Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Little Girl Is A Trooper

Bailey made it through surgery just fine today. It lasted about 2 and a half hours and then they took her to the PICU. It was a little emotional to see her sedatede with the vent tube in once again, but she looked better than I expected her to. She is on some meds for the pain, antibiotic and something for sedation. But she is just lightly sedated because she can open her eyes and look at us and squeeze our finger and wrinkle that little fore head. She has one little incision in her neck that is wrapped up so we haven't seen it and her arms are lightly restrained so she won't pull the tube out. From what I've seen, that's a good thing.

I feel almost releived that we've come this far and I feel we are on the home stretch now. Dr. Carron says he plans to extubated her on Friday and then she'll move to a regular room at which time we can spend the nights with her too. We could actually spend the night with her now, if we wanted to sleep by her bed in the middle of the PICU in a regular chair. We don't. So we are accross the street at the Cabot Lodge where it will take all of two mins to get to her should something happen. But it won't. She's doing just great and God is good. So good!!

Dr. Carron said her stenosis was a grade 3, meaning she had a 70%-90% restriction in her airway. It's a million miracles she has not contracted an URI (upper respiratory infection). Dr. Carron says we should go home on Monday if all goes according to planned and then she'll have to wait another week to go back to daycare. For the time being, I have some new books and plan to sit by her bedside all day tomorrow after a great nights rest tonight!!!

Keep our little Bay in your prayers still. She is so so strong and we are so proud of her. Once again she has made us proud that she is ours and we are her's!!

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