Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time, Time, Time

Where does it go when you have a baby? Bailey and I did not make it to Alabama for Andrew's birth because Sid had to work and I just didn't want to make the trip alone with Bailey considering the weather we were suppose to have last weekend. It's a good thing I didn't since there was quite a bit of snowfall in Alabama and a little in Mississippi on Sunday. Now Bailey has a bad cold and so I don't want to chance her being around Andrew so unless she gets considerably better in the next day, we will not get to meet the little man this weekend either.

I took Bay to the doctor Monday morning because her cold got worse over the weekend. They tested her for RSV and the flu but she was negative for both. They just said she had the crud but gave her an antibiotic anyway just to be on the safe side. Sid kept her at home Monday and then she has been at daycare with me the rest of the week. It's really hard having her right down the hall and hearing her cry and not running in there every time to see what's wrong. They are really good to my baby though so I don't have alot to complain about.

So what about The bacholor? I fell asleep last night and I didn't get to watch the "after the rose rose cermony" or whatever drama they were calling it. But I did manage to stay up for the 3 hour show on Monday night.

We have to get up really really early, at like 5 or so since I have to be at work at 7. I want to make sure I have enough time to do whatever Bailey needs in the morning before we leave. Sid has been getting up with her and starting her bottle until I get ready. Then I take over and finish her up, change her diaper and clothes, wash her face, and head out the door. So far, so good! Other than that, there isn't really anything exciting or new going on. I just hope we get to meet our new little guy sometime really soon!

Andrew was born on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009 at like 12:02 p.m. and weighed 8 lbs 10 ounces. I can't remember how long he was!

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