Sunday, September 5, 2010

For $40

I got this smile...

The lady I carpool with is the probably one of the funnest friends I've had.  She reminds me alot of my mom with her personality.  So it won't surprise you that we were yard selling before 7 am Friday morning on our tirp to work.  I ended up getting this Barbie jeep and it was so worth my $40 just to see how much fun Bailey has had with it this weekend.

She looks so big riding in it.

I say riding because she doesn't actually drive it, but rather just pushes the gas and goes.  She doesn't know how to steer it yet.


But oh does she enjoy it!

Mom and Dad came to town Saturday morning and picked up Sid to go to the State game.  I figured this was the most appropriate oppurtunity to break out last years find...

The Mississippi State cheerleader outfit.  Bailey thought so, too!

I meant to get a picture of all of them together before they headed out, but when Dad said let's go, I knew he didn't intend to stand around for a picture.  So I just let them go.  I did get a picture of Sid and Bailey, though, before Mom and Dad got here.

Mom and Dad have been here all weekend and will leave sometime tomorrow to go home, which will cause at least two of the three of us to shed a few tears.  We so enjoy having them visit.  They'll be back before we know it though. 

It was such a beautiful weekend.  Bailey and I went to my friend's house that I ride to work with and hung out for a bit while everyone else was gone to the game.  Her husband had gone, too!  We played in her playroom until her hearts were content and tired.  Then we made it home for bed.  It was a win-win for everyone this weekend.

Oh speaking of winning, we went to the casino this afternoon after we had naps and Sid got home from work.  Let's just say we all came home on the up and up!!!

My sweet baby is just getting so big!!!!  Here she was last year in September in that same cheerleader outfit...

Hope ya'll have a great Labor Day weekend!!!!

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