Sunday, March 21, 2010

The End

of Spring Break that is! 

I don't know why this picture of Bailey popped up first but since it did I'll leave it.  It's not her best, but I love the look of "who me?" or "WHAT?"  We were playing out on the patio Thursday afternoon after having gone to get all of her 12 month shots (except the MMR) and all of her 15 month shots.  I will take her back in 30 days for the MMR.  Long story there and I'll be more than happy to share should someone want to know.  Just ask!  Anyway, she had been on her second day of oral steriods and third day of extra breathing treatments which equals no nap, plus we had just gotten back from getting all of those shots.  If you had taken a picture of me, it wouldn't have been me at my best either.

She is loving to climb over, under, in, on top of things.  Especially outside.  My little monkey is just growing so fast.  Speaking of growing so fast, I just realized that tomorrow she will be 15 months old.  Don't expect a post or anything though because we go back to work and daycare tomorrow and I start the week off with morning duty, AKA a bang!!

Since we are talking about growing up, I'l throw this little gem in.  Bailey loves cleaning stuff like cleaning bottles, which we now keep locked up tightly, and the mop and broom and such.  She also has gotten so big we can give her trash and tell her to go throw it away and this is what we get.  It's the picture above in case you were wondering.  She just goes on over and puts it in and waits for the claps and moves on.  I'm waiting on the day she decides to stop and play in it.  That will be not good!

While we were at home and had supper at Erin and Andrew's, Erin was showing off this great award.  It's called the Principal's Award and kids are nominated for it by showing good manners and following extra good directions.  A random teacher at school noticed Erin was the only one in line the other day following line directions and turned her in, so whala. she got her award she was working so hard for and so proud of.  Just look at that smile.

And in case you were thinking I was exagerated the attack on sweet Andrew, check out the scratched up look on this dude's face.

Bless his bones!  And here's one of the acttacker, looking all cute with her cup!

Hard to believe that sweet face would hurt anyone.  But I have noticed that she goes straight for the face when she wants something and is not getting it.  Yeah, we are working on that.  Case in point, she wants in my lap, I'm typing and trying to hurry, she just picked up her empty bowl from where she was eating cheese balls and threw it at me.  Now she is scratching my arm.  Yeah, I'm ignorning, but it'll be a complete break down before it's all over!
  (Oh, thank you sweet Jesus, I just heard her daddy pull in the driveway!)

Friday, while we were on a nap strike, the weather was beautiful, so we took advantage of it and went out to play, get a little sunlight.  She wasn't feeling it much.  But I did snap a few good pictures.  Later on Friday, we went out to eat, where I was told she would be a politician becasue she visited everyone there and told them hey.  Then we went to the park and then came home and played in the yard a little more.  Thankfully, Friday night, she crashed and slept 12 hours.  It's the last of some sweet sleep we have seen since.

Yesterday, it was ok out.  Not great, not bad!  We rode with Nene and Mami to a store up the road in the next town, looked at a few antiques, and ate lunch.  I got a little nap and Bailey visited with Mammaw some while that happened.  Like I said, sleep was bad last night.  So we are tired and ill today. 

And this, my friends, is how we ended Spring Break in Mississippi.

Because the pics aren't that great, let me explain.  The top one is a little bit of hail on the pine straw.  Yes, it was hailing.  The bottom one is a picture of snow/sleet/hail mixture. 

Yes, that is why we are all sick!  Oh, and Sid just reminded me, we do plan to end Spring Break with some pizza tonight, too! YUMMY!!!!

Happy end of Spring Break everyone!!!!