Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 Weeks Old!

I'm a day late (and a good picture short) on the week old post.  Oh well! If you were living at my house right now, you'd be proud of me to even have a picture and time to sit and type at all. 

Yesterday, on Sept 2nd, the babies were 3 weeks old.   I would have been 36 weeks yesterday.  I think it's amazing that the babies are here and thriving, when they should still be growing on the inside for a little bit longer.  Nothing but the Good Lord!!! 

We had our first well-baby checkup yesterday at the peditrician's office.  Elissa weighed 5.15 and Ellie weighed 5 exactly.  These babies are growing growing growing.  And I can really tell.  The visit was a good one.  We just discussed their NICU stay and history and then they had an exam.  They will have to have hip ultrasounds sometime in the next few weeks since I carried them both breach, but the doctor didn't note any concerns.  Elissa's heart murmur is barely there now, so it's almost closed up and both babies have thrush so we are treating (and trying not to spread to anyone else) for that. 

I feel like we are still adjusting and I feel like I don't know when we won't be adjusting anymore.  I think it's been such a whirl-wind being home this week with all the visitors and things we've had to do with the babies (they've had 3 different visits we've had to go to) and Mom and I have just not had time to do any resting.  Mom kept the babies all night on Wednesday night and I got to sleep with Bailey and Sid in our bed for the first time since August 11th.  That made me feel better on Thursday, and Friday was an ok day, but then Friday night I got a little up-tight and got no sleep.  The babies do great.  They wake up, eat, and go back to bed.  I have had plenty of help to get rest, I just can't seem to let my body settle down once everyone else does. 

So, I tried to get pictures when we got back from the doctor.  Here's how it turned out:

Sweet Ellie.  I promise she is a girl.  But when I saw this picture, all I could see was her daddy in a pink smocked dress.

Then I tried to get both of Ellie and Elissa together.  Elissa, poor sister wasn't having it.

I thought maybe if seperated them Elissa would settle down.  Not a chance!!

The, she finally did!!!

But not for long.
Sooo, that's all we get for 3 week pictures!!!  Maybe month pictures will be better.

While I was uploading pictures, these were on the camera from last weekend.  So technically these are 2 week pictures.

I'd say Poppy T might have some talent after all!!!


AbbyS. said...

they are looking so good!!
I am 34 weeks tomorrow and getting so nervous that this could be me any day!

Jenna said...

They are so precious!

JayandEva said...

I randomly came across your blog while blog stalking teachers. I gave birth to twins on May 9 at 33 weeks gestation, and we spent 5 weeks in the NICU. So they will be four months old this week. I am sure you are completely overwhelmed by everything (as was I), but I promise it will get easier! Wishing you the best while you adjust to life at home as a family of 5!!!