Wednesday, March 14, 2012

7 Months

I just cannot believe that Elissa and Ellie are 7 months old.  They turned 7 months on Monday, March 12th. I haven't had time to post yet because Elissa has been really sick and Ellie had an appointment with the orthopedist to check out her feet/foot that turns out.

Elissa seems to just have the crud.  Bailey had pnumonia last week and we thought that is what she had, but all her tests were negative and her white count was good, so that left us with a really high fever and wheezing.  She is getting an antibiotic and breathing treatments with an oral steriod.  I'm am worn slap out because she isn't sleeping good, partly due to the sickness, partly due to the treatment.  I'm head straight to bed when I finish this.  She appears to be on the uphill end of this, so we'll see. At the doctor Monday, she weighed almost 21 pounds, so not much change from their 6 month visit.

I took Ellie on Tuesday to Jackson to see the orthopedist.  Her feet have turned out ever since birth and it has always bothered me.  Finally the peditrician sent us to see someone, but told me all along that it would more than likely correct itself.  I got some major anxiety walking into the doctor's office. I just did not want Ellie to have to wear special shoes or do anything that was going to slow her down.  She is scooting all over the place and I didn't want to hinder that.  As it turns out, there is nothing in the world wrong with her except she is a twin and had tight packaging.  It will straighten itself out and we don't go back until Thanksgiving, when she should be good and walking.  Ellie weighed 14.12 at the doctor's office on Tuesday. I couldn't believe little girl had broken the 14 pound mark.  Seems like she stuck around 13 forever. 

I was able to get the girls' closet and clothes straightened out today.  I will have to say that the clothes issue with twins, espcially when you have two in different sizes, ranks up among one of the top 5 most difficult things to do.  But today, it was super easy.  I just had to go through and pick out sizes, then hang it all up.  Whatever we were done with got put into the 50 gallon garbage bag for Ben and Kylie.   I kept a few boutique things that I know I can resell for decent money, but the rest is going right to Cousin Baby Girl Whitehead.  We sure hope she enjoys them, but I can't believe, again, that it's already come to the point of needing to clear out a chapter of clothes for the twinks!!!

And, because I'm about to fall asleep, it's Spring Break, the babies are sacked out (for now), Bailey is in her pj's, everybody is fed, and I'm about to fall asleep, I'm going to bed!!!  Enjoy the 7 month pictures of my sweet girls.  The last one of Elissa, alone....don't think she didn't fall right out of that rocking chair right after it was taken.  OH! And the bruise on her forehead comes from us head butting in the middle of the night last night.  Her lips and face are also chapped due to her fever and drooling and runny nose and having to wipe it so much!

It looks like she about to cry, but she is actually talking to me. The sweetest sound ever!

More talk.....

Everybody says Elissa looks just like my dad!  When I got to this picture, it just about took my breath away. I see nothing but my dad here!

Still talking....

Hey mom! Watch me, I'm about to move the wrong way and fall right out of the chair and make you feel sooooo bad for wanting my picture!
 And the best I could get of 2 crabby babies at the end of picture time.  Love them sooo much and I everyday is just another day that I pinch myself to make sure I'm still a part of this miracle!

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