Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update From the Bedside!

I was so out of it last night that I forgot to tell that we could bring the laptop and access the WiFi at the hospital. So I've caught up on my blog reading today while sitting her with my sweet girly girl!

So, on with the plans: Sedation will be turned off at 6 in the morning and Bailey will go to the OR at 7. They will take out the big vent tube and scope her for assessment. If there is still alot of swelling, they will put in a smaller vent tube and bring her back to the PICU, still unsedated. Dr. Carron will either take that smaller tube out sometime tomorrow afternoon or early Saturday morning. At that time, she'll go to a room. If by chance they can take the big tube out in the morning and leave it out, she'll probably still come back to the PICU for observation just to make sure there is no breathing distress before she goes to a room.

She still has a pretty high fever that is able to be handled with some tylenol. But once the tylenol wears off, it goes back up. They did some cultures to see if she might have something like that going on, but they won't be back for a few days. They did start a new antibiotic just in case.

Other than that, all is well in PICU-land! I just thank God this ordreal seems to be almost over and we'll be home in no time. Unless I've just jinxed us by saying that. Hopefully not!

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