Saturday, September 5, 2009

You Win Some, You Lose Some

It appears that the natives get restless when I don't blog, Aunt Maggie, so while it's pouring outside and some drab movie is on LifeTime and Bailey's snug in her bed for a nap, I decided to update. Oh and Sid's at work, and it's Saturday. Ya'll need to know anything else?? Just kidding!!

So, work has been great. Things are still going great with the intern. She's pretty good and even other teachers have commented on how "natural" she seems to be. The kids are trying her and it's hard for me to step back and let her handle it like I'm supposed to be doing it, but I am and she is holding her own.

Yesterday, three of the four sped teachers and my intern went to the casino for a symposium on fetal alcohol syndrome. The lady who spoke was from Washington State and from what she said and the organization in MS that put the synposium on, it sounds like MS leads the way in dealing with this issue. It's not something I've thought about often I don't guess because most of the kids I've had like this are effected by drugs, or so I think. But anyway, it was stated that FAS is one the ONLY preventable birth defect. So I sat the whole time mad at these mothers who have to detox before birth and then have babies who are born disable for life because of something the mother chose to do of her own free will and all I wanted to know was what happened to these mothers who do this to their kids. The mother speaking had like 3 kids of her own and then like 10 adopted children. Of those 13 kids like 7 or so of them had FAS. One would think these would have been the adopted kids and through the whole speech she kept referring to her adopted kids. But at the end of the speech, she told her background and was/is an alcoholic and it turns out her oldest child was diagnosed with FAS at the age of twenty something after this lady learned of FAS. I just don't know how I feel about this. On one hand I feel that if a child or adult is diagnosed with FAS at any age, the mother should be charged with child abuse or neglect. But on the other hand, I just don't know enough about to make an educated say in what should happen to these mothers. However, these children are hurt for life. So....who can go the casino without slipping a few bucks in the ole slot machine. Certainly not me and I walked away $150 richer than I was before I went in. Yay for me.

And that's a good thing because I've been on a "Bay needs all things smocked" this past week. I got her a few dresses from Ebay and I can't wait for them to come in. One is for Easter, one is for Fall, and the other is for her Pap-Paw with tractors smocked on it. Too sweet!!! But, when it comes to Ebay you do win some and then you lose some. I bid on a one year bday smocked dress last night that was new and was only $17. This morning I woke up to find that I was outbid and lost the dress to some chum who got it by a mere .50 cents. 17.50 and I could have a brand new smocked dress for her bday too.

Speaking of Ebay, I ran accross this website It's really neat but you have to have a referral number to sign up. If you wanted to sing up this is how it'd work. I'd give you my referral number and then you'd go to the website and join, it's free. Once you are logged in, you can shop from thousand's of retailers, ebay being one of them. So, let's say you wanted to buy something from ebay. You'd log into bigcrumbs and then go the Ebay icon and click on it. This takes you directly to Ebay and you sign in there like you always do. You look for what you want and bid on it. If you place the winning bid on your item by signing into bigcrumbs first, then you are awarded a portion of the seller's fee. Don't ask me how or why, but it does work, because I've make $4.73 this week by doing this. Remember that I said you had to have a referral number in order to join. So I got my referral number from some lady's blog that I was on. And therefore, she has also been awarded a portion of the seller's fees from my purchases. And it's not just Ebay, like I said you can shop from just about any online retailer you can think of, but you have to go through the bigcrumbs website to get to your destination in oder for this to work. I'll find my referral number and you can join for free and when you shop through it, we both get money. Confused??? Yeah, I was too at first, but it's nt that hard to figure out once you get on the website.

I took some cute pictures of Bay in the bathtub last night and I'll post them in the next post. Mom's coming Monday sometime because Bailey goes back to Children's for a follow up with her ENT and GI doc Tuesday. Sid is taking off work to take her and Mom is going with him. We are excited she's coming and can't wait!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Maybe if some of you readers would leave comments I'd know have readers and would update more often. Hint! Hint!

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