Sunday, August 1, 2010

A New Beginning

It's August 1st.  It's 10:20 in the p.m.  And my child and I are still up.  Why?  I don't know.  I was reading my Bible.  Now, she is reading it!  Her daddy tried to take her with him to lay down.  She cried for me.  That is ok. 

Tomorrow will be rough, so to speak, for both of us.  The alarm is set early and it will be a long day. But tomorrow is also August 2nd, my birthday.  And this birthday will resemble a new beginning for me.  A new beginning that I've need for quite some time.

We went to church this morning.  Bailey went to the nursery for the second time.  She loves it.  And  I'm glad, because guess what Bro. Dan preached about. 

That's right!  A new beginning.  I wish I could go get my notes out of my pursebut as sure as I move, Bailey will be over here in a flash to press the shiny silver button that turns this machine off.  So I'll share my notes another day.  But for my remembrance sake, I just wanted to see the printed words:

That's it's August.
Work tomorrow.
Back into a routine.
My baby girl wants her Mamma at night, at bedtime, and she will have me.  Even if it's midnight before our head's hit the pillow.
My husband loves me very much and for that I am ever grateful.
I know he does, not because he tells me, but he shows me.
I am blessed with two parents who love me very much, unconditionally, and would lay down their life if that's what it took to help me. 
I know that because I am a parent now and understand that feeling.
I know that because I've seen them beg me not to make them go that far.
I have a sister who checks on me mmultiple times a day.  Two brothers who would drop anything and do whatever I needed.  A Grandfather who petitions God daily on my behalf. 
I am blessed with a mother and father and law who love me, unconditionally.
I know this, not because they tell me, but because they show me.
 Several grandparentin laws who are here if we need them.
I love a God who has gone before me, he has laid the path, he has already paid for my sins, so that I am pardoned.  He gives us second chances to make things new.
Life is new. Life is now.  It's up to me!
A new beginning!

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