Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So, WOW!!!!

It's really been more than a month since I've blogged. But, there has been great reason for me to not do so!!! LIFE!!!! It sure has been just moving right along. I've thought about this blog often, and how much I have time sitting down to write and journal. And you...the people who are still here looking for a post. I know you're here because I get a report of how many clicks a week my blog gets. I still get about 40 clicks a week from ya'll looking for an update. Well guess what??? I have lots to say, lots to update on. Can you believe my sweet Christmas miracle is about to be 2 years old??? We can't and it makes us so sad, but very happy all at the same time. Sad because she isn't a baby and we miss the baby stage, but happy because she is growing and thriving and so dang smart!!!! I used to think that Erin was the smartest thing I knew, and she still is, but to not even be 2 years old yet this little girl of ours knows so much. Well, she's calling me to get down from her high chair. But I will be back with lots of pictures, pictures of the tree, the story of what our life has been like the past month, and what's to come!!!!!

So silly!!!

 We get this look alot around here!!!

I was uploading some other pictures and realized I still had this picture from right before Halloween that never made it on here!  So sweet!!!

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