Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

So, it seems I forgot to blog the past few weeks.  Not really!  By the time I get 3 babies fed, bathed, fed again and in the bed asleep, it's time to lay down myself.  Sid and I went to see The Hunger Games when it came out and I've been reading those, too!  I have the Kindle app on my phone and I really enjoy reading that way.  If I thought I'd use it more I'd buy a Kindle Fire.  Anyway, the twins haven't been sleeping very good and so overall, at night, I'm tired! 

But we have been here and we have been very busy!  I won't bore you with what all we've been doing, but I am going to share Easter activities.  I was off work Friday and Monday.  I was dreading being at home Friday because daycare was closed.  I know that sounds bad, but Bailey still has not quite gotten the hang of having these babies around and sometimes she makes for very long days when we are stuck at home and Daddy is at work.  She just thinks it's her job and her's alone to tend to babies and we usually end up with crying babies and a mad Bailey.  So, it's easier to keep them separated as much as possible for the time being, especially in the afternoon after school when she is extra hunger and sleepy.  So anyway, Nene came up with this idea to take her to Kidsfest, a kid's festival in Jackson.  I didn't really want to go because I didn't want to be away from the twins that long on an off day, but knew it would be good for Bailey so I went.  And we had a great time!

***Let me stop right here and give a little PSA:  There happens to be a law in Mississippi called "The Move-over Law" and it states a driver must get over if they see emergency vehicles with their lights on parked on the shoulder of the road OR the driver will slow down below the speed limit and prepare to stop if they cannot get over in the other lane as they near the emergency vehicles.  Well Nene was driving on the left lane and we clearly saw the HP on the side of the road with his lights on. We commented on how many we had seen out that morning and I even put my seat belt on.  As we came near the officer, he started vigorously pointing for Nene to do something.  She had slowed down and had her blinker on to get over, but a car was passing her.  When we saw him pointing, we became distracted about anything else going on other than whatever hand gestures the officer was making.  As we go closer, it appeared that the officer was telling her to "get over."  She got over as she passed him, but when we looked back, he was jumping in his car and on his way to pull her over.  Neither of us was aware there was such a law, but I have a HUGE problem with the law.  It is an either/or law, not a concrete black and white type of thing.  The officer gave Nene a ticket for being in violation of the law and he was rather rude, telling us that he had a wife and children he wanted to get home and see and did not want to be run over and killed while on the job.  Thankfully, neither of us set out to run over and harm a police officer that day.  I mean, DUH!!!.  But really, I don't see how he can give her that ticket because she COULD NOT get over until the other car passed her, but she DID slow down and put her blinker on and everything.  The officer did not cite her for speeding, so this would lead one to believe he didn't have a problem with her speed, rather just the fact that she didn't get over.  But the law allows for driver judgement and she judged that she COULD NOT get over, but DID slow down and watch carefully. I was furious but I think she was and probably still is sick over it.  We read the fine could be anywhere from $250-$300 and that is crazy!  So, the moral of the story is, abide by the "move-over law", but don't worry about not being able to get over! JUST GET OVER!!!!

This was just getting there. We were  late (due to the dumb HP) and didn't get to hunt Easter Eggs, but she insisted on getting her basket it. It later made it's way back to the car. 

Riding the golf cart limo to get from parking to the festival.

 First on the list, watching the sea lion splash exhibit.

She didn't quite know what to think.

Next on the agenda, pony rides.  This event ended up on the agenda more than one time.  She LOVES horses and so this was right up her alley.  Mammaw, on the other hand, got the pleasure of walking with her in the arena, where the ponies were pooping!!!  Glad Bay wanted her Mammaw on that one. haha!


Then they had several big lawn mowers, tractors, and dumb trucks set up for the children to climb on.  Bailey was especially fond of doing this because she gets to ride with her pappaw sometimes.

She would not look at me for a picture. I think she was afraid I'd make her get down.

What's this? Mama on the other side of the camera!  Me and my girl!!!!

The camera went back to the car after that picture, but we rode the ponies again, rode the carousel twice, watched the dog show, and visited with Dora and the Easter Bunny. I really hate it that I didn't have my camera for that but I did snap them with my phone camera.  Bailey really enjoyed the day and I'm so glad we got to go for her sake. I told her before we were leaving the festival to tell Mammaw thanks for bringing us, but she waited until right when we were pulling up at home, after she quietly said "thanks for taking us mammaw" and it was so sweet!

Saturday, we had a big day.  Mammie's assisted living place had a family Easter Egg Hunt.  This is a picture of 7 of Mammie's 10 great grand children.  You see those 2 yahoo's in the background?  No telling what those 2 are plotting, but when it happens, I have my proof that they collaborated! haha!

Trouble, trouble, trouble, and I'm afraid my child is the ring leader!  Mason, with the tip of his hat showing, Levi, Bailey and Colin.

She held on to that basket this weekend as if she carried gold in it. Of course, to her candy is gold!

This was all of the kids that came to the Easter Egg Hunt. I always say when I grow up I want to live at Atwood with Mammie.  Look at this view.  Who wouldn't want to go out the back door and see this?  They always have fun holiday events for the family and it's just all in all a great place to be, if you have to be somewhere other than home.

Sweet Elissa, always checking stuff out!

We walked down to the pond when it was over to feed the fish.

I wanted to try and get the twins picture since they were dressed up, but we put them down where a few Easter baskets, probably their big sister's, were spilled.  All they did was dig for it and try to pick it up.  I did get a glance out of Elissa, but Ellie just wasn't going to give it up. 

Something must have caught her attention.

Could those head be any different????

Trying sooooo hard to pick it up!

After the Easter Egg Hunt, we went to Charlotte's so the kids could die Easter Eggs.  They usually do this at Easter lunch at Mammie's, but we didn't have it this year. 

And finally, Easter morning.  This is the best I could get out of Bailey. But this is a sweet picture.  I swear his mark is on every single one of these girls! 

My Easter Bunnies!  I bought these outfits specifically for Easter last year after we found out what the twins were.  As I was ironing them Saturday night, I could not believe that time had already passed so that it was time for them to wear them.  Of course, I bought the same size for the twins, 12 months so they could wear it through the summer, but Elissa just fit in her's.  Ellie's wasn't so big she couldn't wear it, but she has a way to go to actually grow in to it.  Same goes for the pink and lime outfits above.  They both can wear them, but one fits just right and one is a little big. 

And that was it!!! Picture time over!  Church was right in the middle of their morning nap and they were all 3 melting down right before we went out to take these.  I told Sid how much of a disaster this was likely to be,  with all 3 girls needing a nap right at go time.  However, the devil was just trying to get me on this Easter morning and we went on to have one of the best days we have as a family of 5 yet.  We visited Sid's cousin Amy's church, with her whole side of the family there.  They had lots of singing and then lots of activities for the kids plus lunch.  I don't think I've ever been more proud to call these 4 people my family.  I love them all so much and I ask myself daily was I ever did to deserve such goodness. 

I intended to send out Easter cards again this year, but didn't get around to it.  We sure hope your family had a blessed Easter this year.

One more thing!  This number, 157, that's what I had to make on my test I took to become certified to teach 7-12 English classes.  Most you probably know I am teaching out of field right now.  I took the test March 10th and I came out saying that was hands down one of the hardest things I've ever done.  It was a long test, 120 questions to be read, comprehended, analyzed, etc. in 120 minutes.  With 40 minutes left on the test, I had about 50 questions left to answer. I sort of panicked, but then picked my pace back up.  But I still had to mark at least 20-30 items just to get an answer for each one. I told myself I'd have a different strategy for the next time I took the test.  I knew the material about as well as I was going to know it, but just needed to pace myself better.  The scores were to be reported online April 3rd, but on March 30th I thought I'd just check.  Well, the website informed me that I could call the automated line and for $30 receive my score right then and there.  Of course, Sid tried every way possible to discourage me from spending that $30, but I did not want to wait 5 more days knowing the score was there. It took forever to get my info entered and enter my credit card number.  All the while, I was telling myself "just shoot for 145 and above.  If you get at least 145, you have a good chance of getting 12 more points and passing the test next time.  As the computer began to read out my score, I heard "one-sixty" and my heart stopped.  167!!!!!! Ya'll I was, still am shocked!!! But I passed that baby and am now certified to teach 7-12 language arts and reading.  I could not be more proud of myself and especially since I actually enjoy what I'm doing right now.  I never thought I'd see the day I was happy to do something besides special education, but it's been a nice change and obviously a good change!

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