Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OK, So Here Goes!

Well, yes!  Yes, it is the second post in 2 days.  I might just be on a roll.  Except now I'm not because I probably just jinxed myself.

We are a "no go" for the OR room anytime soon.  It seems that either I got the wrong info on yesterday or Dr. Carron couldn't decide what he wanted to do.  At 4:30, the nurse called to ask me to come in to clinic tomorrow.  Which is doable, but not without knowing why we weren't scheduling the scope, which was the plan 24 hours ago.  The nurse really couldn't answer my questions, so I requested Dr. Carron himself to call me back.  That's why I love this man.  Because he does things like that.  He said that he did NOT want to put her under while she was sick, which I was wondering about yesterday and even quetioned to the same nurse who couldn't answer my questions today.  And he also said he wants to do a procedure in the exam room before doing the scope in the OR.  If she is not clear in 2-4 weeks, then this new plan should be a "go".  I'm not sure if I'm happy with this or not, but like I've said before, Dr. Carron ranks right up there with God and my Pappaw, so what choice to I have but to trust him???

Ok, I just heard my little hunters return from checking on something at the hunting spot that I'm quite sure is illegal.  But maybe I miss understood.  Yeah, I think I probably did!

Happy Tuesday night everyone!!!!!!!!

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