Friday, November 28, 2008

So I'm a Day Late

But HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We hope everyone had a great one. We did. We stayed in Philly and went to Sid's grandmother's for lunch. Most of the rest of the family was there and it was nice. We got our Christmas tree put up and Sid was able to do a little hunting.

I got cabin fever this morning, even though I'd been out of the house, so Sid and I decided to go to Meridian tonight and get some Christmas shopping done. We also had some things to get for Bailey that we knew we were gonna need and Sid's mom wanted to do that with us. So we all went. We got a lot done AND we got a camcorder. We have no idea how to use it, but know once we learn how to use it, it will be the best thing.

I never ever get up and fight the crowds on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so this year was no different. But it wasn't that crowded this afternoon and we had a good time.

So hope everyone's Thanksgiving weekend is going great and once I get those batteries charged up on the camera, I still promise to post some photos.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Long Time

No Post! I way over-did it this past weekend. It was a good weekend but I it was rough in the end. We had our Thanksgiving Soup meal at daycare Friday at 11:30 and ended up with standing room only. We had enough places set for 100 kids and parents and ran out of room. Thank goodness we didn't run out of food, though. I think everyone enjoyed it, but I stayed on my feet for about 5 hours. Fortunatly Sid was able to pack most of my stuff to leave for Alabama and we got on the road probably around 2. The ride over was HELL. My legs were hurting and restless before we even got there, but it was so good so see everybody when we got there. Erin was at mom's and mom had gone on a cooking spree. So it was nice. But I did not sleep one wink. Not one wink, my legs were so restless.

Saturday my eyes were still bothering me and I tried to wear my contacts but just couldn't. Leslie had a baby shower for me at her house, along with the help of Tiphanie, Liz and Maggie. THANKS GUYS!!! Sid's mom and dad came over for it. It was really nice. We got lots of cute pink stuff, some of which I'll post pictures of later. And we got a bunch of much needed things. Because I didn't sleep and because I had my glasses on, by 5:00 I was struggling. But we were going out to eat with Sid's mom and dad since they were in town. I was hungry too!

When we got to the Charlie B's (the eating place), Sid broke out into a sweat and was on the verge of throwing up. I swear if it's me it's him. He had been complaining of his back hurting all day so I was afraid of another kidney stone. He ended up having to leave us and go back to Mom and Dad's to lay down. I decided it was the flickering of the candles at Charlie B's. The last 5 or 6 times he's been around candles, it's triggered a migraine so I don't know. But he was pitiful. I slept better Saturday night, but not much better. I just couldn't get comfortable.

Sunday morning we went to church and then Cafe on Main to eat lunch with mom and dad. Maggie's bridal tea was Sunday at 2:00, so Sid and I went with her and Bo to help her open gifs at 1:00. It ended up being my job to help open presents and write them down the rest of the time, which was fine with me because I got to sit and down most of the time.

My Aunt Marianne came in about half way through the shower and brought me some baby gifts. I don't want to spoil the fun of what she got me, I want to post pictures of it, but I'll just say for now that it is by far one of my favs so far. So be on the lookout for pics of it. I must add here that mom put her monograming machine to good use and Bailey has monogramed stuff from her Mimi now. I have to post of picture of one the things Maggie and Mom got me, but I'll save the story with it later too. It was the second gift I've received for Bailey that has made me cry. Funny she has been the one to give me both gifts. HMMM! She has a way of doing that anyway.

Anyway, Sid picked me up at 3:00 for us to head home and he felt so bad he was in his pj's. We were kind of pitiful on the way home. He ended up feeling so bad the whole weekend that he went to the doctor himself yesterday to see if there was anything they could do with for the migraines. They put him on some daily meds and he had to go today for a routine CT of the head. On a side note, he went hunting this afternoon and just called to tell me he killed a deer, so maybe that will ease the tension some. Last year he didn't kill anything and this is the first day he's gotten to go this season. Even though I hate his hunting and could care less, I'm happy for him.

I got up throwing up yesterday morning and feeling like crap with a head cold. I was supposed to go to the doctor today but went yesterday instead since I was feeling so bad. Got good news, but Bailey is out of room and this pain I'm feeling at the top of my tummy is a rib she's kicked around and knocked a little out of whack. We will start doing non-stress tests on the 1st to make sure she is ok since she's out of room but Dr. Purvis said it could be any day now and if not by Christmas, we'd determine a day then to take her. So we expect her to be here by the New Year!!! I took it easy yesterday, as I felt like I had over done it over the weekend, but this morning didn't prove to be any better. I got up and got to work and threw up everywhere. So I've been at home most of the day today as well. I'm so bored and this is exactly why I can not be put on bed rest.

Soooo we'll try it again tomorrow and see how that goes. We will be closed Thursday and Friday so I hope I can work some tomorrow since I'll be off for four days.

I do feel like I've had some contractions and some other not so plesant mentions of prelabor, but I when I told Dr. Purvis I thought I was having contractions, he said, "I guess so, look at you!". Which I didn't think was too nice, but he and I have that sort of doctor/patient relationship.

Ok, so this has turned into a novel, but I'll post pics of the surprise from my Aunt Marianne and stuff like that later. And oh yeah, Aunt Maggie and Unca Bo won't be home from their honeymoon until Dec. 18th so Bailey WILL NOT come before then. Aunt Maggie has to be here!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Week

Gone by! But nothing new to report. So I will take this time to brag on my sweet husband. He did some handy work for me today in my office and I soooo appreciate it. He just doesn't know! One thing he did was hang some blinds over my windows so the sun will stop shining in and blinding me. It wasn't an easy task with concrete walls either.

I haven't felt so good this week. I ended up at the eye doctor Monday with an eye infection. I should have gone earlier but I thought it was just junk. So I've been having to wear my glasses and I don't know if that's the cause or not, but I've had some major, major nausea and headaches.

Bailey's definately growing becasue I feel that we are running out of room in here. I hope she's comfortable because I'm sure not. We'll see what happens when I'm at the doctor next Tuesday.

Alot to happen between now and then though. I will head back to Alabama this weekend, but this time Sid will be able to go with me. Some friends and family are giving me a baby shower Saturday at Leslie's house and Maggie's bridal tea is Sunday. Not to mention before we leave for Alabama I have planned the "Thanksgiving Soup" meal for 50 something kids and at least one parent each. It's turned into more than I tought it would be, but oh well, the parents seem to be happy and that's what counts. Maybe I'll post a picture.

We put some of Bailey's clothes in her drawers and hung some in the closet. I told Sid it seems so sureal planning for her. She has her own room and all these little clothes and when she arrives, she comes into this world with nothing but me and Sid. That's pretty scary if you think about it. Now that I know she is just perfect, I have started to worry that she won't like us. Sid says she will becasue she doesn't really have a choice. I just love him!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Things Bailey


This a picture of Bailey's baby bed with the bedding put on. As you can see, it's coming together.


This is the stocking that I bought Bay today. It's really cool, it actually has 5 different sections for Santa to leave his little happy's.


And finally, this is a picture of John Bailey and his wife Amanda. John Bailey is my grandfather's grandfather. Which makes John Bailey be my father's great-great grandfather. Which makes John Bailey be Bailey Ellen's great-great-great grandfather, if I have that correct. Anyway, Pap-paw sent this pic and Mom and Dad gave it to us at the baby shower Sunday. I think it's sort of cool that we have a picture of the man we chose to get Bailey's name from.
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Bailey's 4-D pictures




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The 4-D Experience

Yesterday Sid and I went for the 4-D ultrasound and it was AMAZING to say the least. My doctor does not do 4-D so we were sent to a radiologist in Meridian who has what they call a diagnostic center. I did not know this but the tech explained as she started that they wouldn't just take pictures of Bailey, but they'd look at everything about her, even though I wasn't sent there for a problem, only because I asked. The tech spent about 30 minutes looking at Bailey and then we got to see it all over again when the doctor came in to look.

First of all, my baby rolled her eyes while we where looking at her. The tech even rewound what she had recorded to make sure we so it, she was so tickled. Second of all, this baby NEVER stops moving, I mean never. The confirmed that yesterday, as she was quite active the entire time we were watching her. The first thing we saw was that she was sucking on her lips. Then she put her foot in her mouth. At one point, she had both feet at her head. And then the got the hick-ups.

This is how bad I've been during the pregnancy, thinking of every little thing that go wrong. We got to look at her brain and see her brain waves and activities. Poor Sid asks, "Are there ridges?" Even he knows that sometimes babies brains to not convert over from smooth to ridges. But indeed, she does have ridges and good brain activity and the tech even said she had a nice brain. They measured something with her cord and it made noise, maybe they were looking at all the stuff going in and out of it. I don't know, but it was good too. They spent quite a bit of time looking at her heart and everything was there and working properly. We got a nice shot of her lips and the tech commented again that she had some great lips, no cleft. All her organs are there and working properly.

It really put my mind at ease to see and hear all that and I really didn't expect that much of an in depth ultra sound. But I'm glad we got to have it. And I think she's just beautiful. I can't tell who she looks like, but I do see Sid when I look at the pictures.

As you read before, I was measuring 33 weeks at the doctor on Tuesday. The ultrasound yesterday confirmed that Bailey is indeed as big a 33 weeker. So the tech and radiologist seem to think that my due date is wrong and she could be here before the end of the year. She weighs 4 lb 6 oz, give or take 10 oz. So she weighs between 4 and 5 pounds. I don't think she has room to grow for 9 more weeks so I'm thinking only 6 or 7 more weeks. But we'll see!!

I'm off to Alabama this weekend for Maggie and Bo's "Trim the Tree" party and Liz's baby shower. I haven't seen Erin since the beginning of October so I'm excited about seeing her too.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Once Again

Time is flying and the end of the night is upon me before I realize there are still things I wanted to do during my day...such as blog. So much has happened in my little world in the past few days. So let's play catch-up.

Mom and Dad came over this weekend for my first baby shower. They arrived in Philly about 4:00 on Saturday afternoon and visited at the house for a bit. Then they were casino bound. Sid and I met them out there a little later for a fab dinner and a little slot machine playing. I enjoyed myself at what will probably be the very last time for a long long time, if not forever, slot machine time. Of course I didn't win anything, but what they hey, it was fun. Sid and I also went back and met Mom and Dad for the buffet breakfast Sunday morning and then they came back over and we visited until time for the baby shower.

The baby shower was at Sid's mom's church, the church Sid grew up in. Cooks Chapel First United Methodist. Sid and Dad went with me and mom to the shower because we wanted them to and what else better did they have to do. A big crowd turned out and Sid and I (and Bailey) got lots of neat and needed things. Mostly cute little pink outfits, but we did get a pack N play (or 2) and a few of those bouncy chairs. We got a few packs of diapers and wipes and tons of cute little pink girly clothes. As I sat in the Bailey's floor taking the tags off of her new clothes to be washed, I couldn't believ how excited I was getting over a bunch of pink stuff. haha!

I must not forgot that on Saturday morning Sid and I finished what we could of Bailey's room. The bed is together and bedding put on, the furniture arranged, the curtains hung, and the changing table ready to go. We are still working on her art work but hopefully that will be here soon.

I went to the doctor today since I'm having to go every 2 weeks now. Everything checked out just fine. Her heartbeat was at 155, just wonderful. And I should be right at 31 weeks along. However, I am measuring a little over 33 weeks. Dr. Purvis said when I start to measure 37 weeks we'll have to evaluate things to determine how much further I can go. All I know is she better hang on till after Dec. 13th.

I just ordered my dress, or what I hope will be my dress, for Maggie's wedding. Maggie approved it so that makes me feel better. I felt like everything that I could get that would accomodate by growing belly was granny looking. But hopefully not. Oh and on that note, I was informed today that I've only gained 22 pounds. I don't know how, but he said thats' not bad.

Other than being overly tired, I have felt really good lately. I have been getting some good sleep and emotionally feel pretty good.

We go tomorrow for the 4-D ultrasound so I'm looking forward to that. We get to video it on a VHS which is exciting. And also hopefully get some good shots of her for Sid's idea for our Christmas cards this year. Stay tuned, maybe I'll post some pics.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I don't have a baby book yet and I am starting to feel like I should. I do, however, have a pregnancy journal that I've somewhat written in over the past few months. So, should I finsih it up and have it at the baby shower on Sunday, rummage around and try to find one here in town, which probably wouldn't be too successful, or just not worry about it at the moment?

You know how I said I hadn't been nesting? Well in my mind, we get all of this stuff done, what's left besides a bunch of waiting. My deadline was Thanksgiving and that isn't quite here yet. We've still got about three more weeks. But we don't have a pack of diapers, not one bottle, nothing that she could really wear if she came on into the world early, not a wet-wipe, nothing to give her a bath with, no car seat to bring her home in... All we have is her bedroom furniture piled in her room and still haven't decided where we will put it all. I still have a few things to pack up and Sid still has a few boxes to put up. I still have to unpack her bedding, get it washed, and put on.

But for some reason I feel like I'm rushing her and would be getting way too excited if I were to just get it all done. On the other hand, it would be nice to have it done and not have it hanging over our heads.

I don't know how any of your pregnancies have gone, but mine have been like this: I was really really excited when I found out I was pg. I wanted to do it alllll right then. But my level-headed husband talked me out of it. So then came the stage of thinking we didn't need to do too much becasue what if something happened. I didn't want to have a full nursery done when, God-willing, anything could have still happened at that point. So I did nothing. Then after I was past the "worry date", I was sick and tired and tired of being sick and physically felt like doing nothing. I did clean out several several boxes, which was a first step and got us going. I did get the bed ordered and got it here. Sid did get the bed put together. Piece by piece it has come together, just not all the way and I'm being made to feel like it's now or never. Is this true? Or do I still have a little bit of time? I don't want to rush it and then be so prepared for her it feels like it takes another 10 months to get her here, but at the same time I don't want to appear as if I don't care. So I don't know what to do. What do you think?

This Is For All You Mama's of Little Boys

I'm on the look out for a christmas tutu that Bailey can wear next year at Christmas. That seems to be the thing around here this year but I've only heard about them. I can't find them. Someone told me Children's Place had them but I can't seem to find it online. Anyway, I think it sounds really really cute so let me know if you spot one. OH, and a onesie that says "Merry Everything". Too cute!!

Anywhoo, time is just flying by. We have our first baby shower this weekend at Sid's mom's church and of course we are excited. I haven't done much recently in Bailey's room so I got to get busy on that, too. Apparently I'm supposed to be doing something called "nesting" but I'm not and I don't even know what that is. But if I ever start it I'll let you know.

We go back to the doc on Tuesday, since I go every 2 weeks now. I've been feeling really really good the past week or so. The only problem to note is that the no sleep/restless legs thing is getting worse instead of better. Wednesday night I did not sleep one wink. Not one wink of sleep and I was about to kill over all day yesterday. It was a long too, since we had a board meeting here at church for the daycare. BUT, I went to sleep at 9:00 and didn't wake up until about 7:30 this morning. I didn't even wake up to go to the bathroom, so that's big for me. And some much needed sleep.

Stay tuned for pics of the baby shower. Oh, my sweet little sister, who it feels like just came home from the hospital as a newborn yesterday, is having her lingere shower Saturday. I just can not believe that. It makes me sad in a way. But on the other hand, she's excited so I'm excited for her. I will not be able to make it to this shower since it's Saturday night in Birmingham, but I know she's looking forward to it. Anywhoo, stay tuned for pictures.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Can't Believe

That's it's already November. Time is flying by. And we are getting way more excited with each big kick. Or I am anyway. Sid still says he can't feel her although he sometimes says he can see her kicks. I think they are just alike and both hard headed. She does have a tendency to stop moving and kicking when he wants to watch or feel. Then he gets frustrated and walks away. That's why I think they will be just alike. Time will soon tell.

Well, we didn't get to see Erin or Mason for Halloween yesterday. We didn't go to Alabama, although I would have loved to. And our schedules just didn't fit with Sid's brother's last night so we didn't get to see Mason either. I missed most of the children at daycare being dressed up since I had to go learn about playground safety yesterday morning (not a good day for State Health to plan a training). Anywhoo, I did get to see some of the kids at the Fall Festival at Church Wednesday night. They were too cute, especially my babies. And it made me feel good because every single one of them that say me and Sid walking around either reached out from their mom's for me to hold them or had to give me a hug (if they were big boys and girls). I guess I liked it when they recognized me outside of daycare and still liked me. hehe!!

One mom, who has two kids at the daycare, aged 2 and 3, told me that she heard the 3 year old at home the other day threatening the 2 year old (who was misbehaving) by saying: "Do you want me to get Mrs. Barbie?" Now, the funny thing about that is that neither of her children have ever been in trouble with their teacher, much less me. But I guess I do make an impact and that is good!!

We did make the front page of The Neshoba County Democrat last week. The 3 and 4 year olds did the St. Jude's Trike-A-Thon and one of the little girl's grandmother's works for the paper. She came a took a picture of my little darlings. It turned out really good and was even in color. The parents and kids raised almost $800 for the cause and I was very proud of them. It just goes to show that people that can give still do even the economy is killing us all. See, there is no need for Obama to MAKE us give when we are clearly still willing, given the chance. I mean, it cost me and Sid $50 bucks at church Wednesday before last to pay for supper, buy from a fund raiser from a little girl who asked, and then give to the orphanage in Russia after the guest speaker got done talking. I know all that is still church, but that's enough of a political rant for now. (Since I probably don't really know what I am talking about anyway.)

I had a really good week. Thursday and Friday I had some new director training with State Health but it wasn't bad at all. And I got alot done at work when we done each of those days. I slept two good nights on Thursday and Friday. So that was a nice change. I hope it continues. I think I might have over done it yesterday as I was gone ALL DAY LONG, worked a little late, went to eat Mexican, and then went out to Ne Ne's to visit with them and avoid the Trick Or Treaters. (I know I know, I will be one them next year, but I still wanted to take the night off.) We didn't get home til almost 9:00 so I was gone from the house running full force for a little over 12 hours and I was worn out by the time my head hit the pillow. Bailey was so busy yesterday during the meeting that I could hear the table thumping as she kicked it.

Sid is working all weekend and I plan to do some more things in the nursery. Got to get it done as we will be busy, busy, busy from here on out. Next weekend, the 9th, is a baby shower at the church Sid grew up in (Ne Ne's church). Then the next weekend is a baby shower at home for Liz on Saturday (the 15th) and a shower for Bo and Maggie that night. The next weekend is a shower in Alabama at Leslie's house. My friend Tiphanie and my baby sis Maggie are helping to give it. Thanks guys. We appreciate to soooo much (on the 22nd). And Maggie's tea is the 23rd. Then it's Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, this will probably be my very first Thanksgiving away from home. But we'll be at home the weekend before Thanksgiving and we'll have to come back to Mississippi because we'll both have to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. And I don't want to turn around drive back to Bama as I don't want to over do it. Because the BIG DAY for Maggie and Bo is coming right up. Their wedding is Dec. 13th. Somewhere in all that, our church, the one I work out, wants to give us a baby shower. But we don't have the date set for it yet. Hmmm, now that I look at it this way, maybe I'll stay in pj's all day and do nothing as it appears this will be the last day for a long long time that I will be able to do so.

Ok, Ok, so that's enough for now. I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween. It's time to gear up for Baby Showers and Wedding Showers and Thanksgiving now!!! And as Bailey kicks at the computer (I don't think she likes to hear my typing), it won't be long to her big arrival!!