Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Much Is Going On

I know it's been almost a whole week since my last post, and although we've been super busy, not much is really going on. Let's see....Mom was here and stayed until Thursday morning. She and Boo stayed at home and hung out Wednesday and if the truth be told, she should have never left when she did. For when she arrived at home, she passed a kidney stone. "A WHAT?" you say. Yes, she packed up and drove the 3+ hours home, all the while knowing something wasn't quite right. And before it was all over, she passed a kidney stone. We are so glad she came and so so sad to see her go, but we're still mad about that packing up and driving home when she knew she shouldn't have thing. So we won't discuss it further.

Sid was off this past weekend so he did what most guys that are human and warm blooded and breathing do, and that is go work on his hunting spots. Or whatever they call it. He left out really early Saturday morning took Bailey with him. He dropped Bay off at his mom's house and she hung out there and played for the better part of the morning. I got in some much needed sleep, maybe a little too much because by the time they got home I just didn't feel like doing we didn't. Sunday morning we went to his grandmother's church with the rest of the family for their Homecoming and then had lunch there. It was so good. And I think Mammie enjoyed having us all there. When we got home, I just wanted to stay stretched out on the couch. It was raining and dreary. But our laptop, that has served its people well during its lifetime, is on its last foot of its last leg. It wouldn't take too terribly much and the thing would just shut off, never to be revived again. Soooooo we decided to go to Meridian to Best Buy and get a new one. Yep, I'm typing on it now. We went with another Dell and I think we're gonna like it just fine. We went to the mall and then to Babies R Us to look at some big girl car seats. And of course today was Monday, back to work.

I have had some pain in my right side and back and just sort of all over in that area. I went to the doctor today after school and of course have a UTI and the doc says a kidney stone. But I've seen Sid with his kidney stone and I can assure you that I am not in any way near the shape he was in with his, so I'm doubtful. We'll see. I hope I don't eat those words.

We finally got all the clothes in that I ordered on my maniac ebay shopping spree for Bailey. The smocked dresses are just too much. She wore the orange one with the green tractor yesterday to church. I can't wait for her to wear them all. Oh, and mom got her her very first ever first pair of tennis shoes. White and pink nike's. Too cute. I'll have to take a pic of those and post them so I can always remember them. She wore them on our shopping trip yesterday and they make her look like such a big girl. Sid can't wait to do his yard decorations for Fall and then we are going to get some professional pictures of Bay done. Speaking of big girl, NeNe wanted to get her some clothes yesterday and JC Penny's carries a big selection of Carter's. They have some cute girlie outfits that are romper like out for Fall and on sale for $8.99. They just look so big but they'll fit her and in a way it just makes me sad that sweet little 6 pounder is getting to be such a big, sweet girl. She is now crawling full-force, and going after everything she shouldn't have. Last night she played with the computer box for like an hour. To heck with that pile of toys sitting right next to her. And tonight, she stood up on the bathtub and proceeded to throw her cup full o water out of the bathtub. Silly girl!! Big girl!!

I hope everyone has a great week, even though Monday has come and gone!!! I have lots of pics I want to share, so hopefully I can get them loaded and posted.

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