Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Too Sexy

For my shades!!!

Haha! I know the quality of this is not so great, but I could not pass up the moment when I turned around and saw my child looking like this-all of her own doing. I think my remark was something to Sid about oh my gosh, look at YOUR daughter. She certainly does not get all this coolness from me! The big green paci just ties it all together don't you think?

Well, I did it! Or I guess I should say Sid did it. But Bailey got her MMR today. I put it off as long as I possibly could and today was finally the day. I don't know why I can't go with the changes and realize that study after study has shown there is no link between the MMR (or any other vax for that matter) and other medical conditions (specifically autism). But when you watch 3 year olds bang their heads on a concreate floor or a glass window or claw their face until blood is dripping down their chin because they have such severe autism and those self-destructive behaviors are just a part of life for them and then you hear their parents claim it all started with the MMR....I mean it's hard to shake those images and claims when you've seen it first hand. And not to mention I know first hand of one case, not with the MMR, but with another vacine, where the child got it and then had all sorts of problems arise and her doctors finally determine they think the problems originated from that vax...I mean what do you do? Well, I thought I would break the MMR up into three different shots. The M, then the other M and then the R. But as of October, 2009, the maker of the MMR no longer makes it into three different shots, even upon request. So upon further research, I discovered that parents were choosing to give the MMR alone, at a totally different time than all the other 12 month shots. And I discovered that 12 months is just a "typical" time for doctor's offices to give the shot, but the CDC and our state health department actually gives a time frame that is can be given in and as long as the child gets it within that time frame, then you are vacinating on the recommended schedule. Our state health department happens to recommend it be given between the ages of 12 and either 15 or 18 months, can't remember right off the top of my head, but I think 15 months.

Now, let's say Bailey did not attend a state run daycare and there was no one checking to make sure she was up to date on her shots and I chose not to give it to her until she was like 2, well then she would not have been given her shots as they are recommended. But because she had it within the recommended time frame, all is well. Most parents don't know there is a recommended time frame. They just listen to their doctor and if the doctor says it's time to get shots one, two and three, then the parent says ok. And before you know it, you've loaded your 24 pound toddler up with some pretty heavy duty stuff. So I chose to just spread it out a little. When we went in December for her 12 month check-up, it was discovered she had another ear infection and so shots were put off until we saw the ENT who then recommended tubes. Bailey's doctor wanted to hold off of shots until all was clear with her ears, so we were already late getting shots. She was close to 15 months and still hadn't had her 12 month shots. So I requested she have her 12 months shots EXCEPT THE MMR and her 15 month shots. She got those last month. And Sid took her today to get her MMR, which brings us up to date for everything.

Was all that necessary? Who knows??? But did I do it in a way that I felt comfortable with and was still within the recommended guidelines for shots??? Sure did!!! But her don't think I didn't face some resistance in the medical community. A resistance I really didn't expect. But anyway, it's over and done now. For years I have dreaded having to choose to give the MMR to my child, years I didn't even have a baby I freted over what I would do. I'm thankful Sid took her and I really didn't have to think about it. And guess what?? It appears she will survive...sunglasses and all!!!!

To that end, I know I've been MIA for the past few days but I am just wore slap out and I don't know why. Work is semi-stressful right now as it is IEP time and testing time and the kids are out of control because the weather is nice time. I have been working on finishing the book I was reading, The Lovely Bones, which I finished night before last. So I've just really not been online much at night.

My sweet Erin is turning 6 years old tomorrow.  I cannot believe that and it makes me soo sad and happy all at the same time.  We plan to make it to Alabama this weekend for her birthday.  I also plan to do a recap of where we were this time last year.  As you will recall, we made our first trip to Jackson on this day a year ago and were told Bailey had a birthmark in her airway.  We later found out that was not the case.  I have also been taking time to reflect upon that and how thankful I am for the outcome of that ordeal.  Just alot on my mind as we close out April and start up May.  I'll try not to be so absent from my updating, for my two faithful readers!  Hey Pappaw!  We love  you!

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Squid said...


I totally get your concerns about vaccines given the media onslaught, but encourage you to continue listening to and learning from those who have repeatedly debunked the vaccines/autism link.

Vaccine reactions are real, as you wrote. But they're also rare. I am one of those parents who thought vaccines caused my child's autism - when I forced myself to go back and review his records, photos, and videos, it was clear that vaccines had nothing to do with his atypical development. More here:

I'd also like you to know that not all parents of children with autism -- even those of us whose children have intense autism -- consider our lives a horrorshow. I blame the media for those attitudes as well; complicated but happy families are not as newsworthy as families in crisis.

Which is not to say that autism families don't experience or live in crisis - but many have no role models to support them, mentor them, assure them that they can find ways to be happy, too.

Good luck with your decisions and sweet girl.