Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just A Good Ole Nap!




Bailey is doing just great today! She is doing just what the doctor's want her to be doing. A lot of NOTHING!! Just napping and resting and letting that airway heal. I finally realized today that I think why I am not as upset this go around with the vent as I was at birth is because she is only on the vent at this point for airway control, not because her lungs aren't working. Airway control is much much less worrisome and easier to do than making underdeveloped lungs work. We got to see her incision today and it might be an inch long, if that long and has a little tiny drain strip coming from it, but it isn't really draining all that much. Right now, because of what she is breathing in and out with the vent settings, we know that she has alot of inflammation in her airway, which is why she is on the vent. But as long as there is that much inflammation, she cannot come off the vent. So Dr. Carron explained to us today that if we see that the swelling has gone down and she isn't needing the vent as much as she is now on Friday, that he'd just take the vent out and let her go to a regular room and finish healing. BUT, if she still has as alot of swelling and inflammation on Friday, he'll take her back to the OR, take the vent out, and see what happens, asses the situation. There is a possibility she's have to be re-intubated (but the vent back in). At which case, she'd go back to the PICU. They will start some steroids tomorrow afternoon to help with the swelling and so we do hope that she can be extabated on Friday and moved to the floor and off the PICU floor.

Also, she developed a fever at some point over the night and tonight when we left she still had it. They are giving her Tylenol as needed for it and it does bring it down, but then it goes right back off when the Tylenol wears off. Soooo, they might do some cultures just to make sure there is no infection anywhere. I'm about to call and find out what her temp was at 9:00.

Sid and I stayed at the hospital today from 8:45 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We had a few visitors and alot of quite time by Bailey's bedside. She isn't as out of it as I thought she'd be so when she does open her eyes we are there. We appreciate all of your calls and prayers. Bailey even got mail at the hospital today! Please continue to pray that the swelling in her airway goes down and that her fever will stay away. We will have an update tomorrow around 9:00 a.m. when we see her for the first time tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be tomorrow night before I post!
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