Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Is In the Air

Man, oh man!  The weekends just don't last long enough when the weather is this pretty, your baby girl is growing by the minute and wants to explore everything, and your hubby is off work!  I have some metal pumpkins decorating my front porch, waiting on Sid to add to it to make it look better, a great Fall smelling candle to burn, and some pumpkins on the bar to decorate a bit inside.  There is a naked straw wreath on the table, waiting to be made into something fall to hang on the door.  Fall is for sure my most favorite time of the year, beating out Christmas.  And I can't wait to spend it with my 2 love's!

We had revival last week and Bailey stayed with Nene after work until we got home, which was past bedtime.  One day, she didn't get to see me at all.  That has led her to be a bit clingy, which I am loving.  She would not even allow Sid to pull the wagon on our Friday evening walk! 

Bailey must of had a week like the rest of us, because on Saturday morning, she slept until about 7:30 and was back asleep by 9:30.  She slept until noon!  And I slept with her.  Which put us starting our trip to Jackson a bit later then we would have liked.  Turns out that the furniture store had next to nothing and Sid was sick with a migraine, we were back home before we knew it.  Not without a stop into Hobby Lobby, Chick Fil A and to pick up my most fav eye shadow. 

Church this morning.  Bailey moved up in her nursery care on Sunday mornings and is now in the toddler room.  Since I am not the one to drop her off during the week, she didn't know about leaving me.  She wanted to stick that bottom lip out, but she in the last minute, she did fine.  We ate lunch and then put our Hobby Lobby finds out around the house and laid down for a nap.  Little girl must of been extremely tired again, because after being asleep for about 2.5 hours, Sid woke us up.  Guess he did so because it was getting late since we started off getting a later than normal nap. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon and night working on school work. I still don't have everything done that I'd wanted to get done this weekend.  But most of it is done and in the end, I spent that time with my Bailey and Sid, and for that I am grateful. 

The lady I carpool with is a yard sale lover and has made me into one, too!  Still not a big enough lover to get up at 6 in the morning for, but enough of one to track them down on the way to and from work through the week.  You saw the last yard sale find I got, the Barbie Jeep.  Well, let me tell you, we got some finds this past week.  We happened upon a yard sale a day early and the lady was kind enough to let us dig.  I got Bailey a long horn steer who has already had to visit the vet once and will be put down indefinitely the next time she isn't looking.  Seems it has an irreparable broken leg, a tractor and trailer for which is squealed with delight for when she saw it, and a cleaning cart, complete with vacuum, mop, broom, dust pan, and dust pan brush!  Sid says one more yard sale and we'll have to move into the bathroom because we are being taken over by the toys.  I don't think it's that bad, but still.....if you had ever told me that I would be buying my almost 2 year old daughter tractors and cows at a yard sale, I'd have called you a liar straight to your face!  But indeed, it has happened!

And what else screams fall to you other than the new fall TV line-up?  Oh, who am I kidding! I don't know what the new fall schedule is.  But I do know that Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters are back on!  And I couldn't be more excited.

We have this upcoming week in school and next week is a 3 day week for the students and a 4 day week for the teachers.  I'm hoping to get a trip to Bama up that weekend, but we'll see!

Happy Fall!  I hope to be back to blogging regularly soon!

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Heather said...

Hey! How are you doing? I haven't visited you in the longest time!
I love Fall, too! I just got some decorations at JoAnn's Fabrics the other day. :)
I also love garage sales, too. They are the best!
Hope you all are doing well!