Monday, December 6, 2010

When You Try To Create Your Christmas Card

But your child is 2 this go around, what happens? 


 She finally got tired of posing and decided she'd try her hand on her daddy's new netbook.  I'll have to tell you the story of Christmas laptops, but just know that this is part of his Christmas that he already has.  It's the perfect size for Bailey, but we don't let her touch it often.  Just thought these pictures were funny!

I asked her who she was writing to and she told me she was writing to her Mimi and Poppy T to tell them that she misses them very much and wishes they would come to see her very soon!

We went to Jackson this past weekend to spend some time with his grandmother.  The plan was to pick her up and go finish up some shopping that we had and then go back to her house and hang out for a bit.  Let's just say that isn't at all how it went, but we did get to go to the Christmas parade near her house.  This was the first one for Bailey and she absolutely loved it.  I've not seen her enjoy something as much as she did this in a long time.  The bad thing is we still have tons of shopping to finish up because we got none done this past Saturday like planned.

I snapped this picture before the parade and if you look closely, you'll notice a green blob of gum in Bailey's mouth.  Gum is her new kick and the child amazes me with it.  Sometimes she makes the mistake of swallowing it right when she gets it, but most of the time she will keep it.  She kept this piece for a good two hours on Saturday.  AM-A-ZING!!!!

Tonight was Philadelphia's parade and it was freezing cold.  Bless her little heart!  But Sid got her a minnie tobaggon in the style of a ski mask.  Nothing but her eyes and nose showing!  When I saw it I swore up and down she would never wear that thing on her head.  But she did.  She wore it the entire time she was out in the cold.  Her big down coat that Mom and Dad got her last year for Christmas still, ironically, fits so she was very warm in her layers of clothes and all that.  But it was just so cold!  To end the day, we all went to eat Mexican becasue we needed supper, but also because Brady found out today that he made the varsity baseball team for this year.  It was a big deal to him and lots of his friends didn't make it, so we wanted to honor him and let him know we were all proud of him.  He's a great little ball player.  Reminds me of the time and effort my brothers put into ball and how time consuming it was. 

Well, I'm off to see if there were any Christmas cards pictures took the other night that are usable.  If not, enjoy our sweet girl in her show off mode in the cutest Christmas outfit of the year!!!

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