Monday, October 31, 2011

Two Little Pumpkins

Oh! My sweet babies.  Their first Halloween.  I didn't really think there was much of a costume that would be appropriate for 11 week old babies.  So, I opted for these precious pumpkin outfits.  They came in a size 0-6 months.  When they first arrived, I thought we might need to save them for next year.  As it turns out, I have to return their Christmas outfits I bought at the same time.

The babies were soooo hungry and upset when I finally got around to getting out the camera yesterday after the fall festival.  I hope to get some better pictures today, and of course with the big sister!

But for now, Happy Halloween from Elissa (Baby A and the bigger baby) and Ellie (Baby B and her tiny self!!)

Ellie was not a happy camper that she was getting her picture made instead of eating!

Finally got a bottle, but still not too happy with Mom and the camera.  Bless her!

Mom, can't a girl just go to sleep???


Now it's sister's turn to be mad!  Notice how big sister is???
Finally got a paci, ready to go to sleep.
Here we go again!
Finally somebody gets a little happy!

Sweet little Halloween legs!  Look at the difference in their lengths!

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