Sunday, January 8, 2012

Whoooo's That?? 5 Months Old

I can not believe that this week, I will have 5 month old twins.  Ya'll, this 5 months has flown by and this weekend I found myself realizing that we don't have newborns anymore.  We have babies.  Babies that are growing at the speed of light.  They are almost a half a year old and if time goes by as fast the second half, then in the blink of an eye, we will be celebrating the first birthday of these twin sisters.   For the record, it still feels very weird and odd to say I have twins.  That is something I guess we will never get used to.

I made a book for 2011 last week and I put the monthly pictures of the twins in it.  They don't even look like the same babies.  Elissa has changed completely.  There is not one thing about her that resembles her first month of life.  Maybe it's because she has filled out so much.  I don't know but it's fun to look back and see.

Anyway,  a few months ago, I had Gram from Look What Gram Made on Facebook to make the girls these owl hats.  The babies never go anywhere to get to where them but they should fit next winter, too.  Today, we were home alone for a few minutes and the babies were napping in nothing but their diapers.  So when they woke up, we had some fun.  I don't have time tonight to play around and fix the lighting in all that I took, so here's a sneak peak.

Maybe later this week I'll have time to go back and do their pictures from birth to 5 months.  If not, just know that they are doing fantastic.  They have started back sleeping mostly through the night.  Not as soundly as they were, but not up all during the night either.  So, we'll take it.  Today marked the 8th straight day of getting baby food at supper time.  They have had green beans, sweet potatoes, and apple sauce. They seem to like it all so far.  Oh and let's not forget the massive amounts of cereal they have had since 1 month old.  We were a little late in starting solids by spoon since I felt like they were already getting some type of solid.  It hasn't done too much to the routine.  They get a bath afterwards since it's so messy so the night time routine is hectic, but we are making it.  Ellie has started going on to bed without the screaming and that's nice.  Both babies are drooling and eating their hands something crazy.  I feel like they may have some itchy gums, but so far, no sign of teeth trying to erupt.   They are loving sitting up in their bumbo chairs and playing with toys.  Ellie has flipped over some in the crib from her tummy to her back and both girls are doing great holding their heads up and pushing up on their arms while in their tummy.  Big Sister Bailey is still coming to terms with these two little life's that have invaded her world.  She has her moments and loves these babies something crazy, but at the same time, she hates it just as bad as we do that she's been booting to the bottom of the food chain, but it was a boot that had to happen in order to take care of two new babes.  We are all really struggling, as a matter of fact, with this season of life.  The babies go to bed so early that we are basically stuck in this house before the sun goes down and can't even run out for a quick meal out anymore.  It's really frustrating to have our lives totally on hold, but it is what it is an frankly, I don't want to rush this time.  When it gets easier again, it means we don't have babies anymore and i don't want to rush their babyhood.  But simple things like church and trips to wal mart and out to eat will be easy again.  And oh, how we long for that day!

Anyway, who wouldn't want to spend 24/7 with this:


Love how Gram put their names on the back!

Ellie was over it!

I love this!  Elissa is looking at Ellie like, "Hey, what you think this is she has on our head???"


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Do you remember me telling you how even going to the post office is a production? You'd never just "run in" for a book of stamps, right??? ;)

It gets easier, though...I promise!

Whereas I still feel a bit "behind the curve" in some respects -- I haven't gotten brave enough to take the girls to the park by myself since they got really mobile -- we're making lots of progress. We can run quick errands - like to the post office for a book of stamps - pretty easily now. I've never eaten a full meal with the girls in a restaurant by myself, but they're good for a snack (yogurt, bagel, etc.).

I still load the girls in the stroller if I have a lot of groceries to buy, or if I'm getting something (like a case of water) that will require both my hands, but I just learned to take things in baby steps.

I think you're doing pretty well! We were under doctor's orders not to get the girls out of the house until they were 3 months old...look at all the going and doing you've already done!

I can't believe your babes are 5 months old, though!

AbbyS. said...

getting big!! :)
I can't wait for mine littles to try food. Or dr. makes us wait until 6 months, but Im thinking about trying cereal this month.
Love the hats!