Monday, February 27, 2012

The Dresses

Lots of people have asked about the dresses.  When my sister, Maggie, was a baby, my mom would make her these fancy dresses.  They were soooo very pretty.  But she is saving those dresses for Maggie, of course.  She has made a few for my niece, Erin, but as time has gone on, she just doesn't really have the time to devote to making one of these dresses.  If you don't know her, my mom is one of those ladies that is sort of a "can do it all " ladies.  It does not matter what it is my mom is doing, it always turns out prefect.  She might wait until the last minute, or operate on her own agenda, but in the end, it is always well worth it.  Anyway, Maggie will have dresses, and Erin has dresses, and Mom wanted Bailey to have a dress, too.  So she found what she wanted and got a lady to make it.   Since the twins were so little and didn't really need much this Christmas, Mom got them their dresses.   So now all 3 of my girls have a dress alike, and although I don't get custody of the dresses now, I'm sure Mom has some bang of an idea of what we will do with them next.

I took a few pictures of the dresses just have on hand and thought I'd share.

The dress, from basically top to bottom. The one Mom made for Erin was reminds me alot of these dresses and Erin wore it in Maggie's wedding.  So Mom could do this if she had the time!

Close up of the top!  That satin ribbon tied in a big bow in the back.

Mom has a great big monogramming machine that I am  uber jealous of.  Ellie Jane Whitehead

Elissa Marie Whitehead

Thanks Mom and Dad!  We LOVE these dresses and know that all 3 of our girls will cherish them for a long time to come!

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