Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At Some Point

Things have to take a turn for the better here at the Whitehead household.  Acutally, now that I type this, I guess things could be a lot, lot worse.  But basically to make a long story short, the funeral was very nice, I thought, on Friday.  Nene's sister, Charlotte, Sid's aunt, brought Bailey home for some lunch and rest between the funeral home and cemetary Friday.  Sid and I came home to get her about 1:30 pm and go back out to Nene's since that's where the family was.  I deciced to stay behind for a few hours and work on some paperwork that's due this week and was going to meet up with them after a few hours.  Soon after they left, Kylie texted and asked if she could give Bailey some Zyrtec, that her eye was swelling.  Of course I said ok, but thought it odd that her eye was swelling, as it looked perfectly normal an hour before when Sid left with her.  During the course of the texting, I learned that Kylie was bringing Brady to town, so she stopped by and picked me up.  I was a little concerned to see Bailey's eye, but didn't get too concerned until we got out in the sunlight as we were leaving later that night.  Luckily, Urgent Care was still open, so I took her on.  The doctor there thought it was just a stye coming up and said her actually eye looked fine and it might get better before it got worse, but didn't feel too overly concerned. 

By Saturday morning, poor thing looked like this:

Which caused her Daddy to freak.  The peditrician we use is open on Saturday from 8-10 and is in Meridian.  I knew I didn't have time to get a shower and get her there, so Sid just took her.  Well, the peditrician sent her right on to the eye doctor that was on call.  Collectively, they both felt it was a bacterial infection and she was given some eye ointment and an antibiotic and Sid was told to bring her back to the eye doctor on Sunday to have it looked at again.

We started the antibiotic and drops right away and went out to eat that night with Kylie, Ben and Mason.  It looked much, much better by Saturday night.  But after we got home, I noticed that Bailey was spitting up alot and just thought it was the antibiotic and running around and playing with Mason.  I myself didn't feel so wonderful, but just thought that was over-eating some yummy shrimp.  (Funny how even after I've thrown it up for 2 days, I am still calling it yummy.)

Well, Sunday morning brought no relief for me.  So Sid took Bailey on to see the eye doctor.  He gave her a thumbs up and called yesterday morning to check in on her.  I think I like him!  Anyway, I have been sick as a dog since Sunday morning, but hopefully am on the downhill slide as we speak.  Bailey hasn't been back to daycare since Thursday.  The eye doctor said it would be best to let her get over it.  And Nene has been keeping her at night since she sleeps right up next to me otherwise.  After being able to talk to Nene this morning, I feel that Bailey and I both had a stomach virus.  But Nene said Bailey was wanting to eat this morning and rested well, as opposed to the 5:30 am wakeup call of throw up she had the morning before.

So, that's our story.  That's where we are!  And hopefully we will we all be back to 100%  by tomorrow.

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