Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Really Do Promise

That I blog in my head and it never makes it here. The latest one that I blogged in my head was for last Monday, June 22nd. And it went a little like this....How In The Heck Did I Get A 6 Month Old???? I mean really, this sweet baby is growing up way too fast for this mama! On the health front, she is doing really really good considering what she has been through. We are still battling some massive reflux and are scheduled to go to the GI Specialist on Monday but I don't really think he can add anything to what we already know or are already doing for her. She gets Zantac two to three times a day and Prevacid when it is really bad. On the developmental front, she is sitting up now unassisted for long periods of time and mostly catches herself when she is falling, she can roll from her back to her stomach and sometimes loves to be on her stomach/sometimes not. When she is enjoying it she looks like she is swimming and it is the funniest thing. Nothing is touching the floor but her belly and her legs and arms are going ninety to nothing in mid-air. She is chewing on anything and everything she can get her hands on but still no teeth. She loves her baby food. The formula-not so much! If I don't think about it, she will go all day with only 2-3 bottles so I have to remember to try to get those in when I can. She is also really interested in what we are eating and grabs at our plates and cups. If I happen to be holding her when I am eating she tends to think the bite coming towards us is for her and not me. We are working on the sippy cup and she loves her some Vanilla Wafers. She has become a little leary of strangers/strange places and especially of men. I attribute that to all the men doctors she has seen in such a short period of time. Others attribute it to the fact that she and I spend so much time together that she doesn't want anyone but me. Oh and she has just recently started holding her arms out to go to someone else. There's just so much that she does new on a daily basis that it's hard to really put them all down on paper...or the blog. I did find my camera batteries yesterday so hopefully I'll get some new pictures soon.

I'm enjoying my time at home with Bailey so much and the summer is flying by. But it sure does make for long days and weeks for me when I'm used to being at work and not just sitting at home all day playing with a baby. And Bailey and I really are getting way too attached to each other. She'll be starting daycare for a day or two a week in the next week or so just so she can get used to going back and it won't be such a shock for her when I do go back to work in August. She is the type of baby that watches what other children are doing all the time and loves to be entertained so I'm not worried about daycare, just that she'll cry when I leave her and we certainly don't want that now do we??

Speaking of work, I got everything squared away with my Mississippi Master's teaching certificate. When it was all said and done I am now certified and Highly Qualified to teach anything special ed birth to 12th grade in both Mississippi and Alabama. I was rather proud of myself for that.

Well, I think we are about to take Miss Bailey swimming. Sid's at home this weekend and he always has us on the go. Maybe I'll remember the many times have you heard that???

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Val said...

Isn't that awesome that your education gave you such a great foundation to prep for Bailey, although I'm sure the hands on life experience is way harder when you can't seperate work from home...but so much more rewarding too.