Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Ole Blog Just Ain't What It Used To Be

So, SO many times over the past almost two years, I've thought to myself how desperately I needed to get back to blogging.  Then there have been so many times that I've referenced this blog in finding pictures, dates, etc. and that really made me feel guilty about not blogging the past almost two years. 

But life is SO full right now.  And most nights, when I finally get to sit down, and blogging crosses my mind, I'm so exhausted that getting the computer out feels like the most daunting of tasks.  So I go another day and here we are- almost two years later.

I blame it on facebook and the ipad (and the camera on the iphone).  They have made me lazy.

But there is SO much floating around in my head for blog material and I owe to my girls and myself to keep this little journal of sorts.  I usually print a book each December and it's so easy to use the blog and pictures to make it month by month. This past December I couldn't even get one because I had no good pictures with my good camera to do anything with.

However, my girls are getting bigger.  We are hitting the fast lane, so it seems and I don't want to forget. 

SOOOOO, I'm bbbbbaaaacckkkkk!  Hope you all enjoy catching up!

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