Monday, March 1, 2010

The Park

We were able to make it the park yesterday.  Perfect weather.  Great time.  Bailey LOVED the swing.  It was up kind of high and when she would swing up, she would just watch all the other kids that she could see from way up high.

Wonder what these two of thinking about?
See that blue streak above her eye?  Yeah, I forgot to mention that in the last post didn't I?

I was trying to get her to look me by singing "patty cake" and like always, she started doing it, and then she fell down.  Sid was right beside her so he caught her, but the look on her face was like "what the heck?"  We both laughed at her.
She spent forever trying to pick the rocks out between the cracks.  I love watching those little fingers work!

This was the first time we went to the park and it's sort of new and really big and neat.  They had these chimes that the kids could play, but they were up high so Sid had to hold her and then squat so she could reach them.  She loved them, of course.  She loves anything with music.

That's the look she gave when we got to the truck and she saw it.  She was actually looking at the truck when I looked up and saw her so I snapped her pic.  She was NOT happy that we were leaving and about to get back in the truck.

Sid did something to catch her attention though and she must have thought it to be clap-worthy.

Then she found his hat!

Ok, so you can see Sid's fever blisters extra good in these pics.  It never fails, he always gets on really bad after he has been sick and run fever.  Thankfully, his doctor let's him keep a script of the medicine that he knows he can start taking immediatly so that they don't flare up and get really bad.  I've seen his lip bust all the way open before with them.  So he actually did pretty good this go around.

And last, if you notice in the picture below, Bailey has a huge blue mark on her head above her eye.  She fell off the couch Saturday morning, but not just the couch.  She was actually climbing up over the arm of the couch and fell head first on the hard-wood floor.  Scared me to death!  She cried and cried but thankfully there was no bold so I figured she was ok.  I hate not knowing when you should and shouldn't run to the Urgent Care when things like this happen.  I mean, she seemed alright, but it was WAS her head after all.  We didn't go, but I worried about it for some time after it happened.  Tonight in the tub, I noticed even that side of her shoulder is bruised.  She took a pretty hard fall, but it isn't stopping her.  Tonight, I caughter her trying to climb up over the back her little rocking chair!  AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

This sweet little face though,  I just love her so much!!!

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Jenna said...

Great pictures!!! I can't wait to take B to the park for the first time!