Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bailey Goes to Disney

Not really!  But she did do something really really fun today.  A local church had a fun raiser for Relay for Life where they had Disney characters come and take pictures with the children and they sigend autograph books.  We have held this over Bailey's head all week long and so she was super excited for the time to finally arrive. 

She came up with the idea of dressing like a princess (probably because some aunt we all know and love thought she needed a princess dress up trunk.  I cannot tell you how many times a day we pick up dress up clothes.  She LOVES them!  I'm hoping Aunt Kylie has a little girl so I can return the favor!) I got tickled at her before we left, she decided to change princess atire and it was just so funny watching her little mind work. 

I must still be a little hormonal because doing things with the kids still makes me cry.  She was so big and so grown and so in to seeing these princesses that it just sort of caught me by surprise.  I get embarassed when I get out in public and cry for no reason at all, but I guess it's just so much work, soooo much hard work, that when we have times like that, I'm reminded that this is what life is all about.  I get up in the mornings and put one foot in front of the other for this very reason! 

You can tell she so dressed herself.  We got outside to go and she stopped on the driveway and said, "take my picture and send it to my dad!"  haha! He was at work and bless his heart doesn't get pictures.  Bet this was a day he wished he did.

Belle signing her book!

She told Belle her name and then posed for a picture.  On the way home, she informed me she didn't see the beast or Chip.  haha!  I'm proud to say that Bailey has actually been the Beauty and the Beast play when it was in Birmingham.  She has talked about Chip ever since.

Snow White signing her book.  Not sure what happened to the Snow White picture, but we actually saw her twice.  Somehow, it didn't make it here.

Our beloved Cinderella signing the book.

Princess Tiana signing the book.  (not sure why my pictures are out of order)

Picture with Cinderella.  Of all days, this was the day for me to forget how to operate the camera.  I had my hand over the flash or something.

Aurora signing the book.
Picture with Princess Tiana.

Picture with Aurora.

And OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Look who showed up!  If it wasn't Jesse, Buzz, and Woody.  Bailey wasn't as fond of them up close as she was when we were in line or as she is of them at home.  She did, however, allow Amy to get her up there for a picture. Jesse, Bailey, Amy, and Colin.
Minnie signing her book!

Mickey signing her book.

The whole crew with Mickey and Minnie. It made Colin feel better to make faces. 

So, it seems there are several pictures that didn't make it here.  The princesses all lined up together and I got a really good one of Bailey with them all, and I'm missing Daisey and Donald, too.  I'll have to see where they are hiding themselves.

I was going to bring the twins, but it was so crowded in such a small space, there is no way that the stroller would have made it in the door.  I'm glad we got to go and it was such a fun thing for a great cause. 

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Courtney said...

What a fun day. One of our churches up here did it last year but we didn't get to go. I am hoping they will do it again this year.