Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank The Good Lord

That September is about to roll to a close. We have not, and I repeat, HAVE NOT, had a good week. Like I said earlier Bay was diagnosed with RSV Monday. Sid took her back to the doctor Tuesday morning for an assessment to see if the hospital was in our future. Somehow, I've been told that somehow was my begging and pleading, because after all, our sweet little girl has spent her fair share of days in one hospital or another, but anyway, somehow, we escaped the hospital on Tuesday. Mom arrived Tuesday afternoon to find that she was NOT happy with the way Bailey looked or sounded and was going to see to it that whatever the doctor wanted to do with her Wednesday was going to be done, despite my begging. Meanwhile, I keep saying my throat is hurting really bad, and being the Barbie that I am, I get mom and Sid to look in my throat, blah blah blah. Life goes on!

And let me back up to say that on Monday at the doctor's office, they did an X-ray and said it looked a little messy but didn't see any pneumonia. And what I call the doctor is not really the doctor. Bailey sees a pediatric nurse practitioner where our sister-in-law works and we adore them. They have been so good to me as a first time Mom and to Bailey and although she isn't technically a doctor, I trust her. Her name is Katie.

Ok, so Mom took Bailey back to Katie's on Wednesday morning, and it was reported that her chest was so tight she was moving no air and she was sating at 89% and the radiology report had come back that her X-ray on Monday did show pneumonia. Meanwhile, I'm at the doctor having a streap and flu test run because that sore throat turned into a 103 temp overnight. Could it get any worse?

Well, here's the deal, apparently a nurse practitioner can't write orders to admit to the hospital, so she calls Children's in Jackson and alerts them that Bailey is on her way and packages up all the info they will need from what has happened Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for the ER doctor at Children's to review and do his own assessment on her. Mom and Sid, with the help of Ne Ne, because by this point, I've been treated for the flu and streap throat and am laid back up in bed, pack up for a week's stay at the hospital and off they go. Well, once they get to Children's a new RSV test is done and a new X-ray is done. It is determined that she does not have RSV anymore, that is on the mends. And they pneumonia that was seen in her Monday's Xray is no where to be found. So, they send them back home on their merry way, saying since she hasn't had fever since Monday, she's safe to go back to daycare. Can you imagine my horror?

Mom took her back to the doctor here this morning and she was sating at 97% oxygen and her white count had come down even more to like 14. She's still wheezing and has that nasty cough but Katie was happy with how she looked and sounded today so she didn't have to refer us to a different hospital for hospital type treatments. She is looking and feeling much better. Mom has some good eats on the stove. I went to work til about 1:00 and had made it as long as I could but am on the mends as well.

Shew! It has been a heck of one!! But I think, I just think, that we just might, might, might, be getting better. Thank goodness for a Mimi and a Mam-maw when you need one. Oh, and a Sid who stands in for both of us when I'm laid up sick as heck too!

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