Monday, March 8, 2010


We aren't!   We are here, just living a very busy life.  Not much interesting going on.  Everyone is finally better.

Well, I had to take Bailey to the pulmunologist Thursday afternoon becasue she had developed a really bad cough that was making her choke and gag.  I didn't feel it was a flare up of asthma, but since I had the time and they could get us in, I took her.  Sure enough, just a yucky cold, not much we can do for it. 

She has some of the biggest teeth I've ever seen coming in.  Bless her heart, they have to hurt.  They hurt me just to see!

We are on the downhill until Spring Break.  It starts Friday at 4:00 pm and we are so ready.  No plans written in stone as of yet, but we do plan to relax and have some good ole fun!

I finally got a new phone.  The Samsung Impression.  So far I'm liking it.  Not as neat at the iphone I wanted, but much more practical money wise.  I can't see paying $30 a month to be able to use that phone plus the cost of interent at home too.  So, I was smart and for-went that extra expense for a phone that is just as cool and serves just as much purpose.  I sure hope I have this discipline when Bailey gets older.  There is absolutly no reason for a pre-teen or teenager to have a cell phone that costs the cost of a cell phone package for minutes and then $30 extra bucks on top of that to text and use the features of the phone.  No way, no how!  

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I will try to do better. 

Oh, and one more thing.  My Bailey girl has offically almost moved up in daycare.  Her new teacher sent me a picture text this afternoon of her napping on the floor on a nap mat instead of in the baby room in the baby bed.  She went to the playground with her new class on Friday and went again today.  That is where she was when Sid picked her up.  Breaks my heart in a way, but at the same time makes me a proud mama.  It tickles Sid to death to see her growing up like she is.  His philosophy is, at least she is growing.  If she wasn't something would be wrong.  And he's right! 

Mom called this morning and she is supposed to be finding us some extra tickets to the play on Sunday.  I can't remember if it's Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland, but at a mere 14 months old, Bailey will so enjoy it.  Her new thing now is to bark at dogs when she sees them.  Well, it's not a true bark, sort of like "uh uh" or "ah ah" but it's better than what we had a few weeks ago, hey!!!!!

It's been a week or so since I have gotten some new pictures so I will try to do so at some point this week and post for you to see.  In the meantime, we hope you are having a great week and can't wait to see everyone over Spring Break!