Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bailey Says......






I just couldn't resit. If I had my rathers she'd be in an Auburn cheer leader outfit. But this was so adorable and I figured her Pap-paw and Poppy T would so appreicate it. So we threw in the tiger in for good measure. Too bad I didn't think about this before last weekend. Oh well! I can't remember everything now can I?

And would you ever guess our little cheer leader is sick? Sid had to pick her up from daycare today and take her to the doctor. She's had a cough for about a week but no fever and of course acts just fine. But in the past 48 hours it got worse and last night I noticed wheezing but I still didn't think much of it because I was just sort of glad it wasn't swine flu. But then her daycare director texted me and said she was worried about the way that she sounded. So Sid to the rescue. Thankfully he was able to go get her and take her to the doctor. He got there at about 1:00 with her and I got off at 3:20 and was able to go be with them at the doctor and it was almost 5:15 before we left there. It took for freakin Her regular ped couldn't see us today, which is another story that I'm sure I'll tell about later, but anyway we loved the doctor she saw and he said she sounded worse than she looked, that it was a touch of bronchitis with maybe some asthma like symptoms. We are treating her with an antibiotic and some breathing treatments. NeNe is coming to keep her tomorrow just so she can stay at home and rest. We are thankful for that. And hopefully she'll be all better after a long weekend.
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Tiphanie G said...

There is no denying she is Sid's little girl!! I can't believe how big she's getting to be.