Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Pink Gun

So, some of you know that my brother, Uncle Will, likes to flip his poptart sometimes and do things a bit CRAZY!! Well, this Christmas, he did not disappoint.  I mentioned to him, and his girlfriend, Terrah, that I wanted to get Bailey a pink BB gun but her Daddy quickly nixed the idea, asking me did I even know what a BB gun was.  Turns out, I didn't quite know the magnitude of a BB gun, so I was fine with the nixing of my idea.  Uncle Will, however, wasn't.  What did he arrive with at Christmas.  None other than Bailey's very first gun, a pink BB gun!

Up until today, it was not out of the box yet.  Sid decided today would be the day.  Fortunately, for this Mama's heart, Bailey was more afraid of Champ, the dog, than she was interested in the gun and so she couldn't really pay close attention to what was going on.  I think her Daddy has a better time shooting it than she did.  Cousin Mason also got a BB gun for Christmas, so he was shooting at birds and the door of Champs pen today, too.

In other news, if you know Bailey at all, you know that she has a deep love affair with her paci.  Such that we have not been able to even discuss giving it up without major anxiety.  Well, today, she decided it was time and she threw her paci away.  Then she and her Daddy took the bag of garbage out for the garbage man.  She has asked one time for it and after I reminded her where it was, she was ok with it. However, we are coming up on bedtime, having had no nap today.  We'll see, but I'm not holding my breathe.  I'll just say that it will be a complete miracle if we don't have a breakdown.  Of course, the paci isn't really in the garbage, but let's hope we don't need to go there!!!

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