Friday, November 26, 2010

All Things Christmas-Try Shutterfly This Season!!!

WEll now that Turkey Day is behind us, Christmas is in full force.  And the top priority on my mind is getting our pictures taken to make the best Christmas Card yet.  And for our family, Christmas not only brings the birth of our Savior, but also the birth of our first born (and probably only) child.  Which means not only are we planning for Christmas and cards to go along with it, but we are also planning birthday parties and invites to go along with them.  So where do I turn to for all my card and invite needs?  I personally turn to Shutterfly!    Shutterfly has all kinds of neat things you can do with your photos to make your very own personal card for the season! 

Looking for something else this holiday season?? That's perfectly fine!!  Shutterfly has all kinds of neat gifts, such as this precious desk calendar, that is sure to delight the hearts of family both near and far!

What about after Christmas??  Do you ever send out New Year's cards???  Shutterfly is the place to visit.

One of the coolest things I personally love about Shutterfly, is only can you design your own cards and invites, but you can also desgin family keepsakes such as photo books.  One of the most meaningful moments of being a Mom was the day my husband and I had Bailey Christened by my Pappaw.  A few short weeks later, we recieved the best keepsake from that.  A photo book from Shutterfly that my mom had made using pictures that she took that day.  She was able to upload as many pictures as she wanted, edited the photos, add text to the pages, and make a hard bound book for us.  The book even has a picture of Bailey and Pappaw on the front cover along with a title and the date this all took place.  This is a book that we love to look at and will be something that we cherish, and Bailey will keep forever.  Mom didn't have to leave the house to get this done, she did it all right from the comfort of her own home, and she was even able to print out mulitple copies - so we all have one!!!

While browsing the Shutterfly site, I came upon this card, in which my heart is set upon.  Can't you just see my sweet Bailey's smile right in the middle of this card, complete with the year's date...

Don't let this holiday season get past without visiting SHUTTERFLY and having family keepsakes sent right to your door!!!!

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