Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hump Day of Spring Break

What have we done?

Made it to Alabama on Saturday - CHECK

Made it through the entire Wizard of Oz play at a mere 15 months of age - CHECK

Had awesome dinner at The Cheesecake Factory aftewards - CHECK

Bailey and Mimi had lunch with Poppy T on Monday while Aunt Maggie and Mama went to the dentist - CHECK

Where guests at Aunt Leslie's for supper Monday night - CHECK

Played Attacked both Erin and Andrew by scratching their faces til they bled -CHECK (with a little plays and bathtime thrown in for good measure)

Spent some time with our friend Rosemary and their sweet new baby Charlee Ellen, who is a miracle (and I cutie pie if I do say so myself)- CHECK

Went to Poppy T's office to see him and Uncle Bo with Aunt Maggie - CHECK

Poppy T wrote on my hand and it said "Poppy T loves me" but it sort of threw me off my game - CHECK

Mama got a good ol Alabama hair cut by our new friend Ms. Erica - CHECK

Met Mama and Aunt Maggie's friend, someone they kept calling Davis - CHECK

Got a sweet hug from my Pappaw Self - CHECK

Screamed my guts out and destroyed Mom's car on the ride home Tuesday night because I did not want to be in the back seat strapped in my car seat - CHECK, CHECK and more CHECK

Learned to say "One, two, three!" while throwing the ball to Macy over and over and over and over again - CHECK

Learned to sing "rock a bye baby" with Mimi - CHECK

Woke up Wednesday morning wheezing like a freight train -  CHECK

So we cancelled the dentist appt we had rushed home for and exchanged it for a trip to the doctor - CHECK

Oral steriods added to the daily med regimen - CHECK

Go back for vaccinations later in the week - CHECK

Have we left anything off? 

We did get to have supper at Leslie's Monday night to let the kids play for a bit.  But Bailey decided to be a little monster and scrathed both Erin and Andrew on the face pretty bad, Andrew multiple times.  I was horrified and embarassed and Bailey got in big trouble.  I really really think she was either A. taking up for herself from the day before when Andrew kept pushing her at Mimi's or B. was trying to just say hey, I'm here, to them and didn't really know how.  Whatever her intent, I was mortified and never want to see her act that way again.

We did get to sit and hold little Charlee Ellen for a little bit Tuesday afternoon and she just smiled and smiled at us, sweet baby girl.  I was a little nervous after Bailey has scratched both Erin and Andrew til they were bleeding, but she did great.  She touched her little eyes and nose and ears and rubbed her head and tried to feed her a bottle and even held her.  So sweet.  But still not sweet enough to make me want another one. 

I did get to meet Erica and she did cut my hair and it does look great.

Bailey did wake up not breathing too hot this morning and I needed to take her in for her shots anyway.  But we left with no shots and some oral steroids instead.  I think I'm supposed to take her back Friday morning for her shots. 

Bailey did push me to my limit on the ride home last night.  I really don't know what her problem was, but whatever it was, I hope was just a one time thing.  She screamed from the time we hit the interstate in Birmingham until the time we pulled into the driveway, save the one hour she was asleep.  It was horrible.  I even tried to give her some Dr. Pepper in her bottle, which she threw back at me, and a baggy of cheerios, which she threw all over the car. I texted Sid and told him to have the vaccuum cleaner hooked up outside when I got home.  He texted back and said he would just take it to work this morning.  This morning he texted to tell me he just finished getting a bag of cereal up out of the backseat.  haha!  He was so right!  I text mom and told her if she wanted to see Bailey again before she was 15 she better get to packing and heading our way because I would not be back in the car alone with Bailey anytime soon!  And I meant it.

As always, my time at home was too long, but not long enough.  Always happy to get their and happy to get back to my own bed and to Sid, but sad to leave my family. 

Spring Break is half over with and we plan to do a whole lot of nothing the rest of the week!

Oh and one more thing, Bailey so did LOVE Macy, the dog.  They got along great and it was so sweet to watch Bay play with Macy!

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