Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can One Survive A Bloggy Break????

Well, yes! I do believe long as you, my faithful readers are still here and check in on us.  I do have lots to say and soooo very much has gone on.  But one of my New Year's Resolutions was to bring the blog back up to date and give at least 2 updates a week.  There is so much going on with us from day to day and Bailey does something new and funny at least once a day now, so I don't want to forget those things. 

But!!!  Where to start????  I guess the best place to start is NOW, today, and then back it up a little and bring it back full circle. 

So, is Sunday, the 2nd Sunday in January.  And we have some ice and snow coming down.  It's just now noon and the reports from last week said that the cold weather was not due to come in until tonight sometime.  But yesterday those reports changed and here we are, with ice and a few flurries coming down.  See....

I'm going to keep taking pictures as the day goes on, but right now we just have some slushy cold stuff on the road and curbs.

Yesterday, Mason had an Upward basketball game at the curch pretty early, so Nene and Jerry came by to get Bailey to take her home with them to spend the day.  She ended up staying until about 9 last night, because Sid and I went to eat supper (it was so nice to sit down and eat without worrying about a mess being made or fussing gonig on or etc.) and then on to WalMart to get stuff in case we are snowed/iced in for a few days.  When we got there to get her, Cotton, Amy, and Colin were visting.   So we stayed later then we thought we would and Sid had to work again today.  This was my princess before she left me yesterday morning.

Which brings me to the next thing.  See those boots?  They, along with Buzz Lightyear, have become her latest obession.  Bailey got these from Mimi and Poppy T for Christmas, along with this entire get-up....

Too funny!  You can't see her boots here and this was the day after Christmas.  We got some snow flurries that day that did not stick and Bailey and I were standing on the front porch watching it after her bath that morning.  And what to our wondering eyes did appear, but a black Ranger Rover that, to my eye, brought a tear.  I heard Bailey say, "A car. Ohhhhhh, it's Poppy T."  Sure enough, I looked up and there they were, pulling in the drive.  So on the 26th of December, we got a surprise visit.  They spent the night, we went out to the casino to eat at a burger joint and they left the next morning.  We did get to go to Alabama this year for Christmas, so it was soooo nice of them to come over for the day and night and spend some time us and bring us our presents.  Needless to say, it was another Santa visit for Bailey.  So, these pink books have become a part of her daily wardrobe, pj's or not!  She did get a horse/Western type shrit to go with her jeans, belt and belt buckle, hat and boots, but she just got dressed with the Tshirt she already had on.  That first picture up there also shows one of the 3 horses she got.  I forgot to mention that horses are also a new obsession. 

Although Bailey wanted nothing to do with Santa up close and personal, she did come to like to talk about him and LOVED to talk about his hat.  The morning of the 26th, she got on the phone with Sid while he was at work and asked him for a Santa's hat.  So, he went to WalMart and they had them on sale.  She still to this day likes to wear her Santa hat.

If you compare Bailey's stringy hair in these pictures to the ones at the start of the post, you will notice she had a hair trim.  This was the first time her hair ever met up with a pair of scissors.  I was dreading taking her in to have it cut because I didn't not want the style or the over all length cut, just those gross 2 year old ends cut off.  So, I decided to trim it myself.  I think I did a pretty good job and in fact, it appears that in these pictures, I cut it way more than I really did.  I didn't touch the front or the top layer, only the very end of the bottom layer.  It was only about 1/2 ince.  Now, since that time, she spent the night with her grandmother and went to bed with gum in her mouth.  In grandmother's defense, it had a been a few hours since she had given Bailey any gum and was SHOCKED to find he still had it the next morning.  A hugh chunk, probably well over an inch or better had to be cut out to cut the gum out of erh fair.  You can see the gap, but only when you know to look for it.  It's just hair, it'll grow back. 

I guess the last big thing that has happened since I last blogged

Is that I got a new SUV - a Totyota 4-Runner.  I was very excited and it's very nice. I want waste your time as how e got it.  We were pulled in, but in the end, we came out the winners.  This one is a year newer than my Envoy, has the same amount of miles, heated leather seats, power everything, buttons on the steering wheel, DVD and CD player.  Sunroof!  It's really nice and I love it and Sid's happy because my payments went down.  Don't ask how!

So, that's all I intended to really say and just decided to put it all together in one post.  We'll consider this my bloggy break catch-up and hopefully it's just be a day or two before you hear back from me.  I sincerly hope that everyone's 2011 has gotten of to a good, heatlhly start!!

Off, to catch a snow day nap with my little snuggle bunny. How cute are these snow day pj's that santa briught?  Maybe when we get up there will be way more snow to show you!!!!  Stay warm, ya'll!

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