Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Furry, Fuzzy Bunny Feet

I just typed out a big post and then something happened and it all deleated.  I'm tired and it's 9 and I'm ready for bed and still have things to do.  So I'll retype tomorrow.   But for now, here are the pictures that went with the post.  Mimi sent her a package in the mail and it contained these.......

(Her newest trick!)

And just because my camera can.....

Tomorrow is her first Easter Party/Egg Hunt.  I can't go because we are MCT2 testing, but Sid and Nene will be there.  Be on the look out tomorrow (or soon) for post over load because now I have to go back and repeat the ever so important info from this post that got deleated AND the new material from tomorrow!!!


Heather said...

Cute slippers!
I have almost the exact same stove. :)
Cool pics that you took with your camera.

Heather said...

Hey, yes, we do have fingerprints. :) But Brad hasn't tried climbing it like Bailey yet! :)
Hey, tip for your camera- do you have a faster lens or are you using the kit lens? I highly recommend buying a faster lens- like with an aperture that is an f stop 1.8 or 2.
Check out this lens-
My friend Lindsay got it for her Nikon D3000. She is very happy with it. I have a 50mm 1.8 for my Canon and honestly I wish I had a wider lens like hers.
So, if you want better pics, get a faster lens. :)
And yes, I do need a new Spring pic for my header!! And I KNOW that I need is ASAP because it is Spring! AHHHH. :) I am really going to try to get us outside this weekend with the tripod! :-)