Monday, October 10, 2011

The Weekend

So, I didn't take as many pictures this past weekend being at home as I had hoped to do.

But we made the trip this past weekend to Alabama for a very special reason.  My brother got married.  He and Erica had a small, sunset ceremony at Palisades Park with my pap-paw marrying them and Erin and Andrew at their sides.  Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of all of this. (Heck, I was so consumed with my 3 children (do you know how different life is when you grow from 1 to 3 kids all of the sudden) anyway I was so consumed with them that I didn't even recognize their photographer, who was a high school friend.  He kept calling me by name and taking random pictures, but I didn't realize until the next day that I did, indeed know him.)  Erica looked very pretty and it was very nice, with a reception there at the park afterwards.   Really cool that they had it planned right as the sun went down. They had some awesome food, too.   Congratulations to the two of you, Chris and Erica, and we hope that you are very happy for many, many years!

It was really chilly up on top of the cliff there at the park where they got married and we got the twins out of their stroller for pictures and from there, they were held the entire time wrapped in blankets, so my hands were full.  All three girls even wore dresses that matched that were made especially for them by a friend of Nene's. I don't even have a picture of that.  I wished I did.

Other than the wedding, we just pretty much hung out at home and had some visitors drop in as they learned we were home.  It was a relatively easy trip, considering that I gave Dad a list and he bought things to have and keep at their house so I didn't have to pack up stuff from home and worry about keeping up with it all weekend.  He got bottles for their house and the whole set up you need to wash and dry and store 10 bottles per day.  He got diapers and wipes and burp clothes and extra paci's and nursery water and rice. All I had to do was bring the kids, their clothes and some formula.  That made it very easy.

We also took the babies' nap nannies.  Elissa slept in her's like normal, but Ellie ended up the bed with me and Sid on Thursday night and Friday night.  I finally realized it was because she slept on her tummy in the bed with us.  So on Saturday night, I put her to bed on her tummy, not in the nap nanny, and she went right to sleep with no fussing.  She has slept on her tummy ever since.  She is able to pick her head up and move it from side to side, and other than covering up with a blanket, there isn't anything else that she can get her head buried under in her crib.  I feel ok letting her do this. I think that sleeping on her tummy in the bed with us is a more dangerous than in her own crib on her tummy.  Both she and Elissa have slept in one crib on their tummies for the first half of the night and in their nap nanny after they wake to feed.

But it was a great trip and we were sad to go.  I don't know when we plan to go home again, but it won't be something that I dread.

The babies were starving when we got back home and they got all fussy waiting on me to make bottles and they really haven't gotten out of the fussy stage since. I think they were held just about all weekend and didn't have to wait on anything that they've forgotten all those people that loved  on them all weekend aren't at home with us.  They haven't let me out of their sight today.  Elissa, bless her heart, is either over eating or bothered by her reflux, but she has been VERY uncomfortable and fussy today.  I hope to get to the bottom of that.  They went to bed early tonight and I hope they are back on schedule because last night they were up and down all night.  Made for a very long day today.

I'm sad to say that we've had a death in the family.  Sid's Uncle Danny, Jerry's brother, passed away last night.  He was only in his 50's but had some health problems recently and from what I understand, he had a heart attack. I'll be going to the visitation tomorrow night with Sid but will be staying home with the babes on Wednesday instead of going to the funeral because of time/location/no sitter.  The babies had their 2 month check up with shots scheduled for Wednesday, but I changed it to Friday just in case. We are very saddened by Danny's death and love them all very much.

I did want to post the other few pictures I did take this weekend.

Chris, Maggie and Ellie

Pap-paw, Erin, and Elissa

Pap-paw, Erin, Chris, Bailey, Elissa and Ellie

Maggie, Pap-paw, Bo, and Elissa

Bo, Maggie, Ellie, and Elissa (let me just say here that I was VERY impressed with Bo and Maggie's ease around the babes this weekend.  Maggie did a great job of just handling them and Bo did a great job of just helping Maggie handling them.  It was really kind of sweet to watch.  Just think Mags, this could be you one day.....)

Sweet Erin!

Andrew and Elissa, he was all about these babies on Saturday when they were there.
Going home always make me very homesick, but even more so this time when I had to pack up 3 sweet girls and leave.  I know no matter where we are, we'd be homesick but it just makes me miss the familiar all too much at times like these.

I'll try to post a "milestones" post later in the week since the babies will officially be 2 months old on Wednesday!!

OHH! I almost forgot, I chopped my hair off.  Well, technically I didn't chop it off, Erica did, but so far I'm loving it. It's really short, but very easy to dry and style, which is so what I needed.  Mom got her hair cut short and every time I looked at her I thought how good it looked, so I decided to do the same.  The textures of our hair is completely different, so I feel her's looks different, but they tell me it looks the same.  But really, I LOVE my new do!!!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

So glad to hear you had a great first trip, Barbie! I know what a production it is to travel, but it's awesome you got this first one under your belt. :)

Love-love-love all the beautiful pictures of the babies, and it's always fun for me to see your family in pictures, too.

Best wishes to Chris and Erica! :)