Monday, April 12, 2010


We are alive.  Just been busy.  I worked so much on Easter pics last week that I never really got a chance to actually share about our Easter.  And look what happened!  We ended up with Easter weekend number 2 before I even got a chance to share about Easter weekend number 1.  Sooo, number 1 will come.

For now, enjoy number 2!

Bailey and Calissa on the lawn mower!!!  I mean what else could be more fun, right??  It never got turned on and I feel certain that if it had of, Bailey would have made a run for it.

Lord help me, I could eat her up!!!

Colin and the ole Snapper.  These kids acted like they had never seen anything better.  I guess for the moment, under Mami's old shed, there was nothing better!

Unless of course you are Mason, then you can pull out some old garden thing that probably hasn't seen the light of day in 20 years and attempt to steer it around the place.

Or you could have been like Brady, and the rest of us that I didn't get pictures of, and just enjoy having a seat under that old shed!

And, just because.....

 my sweet angel (and her sweet mullet hair) with her little flower she planted at school last week and brought home.  Tonight, I was letting her water it with a little cup of water and the child is obssessed with getting drinks of water.  She had to have herself a drink out of the cup before she gave her flower a drink, and then got mad when it was all given to the flower.  Tonight in the bathtub she literally laid down after all the water had run out and tried drinking the left over bath water.  Thankfully, it was just water that had run and not really bath water, but still?????  One of these days I'm going to be quick enough to take a picture of her brushing her teeth and sticking her head under the facet for a sip to wash her mouth out with...and spitting! 

Yep, we can thank her daddy for that one.

I finished the book "The Last Song".  Anyone read it and then seen the movie?  Sid said he'd take me but I just don't know, sometimes the movie ruins a good read.  Hence, the reason why I've never seen The Twilight Saga movies.  I started reading "The Lovely Bones" right after I finished "The Last Song."  It's not doing much for me, and for some reason I want to say I've read it before.  Hmmm!

Anyway, I do have lots to post from two weekends ago and I feel behind in the land of blog!  But it's a busy time all the way around and I just run out of time when I spend most of the day and night trying to finish a book.  Plus, I'm under a few deadlines at work and so when I get home at night, I'm just burned out of thinking.  So forgive!

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