Monday, October 18, 2010

18 Days of October

Well, it's looking like I'll only post once or twice in a month these days.  Work and Family have just taken over my life.  We've had much to celebrate this month, especially in the past week.  October 5th was Poppyy T's birthday.  October 13th was our 3 year anniversary.  October 14th was Mammaw's birthday.  And October 15th was Sid's birthday!!  These pictures were taken last week.  I'll show you how we celebrated Sid's birthday in a minute.

She just refused to sit down and let me a get a picture these days.  Although, when I said let's go get a picture by our pumpkins, she did pick up her white rocker and take it outside, because that's how we always take a pictures outside.

I decided to get crafty this fall, but I'm not so sure how I feel about how it turned out.

Of course Bailey and Daddy had to go on a ride around the yard on the 4-wheeler since Daddy had it out and all!  I'm not sure how I feel about this either!  There are still two peas in a pod aren't they!

Not only do we have smell goods inside for fall, but we also have pretty smell goods!

And, for our anniversary, Sid got me these beautiful flowers!!!

I was off of work on Friday for a short fall break and we decided Sid should have the day off as well.  We went to Jackson to the agri-cultural museum pumpkin patch.  It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun!

Three generation picture of Sid, his grandmother, and Bailey, on his birthday!  Mammaw lives in Jackson so she met us Friday to enjoy the fun!  This was on the hay ride and once again, Bailey was way more interested in everything but the camera.

This is probably the best picture I got this year at that pumpkin patch.  It was so easy last year to get her picture with the pumpkins and looking all cute.  Not so much this year!

We went to eat Mexican Friday night with Sid's cousin and her family for his birthday and her daughter's birthday.  Bailey looked so cute before we went,I just had to get some pictures.  Once again, when I mentioned getting a picture, she got her white rocking chair and took it to the door.  She's so darn smart.

Don't let the sweet look fool you!   She's all rotten underneath!

The many faces of Bailey!

Ok, so I started this post on Sunday night and since then, two things have happened. 
#1 - Bailey got sick in the middle of the night Saturday night.  We thought it was just a combo of things and that she would be fine.  Ten minutes later, it hit again!  Sunday morning, the bad diapers started.  It's one of those things that you think nothing is really wrong because she appears to feel fine, but it just won't stop coming.  We went to bed Sunday night thinking she was fine, but she soon let us know that she was not.  I stayed home with her today and they would have for sure been calling us by 9 am if we had gone ahead and sent her.  I'm sad she's sick, and I'm disappointed that I had to use a sick day.  This is the start of the 10th week at school and I was doing good not having to take any days yet.  I was the only one on my grade level who hadn't need at least a part of the day.  Oh well, the life of a working mom.  It just happens.

Sid's grandmother was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday (not the one shown above) and as far as I know she is still there.  Something about a urinary tract infection that was causing her to have congestive heart failure.  We sure hope she gets better and is able to come home soon.  But that cut out two people that could ordinarily help us.  And we should have known the minute that Sid took off on Friday something like this would happen.  Once again, just all being a part of a working mom.  I wouldn't trade it for a million days off!

And #2, I FINALLY got a BlogHer check in the mail.  That means that I finally had enough views of my blog for the advertisements I have on here to pay off.  You have make $25 before they will pay your first check.  It took me from February to September to get my $25, but that is just incentive enough to keep on blogging.  It could eventually pay off.  At least a new pair of shoes or something!

So, this concludes the blog post in which I combine everything that has happened the first 18 days of October.  Hopefully, I will. be back within the next few. 

Once again, Happy Birthday to everyone and Happy Fall, Ya'll!!!

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