Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hail State-Go Dawgs!! (And The Twins Are 6 Weeks Old)

Bailey has really been into football this season for some reason.  Sid and Dad have gone to a couple of games and she was adamant that she wanted to go to a football game.  She quickly picked up on the whole "Go Dawgs/Who Let The Dogs Out/cowbell thing and loved to say it and watch it on TV.  Dad wasn't able to make it back for the game this weekend, which was MSU/LATech.  So Sid told Bailey he'd take her.  When he told her this, he thought the game was at 11:00, but by the end of the week it had been changed to 6:00.  We knew there was no backing out, so we bit the bullet and made plans to go.  Nene and Jerry kept the babies.  ( I must say that since all I've done is eat/breathe/sleep babies (I'm not sure what my over-use of the ( ) and the / is all about) for the past 6 weeks, it felt really odd to be on such an adventure and know that I had left 2/3 of my children behind.)

 Apparently, Mom and Dad pay some good money to somebody because we wheeled right on in a parking lot and parked no further than a half a mile away from our seats.  I only saw about 5 parking spots that would have been closer.  I despise SEC stadiums for the simple fact that I don't know who came up with the idea that a circular up-hill ramp to the upper deck was the way to go, but climbing that thing has never been my idea of fun.  Well, I followed Sid to our seats yesterday thinking "nobody told me we were sitting on the field with the players."  We didn't go up, we went down!  We were on row 13 (I think) of our section, right behind the La Tech players, right in front of the cheerleaders, right next to and in front of the student section, and not too far away from the band.  Bailey was in heaven.

On our stroll into the stadium, we were able to stop and listen to the band play and watch them march in.  I wish I had a picture of Bailey's face when all those cowbells started ringing during and after the fight song.

I took a few pictures before we left and took the rest with the iphone.

She really was in no mood to have her picture made apparently.

I dressed the babies in their MSU stuff and tried to get a few pictures of all of them.  This is the prime reason I'm not wasting my money on professional pictures right now.

This is exactly how it would all turn out!!!!!

And finally, at the game, someone LOVED ringing her pink cowbell (that her daddy made just for her)!  I texted my friend Jennifer, who was sitting on the other side telling her I was having a hard time tolerating the bell.  She texted back and "girl you got to respect the bell."  I let her know that we were beside the student section and there were bells EVERYWHERE!  She texted back and said "oh, they probably don't respect the bell."  haha!  Little did she know I had this little darling ringing one in my ear the whole night.  Look how intent she is.  She loved watching the student section and when those bells would go up, she'd grab her's and when they'd go down, she'd put her's down.  So I'd say she respecting the bell as much as the student body did!!  She danced and she cheered and she clapped.  Oh, she had a great time!

She wouldn't let me take her picture.  She kept saying, "I don't want my picture made."  There was so much going on around her, she just couldn't look!
For some reason, the dinger in her bell kept getting stuck and I thought this was a cute picture of her trying to fix it.

We left at the start of the 3rd quarter, but I think Sid secretly wished we hadn't since the game went into to overtime with State scoring to win the game.  I'll have to admit, for someone who generally doesn't like things like this, we did have an awesome time.  And believe it or not, Ellie and Elissa made it a few hours without me.

Speaking of Ellie and Elissa, they turned 6 weeks old on Friday.  Ya'll know I'm always a few days late posting.  As you now from my last post, we spent their 6 week birthday in Jackson.  I had my follow up, which everything went fine, and the girls had hip ultrasounds to rule out any problems since I carried them breech.  The pediatrician doesn't think there are any problems, but just something routine she likes to do.  We will find out those results on Monday.  I did snap a few pictures, although they aren't very good, right before we left just to have a 6 week picture.

Ellie always looks out the window when she is beside it.  Or I guess she is technically looking at the light since she can't see out the window.

Someone always ends up trying to eat the other one!

Someone always gets fussy!

And Ellie never gets rid of that "what in the heck are we doing here" look. But they are sweet sweet babies!!!!

Saturday, we took an early nap and all 3 girls snuggled up together.

Today has been a day of nothing but sleep, eat, and more sleep.  It's 6:47, the babies are chomping at the bit for their bedtime bottle and Bailey is already sacked out in the bed.  I don't think Sid and I are far behind them.


Gail said...

Bailey and the twins are simply adorable! What cute cheerleaders - cheering their Dawgs to victory. My son is a senior at State, and we have visited many times...a beautiful campus with lots of Southern hospitality!

Gail from Annapolis, Maryland

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Even if she is wearing the wrong shade of red, Bailey is adorable in her outfit! I'm so glad the three of you had this time together...and you know those babies were fine for a few hours with their grandmother. :)