Friday, June 12, 2009

Early Intervention

We are done with it. Miss Bailey "graduated" yesterday at thier end of the year ceremony. I have pictures but for some reason cannot get them to upload. But at almost 6 months she has well exceeded what she should be doing for her age and therefore, fails to qualify for further services. This is sort of bitter-sweet because I'm so very glad that have determined she is ahead of where she should be developmentally but I cannot describe the help that these ladies in this program gave to me and Sid and Bailey at a time when we needed it the most. Not to mention that is saved us thousands of dollars to get feeding therapy through EI instead of going it alone and relying on insurance to pay. Just some FYI, your insurance policy has to say that it pays for speech language services in order to pay for something like feeding therapy and if it doesn't then you are left to pay out of your pocket. I have no idea if our's pays or not, but I'd been willing to guess it does not. But EI picked up the the tab for that expensive life-saver and we are so very grateful for that. I mean it's one of those things that we would have done either way, she had to have it, rather it was paid for by us or insurance or whoever. But given that EI and their providers were eager to help us and were there for us when I discovered her feeding problem, I mean having them and their support has been priceless in my opinion.

In other news, and I meant to post this on the actual day. But Pap-Paw had a birthday Monday. Was it 56 Pap-Paw?? No really I believe that he turned 86 years old and is still just one of the most important, sweeetest, and bestest men in my life.

I do have several posts up in this head of mine and you'd think with all the time that Bailey and I have been spending at home I'd have time to type them. But typing is one of those things you have to have two hands for, or I do anyway. And it seems one arm/hand is always holding/carrying a sweet baby girl. So anything that gets done while Sid is gone can only require on arm/hand. It's amazing what you can do with only one hand. She has started to cry for me some when I leave the room and Sid has her, which does make a Mama's heart proud but's going to be rough rough rough come August when she goes back to daycare. Bless her little bones....and mine!!

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