go back to the doc on Tuesday so I plan to tell him that I feel fine and probably should go back to work. Again, Bailey's heartbeat was great yesterday and nothing seems to be effecting her.

We do have alot coming up and so I definatly do not want to on bedrest for all that. We have a baby shower here in Philly on the 9th. Maggie and Bo have a couples Christmas shower on the Nov. 15th and Maggie's tea is Nov. 23rd. I have a baby shower to attend in Bama on Nov. 15th. Leslie and Tiphanie and maybe more friends are trying to schedule a baby shower in Oneonta. And The Big Wedding Day is Dec. 13th. Just alot going on and I want to be able to make it to all of Maggie's stuff for sure.

Other than that, nothing new to report. The weather in Philly makes me wish I was in the mountains relaxing with my sweet hubby. But we can't and I know that. Lots to do! He's working on his shed this weekend and I guess I'll take it easy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Notes From the Under "Belly"

This has not been a good week and I apologize in advance for the complaining. Monday was picture day at the center and low and behold it did take about 6 hours to get all the kids photographed. But during that time, I started to feel really really bad. So after it was over, I went home for some lunch and checked my blood pressure as I could feel my heart racing. But instead of being high, it was really low, like 95/55, but my heart beat was high. So I called the nurse and she acted like the low blood pressure was fine but I could go to the ER in Meridian (at the hospital my doc delivers at) if I felt like I couldn't breathe or my heart was acting up. But I didn't feel like anything I was feeling warrented that, so I went on back to work. Monday night, I rested with my feet up and could tell that as long I rested my blood pressure was fine. When I got up and moved around, it dropped. And I was nauseated all day long Monday, which had eased up some so it's been a while since I was nauseated like that.

On Tuesday, I got up and went to work and felt horrible. I was dizzy and could feel my heart beating all over my body. So at lunch I came home and took my blood pressure again and it was lower than it had been the previous day. So I called the nurse back and she said to come on to the ER and she'd call the doctor and let him know I was going.

It was, once again, a confusing time. I ended up having to go through the ER instead of up to labor and deliver where they normally treat pregnant women. I told the ER doc about my blood pressure, the way my heart was feeling, and that the OB had indicated that I could have had a UTI or kidney infection two weeks before. Not that I thought that had anything to do with the price of tea in china. But low and behold, here comes the nurse wanting to do a cath do get a clean urine sample.

To say that I FREAKED out is an understatement. They could have admitted me to the psyhc ward after the way I was acting. The bad part was I tried to calm down and couldn't. It just kept getting worse. I had just had an IV put in, the man with the EKG machine was there hooking me up to all his crap and then they wanted to stick a cath in. Needless to say, I did let them do what they had to do, but was not happy about it. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I had feared.

In the end, it was a UTI, my white count was still elevated, my blood pressure wasn't a problem because it's better to have low pressure than high pressure (even though I still feel bad) and he didn't know what to tell my about my racing heart except that it was probably anxiety. I came home with instructions to take some antibiotics for the UTI and a day of best rest today to lay on my left side to get the blood flowing properly. My blood pressure is ok today, but my heart is still racing. I was told to follow up on Friday, but I called and will have to go tomorrow for the follow up with Dr. Purvis.

Poor Sid, he didn't know what to think when I started flipping out I don't think. I had warned him before we went that if there was a need for an IV, I would probably cry just because of anxiety but I'd be ok. I had no idea I'd need to warn him of a full blown panic attack. He has now seen me at my upmost worst.

The good, no-the great news, out of all this, is once agian it is only me with the problems and nothing is effecting Bailey. She probably wishes her mama would get a grip and get over it.


I don't know what happened to that last post. OH well!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Happenings!!

No one turned on the TV after we got home from Cursillo until Wednesday morning. When I say TV I mean the 51 inch wide screen TV that I purchased myself after the divorce. It was my "crisis" purchase. So anyway, it didn't get turned on after we got back until Wednesday morning and it was working perfectly. Wednesday at lunch it was not!! I was convinced that it was the cable box or something like that but after Sid talked to the cable company and did some looking at it, it was determined that the big screen had lost it's life. I was rather sad but I think Sid was glad to see it go. It was sort of big for the living room and was hard to watch since it was so big for the room. But at the same time, who randomly wants to buy a new TV when they thought the one they had was perfectly fine? Certainly not us, with all the things we are having to buy anyway right now. One other problem that it caused was the the TV sat on the floor, not a piece of furniture. So in looking at new TV's we knew we'd have to get a new piece of furniture too. Having the wonderful non-procastinating husband that I do, he immediatly started scouting for a new TV and a TV stand. He did a GREAT job! We ended up getting a corner stand, which was perfect for our living room, that matched our coffee table and end tables. Then we ended up with a 37 inch flat screen LCD HDTV, blah blah blah! But we love it. And it does make the room look much better. But who would have thought we'd have to fork out the money for that on a random Friday afternoon unexpectedly and spend a Friday night putting the stuff together?? Well, actually Sid said I snored while it was all being assembled. He's such a good husband.

Last night we went to Meridian with his cousin Amy and her baby Colin. He is too cute. Sid looked so natural holding him and walking around with him. But he had to cuss at the umbrella stroller when it wouldn't fold up. I found it rather humerous. We picked up Bailey's baby bed and mattress. Sid is putting it together now as I blog this. And it is beautiful. We are extremly happy. I said I wished we had a video camera so I could video these moments. His reply: He wants a lot of stuff but he got me instead. Again, my wonderful husband. He's lucky I love him so!!!

I still promise to blog about Curisllo weekend. And I promise to post pictures of all this new stuff.

Meanwhile, I have started a registry at Babies R Us and have done most of the "registering" part online. We did look at actual stuff in Jackson two weekends ago and in Meridian last night. I figured the online part would be easier. But I was wrong. It is a really slow process and a bit overwhelming. But we are getting there. I just don't know how you are ever fully prepared for this. But we are getting there.

We had to cancel the St. Jude's Trike-A-Thon on Friday due to rain, but we have rescheduled it for this upcoming Friday. However, money did get turned in and our 38 preschoolers raised over $600. I was so very proud of them (and their parents). Pictures for the center are tomorrow and start bright and early at 7 a.m. The lady says we'll be lucky to get everyone done in one day, but that doesn't make much sense to me. I'm hoping she's wrong, but we'll see......

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Already Thursday

And so much has happened this week. I mean soooo much!!!!! And can you blieve that baby counter says 94 days to go???? I can't.

Monday was our one year anniversary. Tuesday was NeNe's birthday. Yesterday was Sid's birthday. Tonight we are going to a "homecoming" for Cursillo in Jackson where everybody who was there gets together one last time. We are excited about going. But it has been one very busy week. Hopefully we will get some rest this weekend.

Speaking of rest, I have noticed that my feet are so swollen by the time I get home. So for the past two nights I've kept them propped up from the time I get home until I go to sleep and I also try to keep them proppped on a stool under my desk some during work. I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not but I have fallen right asleep without restless legs the past two nights. Now I probably just jinxed myself but hopefully not. The sleep has been well welcomed!!

Tomorrow we are havign a St. Jude's Trike-A-Thon for our preschool. I don't really know what to expect since I haven't done it before. But I know the end results is bike safety and a good time for the kids and some money raised for St. Jude's. Maybe I'll take some pictures. I also want to post pictures of my babies in their quad stroller. They are so cute wheeling around together.

I promise to post about our Cursillo weekend this weekend when I get time. Here's the website for it though in case anyone wants to read about it. Somewhere on there is our group pciture too! http://www.msumcursillo.org/

Monday, October 13, 2008


Look at that!! This is the first time I've been on the blog since last week since we've been gone and the ticker has moved down to LESS THAN 100 DAYS!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! That's kind of scary to think about.

So, today is the big 1 year anniversary for me and Sid. And what a year it has been. It feels like way longer than a year but a year is really not that long at all and we've come a long long way. No one could have ever told me a year ago that we'd be where we are today. It's been a great year. Sure, I miss my family and my old job, BUT I wouldn't trade the past year and what we have now for anything else in the world. I love you Sid!!!

I'll write more on our Cursillo weekend probably tomorrow. It's been crazy at work today, I barely had time to post this. But it was an A-MAZING weekend for the both of us and I think this baby got more of a blessing than I did. More to come later!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

News From The Test Results

Good news and bad news! Good news first, most of my chemistry panel looked good. My iron is low so we'll do an iron suplement for that.

Bad news: My white count is around 25000 and normal is between 4000-12000. So it's elevated and the nurse didn't know what he'd want to do about that. But I'll start an antibiotic assuming it's a kidney infection.

More bad news: The glucse test should be 140 or below and mine is 153. Soooo, diet time for me. They will go over that with me at the next appt. which is October 28th.

Now for some even better news: Sid and I are headed out this afternoon for our Cursillo weekend. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

And the best news of the day: Chris and Leslie are having a baby boy!!!!! I wonder what Erin will say about that!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Man, They Sure Do Make This Pregnancy Thing Harder Than It Has To Be!!

How many of you know I'm a great big baby??? Ok, Ok, so that's all of you!! I went this morning for the gulcose test, which is a normal test for pregnant mothers. But the hard part was I couldn't eat anything until AFTER the test. I threw up once before leaving the house just from having an empty stomach but seemed to feel better as time went on. Admitting and the lab at the hosptial were fabulous, no wait at all. But I had some other tests to be conducted at the same time. So they had to draw about 5 vials of blood before I drank the sugar drink. Then I was instructed to drink the orange drink within 5 minutes. I'm thinking that at the end of the 5 mintues I can get more blood and then go eat something. OH, but no!!! After drinking the stuff I was instructed to come back in an hour. And during that hour, if you throw up the sugar drink, the test has to be repeated on a different day. So I was bound and determined NOT to throw up again. I gaged a few times and felt really really light headed a few times, but I made it. During the hour wait after drinking the drink though, Sid and I walked up to the nursery and looked at the new babies. There were 3 in there that were born this morning. Brand spanking new little things. It was a teary moment for me and I'm sure it was for Sid too!!! Just a reminder that it will all be worth it in the end.

I don't know the results of the other tests yet, so I don't know if I have a kidney infection or not. But, I just don't know how some women make this look so darn easy. Yesterday at the doctor's office, some lady came bouncing in wearing a short tennis skirt and gym shirt. She looked ready to pop any day. I wanted to shoot her a bird!

I will be glad when Bailey makes her grand entrance into the Whitehead household. And I'm very grateful for my sweet Sid who puts up with me until that time comes.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

God is Good...All the Time!!

So, I didn't post much about this because I was having mixed feelings. But as some of you know, Sid and I are due to leave Thursday afternoon headed to Cursillo. It's about a 3 to 3 1/2 hour drive. I had been dreading going for several reasons. Number one, if I don't get up and immedialty put something into my mouth, I throw up. It never fails. Second of all, with these restless legs, I am up most of the night anyway. And when I do sleep, I usually wake up all hours of the night. When I wake up like that, I'm hungry and have to eat a little something to keep the nausea at bay. So I didn't want to inconvience someone (a roommate) by being up all night and having to eat immediatly when I did wake up. Other than that, I was looking forward to going. So I called the head of Cursillo, as instructed to do on my letter, yesterday morning and explained my fears. She didn't do much to relieve them and said she'd call me back this morning but she didn't see any way I could have a private room.

I didn't hear back from her today and with the doctor wanting to do some blood work, I convinced myself that I wouldn't go. I called after lunch to tell her I wouldn't be there and she said they had a meeting and decided that I would need a private room and they still wanted me to come. Sid gets to go with me, there will be males and females on this walk. However, we have seperate rooms. Sooooo, I decided the devil wouldn't win this fight.

I'll be going sometime tomorrow for those tests and then we'll leave Thursday around 1:00 to drive to Camp Wesley Pines. We are excited and I'm just glad it all worked out. Sid is too! So keep us in your prayers as we go on this journey together.

Also, I may not be posting much since I'll be busy the next few days and then gone through Sunday. Monday is our 1 year anniversary!!! And Sid's 33rd Birthday is Wednesday. So we are looking forward to all that, too!

Doctor's Appointment Today

So today was the monthly check-up and the baby seems to be doing really well. She is moving around alot and has a great heart beat. I, however, seem to have something wrong all the time. My back has been hurting and I've had some cramping that I normally haven't had. They did a urinalysis and something in that was high so it is a probable kidney infection but we won't know until I have some further tests run. Also, I have developed those restless legs and arms which apparently means something is off balance, like iron, but we won't know that either until tests are fun. So I have a book of lab slips and have been instructed to have them completed ASAP. The problem is it's time for that dreaded glucose test where I'm suppose to fast for 8 hours and then drink this nasty stuff. So Dr. Purvis decided I could have all this done at one time. Except I could have gone today and had all other labs checked. But since he decided to have me do the fasting test at the same time, I have to plan to go back to Meridian and waste another day. We will either do that Thursday or Friday.

The good news in all of this is that I am the one with problems, not Bailey. Oh, just in case anyone wants to know, apparently tums for the calcium, OJ for the iron and a magnesium supplement should help ease the restless legs and arms until we know what else is going on. I know one thing, I NEED my sleep, which you all know, and so this not sleeping is killing me. So I'll be happy to get to the bottom of it.

Aside from the tests at the end of the week, I go back in three weeks. This is the first time I've been and haven't had an ultrasound, but it was fine. I know Bailey is doing good with all the movement and her heartbeat sounded soooo good!

Say a prayer for Chris and Leslie. They find out Thursday what their little one is. I'm secretly hoping for a boy because I know they'd like to have one of each. But Erin so wants a sister and I know they will just be happy to have a healthly baby. Also, Chris is having oral surgery on Friday, which will be no fun for him OR Leslie,who will be caring for him.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bailey has a bed!!


Maybe that link will work. I have no idea how to put a picture from the internet up here. And sometimes this thing won't let me insert a link. Actually, I just tried it out and you'll have to highlight the link above, copy it, and past it into the address bar and then it'll pull up the bed. Or you can go to www.jcpenny.com and click on baby, then furniture, then cribs, then scroll Monteray Convertible Crib by Bedford Baby.

So anyway, after much deliberation on a bed that she will have for a long, long time we finally came to a decesion and made the purchase. I did not want a bed that appeared to be all bars all the way around it mainly because when it turned into a big bed I wanted it to have a full head board and not a head board with bars. Just a personal peference. So after searching and searching I think we fianlly agreed on a bed that will be just as pretty of a big bed as it was a baby bed. I hope so anyway.

Now if we can just come to an agreement on what we will do her room in.....

I go to the doctor tomorrow for my monthly check-up and I'm glad to be going this time as I have tons of questions. I'm starting to have some anxiety which I think is coming from the no sleep which is probably happening because I have bad bad bad restless legs and arms when I try to sleep. The bigger I get and the more she moves (I can actually see my belly move when she moves now) the more I realize she does have to come out and that's scaring the heck out of me. So I hope Dr. Purvis has some answers for these questions. Those that know me well know that I can get down to the nitty gritty asking questions.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Poppy T!!

Today was Dad's birthday and Mom made us all reservations at the Birmingham Museum of Art for lunch. It was fantastic and the best part of it all was that we were ALL there. All four our us and our "others". Dad I hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did! Happy Birthday!

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Been Quiet

Around the home front the past few days. Nothing new to report. I seem to have a new bout of energy which is wonderful. I got my hair done at lunch today and it's looking good! So all is well at the Whitehead household. Hard to imagine we only have 15 weeks to go. Won't be much longer but whew...the work that has to be done. We are getting there though!!