Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At My Mother's Request

This wasn't at my mother's request, but rather mine.  But I had asked a blog friend who knows Lightroom waaaaayyyy better than I ever wished I could to take some of the pictures that I took of Bailey Easter Sunday and work her magic.  Thanks a ton Heather!  Go visit her blog and check out her cutie-putootie Bradley (and her photography skills)!  She sent me a few of what she's been working on, because you know me, I only sent her ten or forty.  So at my mother's request, here are a few of my favorites!!!

I love this one because it shows her initials really good....

And this picture just shows her little attitude.  It was a favorite before she editing it for me.

I'm pretty sure she was laughing at something crazy her Mimi said.

I still have lots more pictures to go and I may not share them all here because some of them may be gifts. 

But right now I'm going to bed because my little angel woke up in the middle of the night running a 103 temp.  I took her to the doc and he said he was almost sure it was flu, but flu was negative.  And I've learned that everyone in Alabama has suffered from the 24 hour bug, so I'm pretty sure that's what she has. 

Please dear Lord, have mercy on this household and do not let anyone else over here get it. 

Here are a few more that I did myself.  Hope you enjoy Mom!!!

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Heather said...

Hey, thanks for linking to me. :)
That last picture I forgot to edit out the black hole in the garbage can! I have edited it out in other photos. You will see when I e-mail them. I couldn't edit out the whole can, but editing out the black hole helped with the distraction.