Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Suppose It's a Great Weekend



Who Let The Dogs Out?  Ruf! Ruf!!  Go! Dogs! Go!

Althought I'm a little disappointed in how the Tigers originally presented themselves at the start of Friday's game, they did pull it off!

For some reason, blogger is not letting me upload anymore pictures to this post right now.  So, for now, AGAIN, you get a sneak peak at our Christmas tree now that it is finished!!

Anyway, we have had a great Thanksgiving week and it is (fastly) coming to a close.  We went shopping with Kylie and Mason on Monday.  On Tuesday, we spent most of the day in since it was raining, working on the tree.  I went that night and got my hair done.  That would be the hair trip in which I walked away looking like I had never looked before.  If you see me, please don't comment, I didn't mean for it to look this way, but in light of the impending long weekend holiday that was starting the next day, my hair dresser couldn't get me back in to fix it before she was closed for 4 straight days.  So I'll go back to school looking like this, and then from there will probably forget that Sid called me a zebra and I called myself a skunk and my mom said it "yeah, it's just different".  Maggie and Dad said they liked it.  Ok, I've now dwelled for 3 mintues longer than I ever expected to over my hair.

On to bigger things... Wednesday we did laundry and packed a few things and headed out that afternoon to Alabama.  We spent the night at Mimi an Poppy T's and had Thanksgiving with the fam on Thursday.  Here who was present:  Me, Sid, Bailey, Maggie, Bo, Will, Chris, Erica, Erin, Andrew, Mom, Dad and Papppaw and Macy.  It was perfect, as it always is when Mom's in charge.  We had a great 24 hour trip and headed home late Thursday afternoon. 

Friday, Sid went to work, only to return about 2 hours later with permission from his boss to go home.  They didn't have any funerals, so we sent Bailey on with Mammaw and Pappaw to see Big Mammaw and we headed out to do some late Black Friday shopping.  Let me stop here and tell you that I physically made myself sick ver the $198 laptop that WalMart had on sale from 5-10 Friday morning.  I knew there would be no way I could go get it with Sid having to go to work at 7 and everyone else had better things to do besides stand in line for 8 hours for me. (how dare them! Hahah! NO, really I totally understand that!)  And I went to bed feeling bad that he wanted it and I couldn't get it.  I'll tell you more how that story ended in a minute, but for now I just want to tell you that Kylie and Ben were there for 8 hours just to get one $90 thing.  It is not understatement when I say that I dread the day Bailey asks for something that WalMart will only have 4 of during the middle of some random night. 

Ok, back to the weekend:  We headed to Jackson about noon on Friday, and actually had a great time.  We didn't go in too many stores, but were able to find just about everything I would have wanted for Bailey had I been there at 4 when their doors opened.  Target is my kind of store though.  They had a 3 day sale before Thanksgiving and then had a 2 day sale after Thanksgiving and granted, it's while supplies last only, but at least they don't want some random housewives getting arrested in their store at 2 a.m. over some $1.98 towels that they will have on sale for approx. 33 seconds.  Or as Maggie says, 40 women standing in line and only 20 sets of sheets to be had.  No lie ya'll, in Jackson, two women were arrested fighting over the towels. 

Anyway, after some alone time shopping, we made our way to big Mammaw's house and visited and rounded up everyone and went to the mall close to her house so I could do some shopping their and hopefully Bailey would see Santa.  Maybe when she's 12 we'll have hope of seeing Santa, but not this year.  She did blow him a kiss and wave, all the while crying with her eyes closed tightly so she couldn't see how close we were standing.  haha!  She doesn't even want to talk about it now that we are home!

Sid worked today and we've just hung around the house.  He did go hunting for a little bit while Bailey went to see Mammaw and Pappaw again.  But nothing major.  Tomorrow we'll go to church, I'll hit the lesson plans hard and we'll get back in the swing of things for Monday. 

Only 3 more weeks until Christmas Break and I ...cannot....wait!!!  Maybe tomorrow, I can upload the pictures of my tree since I've teased you all twice now!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

All Things Christmas-Try Shutterfly This Season!!!

WEll now that Turkey Day is behind us, Christmas is in full force.  And the top priority on my mind is getting our pictures taken to make the best Christmas Card yet.  And for our family, Christmas not only brings the birth of our Savior, but also the birth of our first born (and probably only) child.  Which means not only are we planning for Christmas and cards to go along with it, but we are also planning birthday parties and invites to go along with them.  So where do I turn to for all my card and invite needs?  I personally turn to Shutterfly!    Shutterfly has all kinds of neat things you can do with your photos to make your very own personal card for the season! 

Looking for something else this holiday season?? That's perfectly fine!!  Shutterfly has all kinds of neat gifts, such as this precious desk calendar, that is sure to delight the hearts of family both near and far!

What about after Christmas??  Do you ever send out New Year's cards???  Shutterfly is the place to visit.

One of the coolest things I personally love about Shutterfly, is only can you design your own cards and invites, but you can also desgin family keepsakes such as photo books.  One of the most meaningful moments of being a Mom was the day my husband and I had Bailey Christened by my Pappaw.  A few short weeks later, we recieved the best keepsake from that.  A photo book from Shutterfly that my mom had made using pictures that she took that day.  She was able to upload as many pictures as she wanted, edited the photos, add text to the pages, and make a hard bound book for us.  The book even has a picture of Bailey and Pappaw on the front cover along with a title and the date this all took place.  This is a book that we love to look at and will be something that we cherish, and Bailey will keep forever.  Mom didn't have to leave the house to get this done, she did it all right from the comfort of her own home, and she was even able to print out mulitple copies - so we all have one!!!

While browsing the Shutterfly site, I came upon this card, in which my heart is set upon.  Can't you just see my sweet Bailey's smile right in the middle of this card, complete with the year's date...

Don't let this holiday season get past without visiting SHUTTERFLY and having family keepsakes sent right to your door!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas!

Sid has let me buy 3 new Christmas CD's in the past week or so and I'm loving it!  We don't have much room for the big tree that we used last year (due to a new addition that I haven't blogged about yet) and decorations and mesh just don't mingle well with a real tree and small fake trees are just, well, not cute.  So after about 2 weeks of looking for a 6 foot tree with no luck, we decided to go with the big 7.5 inch tree we have from last year.  Bailey has loved every minute of looking at trees and Christmas trees are going to bring her so much joy this season so we decided to do it up right. 

We started decorating yesterday and when Sid brought the tree in she literally jumped up and down yelling "my tee, my tee, my tee daddy!"  She helped me decorate some yesterday and then showed me she was jealous of the time I was spending with the tree by biting the blood out of my leg - it's bad to have to stop decorating the tree and spank your 2 year old!!!  Before her nap yesterday, she kissed the tree telling it night-night!  She's in love, what can I say? 

Here's a little teaser of what we have this year, but I've got one more thing to add before I show the entire tree. 

Hopefully I'll have the whole tree done before night fall tonight!!!

***Scroll down for another post with pics of my sweet one!

So, WOW!!!!

It's really been more than a month since I've blogged. But, there has been great reason for me to not do so!!! LIFE!!!! It sure has been just moving right along. I've thought about this blog often, and how much I have time sitting down to write and journal. And you...the people who are still here looking for a post. I know you're here because I get a report of how many clicks a week my blog gets. I still get about 40 clicks a week from ya'll looking for an update. Well guess what??? I have lots to say, lots to update on. Can you believe my sweet Christmas miracle is about to be 2 years old??? We can't and it makes us so sad, but very happy all at the same time. Sad because she isn't a baby and we miss the baby stage, but happy because she is growing and thriving and so dang smart!!!! I used to think that Erin was the smartest thing I knew, and she still is, but to not even be 2 years old yet this little girl of ours knows so much. Well, she's calling me to get down from her high chair. But I will be back with lots of pictures, pictures of the tree, the story of what our life has been like the past month, and what's to come!!!!!

So silly!!!

 We get this look alot around here!!!

I was uploading some other pictures and realized I still had this picture from right before Halloween that never made it on here!  So sweet!!!