Monday, January 10, 2011

The Big Ice Storm of 2011

Or maybe I should say the Big Ice Storm of 2011 THAT WASN'T.  We got maybe a half inch of ice in places.  Other places, and when I say places, I mean like the drive way, the street in front of our house, the yard, not from like town to town, got nothing.  It was an ugly day, where white covered most of the ground, but black, wet, earth peeked through.  I didn't even take a picture.  We were out of school and that was probably a good thing.  I don't think I wanted to brave the drive on icey back roads for 30 miles and second because daycare announced they were closed at like noon yesterday.  So when they called school for me, I was glad.  Bailey and I just stayed in and Sid went to work.  I'm working on posting some stuff to ebay, Sid is watching the Auburn game, and Bailey is doing her nightly Disney Channel on my cell phone watch before she falls asleep.  As she is rooting herself a place over here beside me, I'm reminded that her darn toe nails are in dire need of cutting.  Mimi????   Pappaw?????  Those are about the only 2 she will do it, so that's why they are so bad.

We sure do hope you weathered the 2011 winter storm in a warm way!  Back to work tomorrow.  And for all you Bama peeps, keep your fingers crossed b/c we should arrive Friday night for a weekend visit! Well, that is if our sweet angel flake Aunt Maggie is over the flu.  I'm sorry to report that she hasn't been in the best of shapes lately.  We love you Aunt Maggie!  We still have Christmas presents to deliver to some good little Elf's.

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