Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is NOT The Rest Of The Story

But rather a posts of some firsts! Yes, that's right, we have some firsts at the Whitehead household this weekend.

I have been a bit worried about Bailey not rolling over yet. She will roll to her side but stop there and I think mainly she just couldn't take her hand out of her mouth long enough to roll the rest of the way over. And although she is ahead in just about everything else, I knew she should have already been rolling over. And this morning she did just that. Not once, but twice. Then the hand went back in her mouth and that was it.

And why the hand in her mouth??? I've been saying for a long time that she is teething because she is constantly chewing on whatever she can get her hands on and when she can't get her hands on anything, she just uses her hand and fingers. And this morning I think I finally feel a little bit of tooth that has broken through the skin. So she has had some Tylenol and is taking a much needed nap.

And one more first, we FINALLY have our first pair of shoes that actually fit. I brought Bailey a pair of sandals about two months ago I guess and her toes wouldn't even come to the end of them. They were way to big, but they were the smallest size. Well, yesterday while we were out, I found a pair of sandals that are almost identical to the ones I bought a few months ago and although they are still a bit too big, you can see the end of some of her toes. Sooo, we bought them and now we have her first pair of shoes. I can't wait until she starts walking or moving around more and we can buy her some "real" shoes like a pair of keds or something. But for now I'm excited that we have something we can put on her feet with her cute little dresses and outfits.

Oh and while we were at Sam's Wholesale yesterday my big girl sat in the front of the buggy strapped in and I almost cried. I cannot believe she is getting so big. Even though she will still snuggle and hopefully will always be my snuggle bug, she is turning into more of a baby than a newborn and it makes me sad. But at the same time, we are having so much fun.

We got her an Evenflo SmartSteps ExerSaucer yesterday and Sid put it together last night before we went to bed. It has so much stuff on it I think is a bit overwhelmed. But the few times I have put her in it she has been really sleepy and tired. I'm hoping when she wakes up she will sit and play but with my luck she won't want anything to do with this $100 toy!!!

I'll finish up the hospital story in the next post....maybe!!!

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